Eric Dickerson explains why Drew Brees was smart to stay in New Orleans

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Eric Dickerson and Greg Jennings join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Drew Brees re-signing with New Orleans.

- Whitlock, should Brees have tested the free agency waters?

- No. He's in a perfectly beautiful long term relationship and marriage with Sean Peyton in the city of New Orleans. Why go anywhere?

- Well, for the last five years they've been a 7-9, he's largely carried bad defenses. He is to me-- not that-- he's Dan Marino with a ring. He's unbelievable. I think all these quarter-- I'll say it again, an average NBA player will hold a city hostage. If Peyton Manning and Tom Brady didn't exist that's the best quarterback in the last 10 years. And I'm--

- Dan Marino with a ring? You just blew my head up. That's almost like saying Halle Berry with a face lift. You got someone that is good, and they just made him better.

- Drew Brees-- nine quarterbacks, nine times in the history of the NFL a guy has thrown for 5,000 yards. He's got five of them. This is an all time-- I'm not saying, New Orleans--

- Did you watch last season? Did you miss last season?

- He was great.

- And so were the Saints. It took a Hail Mary pass, basically, to knock them out of the playoffs. They got Kamara. They got a Lattimore, they got--

- I'm not saying--

- Everything they need.

- No, no, no. But aren't you guys acknowledging what really makes this work is that had a great draft. And they got all these great young players. If they didn't, would they have been 7-9 for the fourth, fifth time.

- Collin, if I lost 100 pounds, I would be a super model. I mean, so what? If, if, if.

ERIC DICKERSON: If [INAUDIBLE], we'd all be drunk.

- Look, Drew Brees he should have-- he definitely should have not tested the free agency market. To your point, this is a beautiful thing that he has with Sean Payton and the city of New Orleans, an organization that hadn't seen success. And then experiencing Katrina, and Drew Brees coming in there along with a lot of other players and bringing back the winning ways-- something to at least look forward to. This was great-- and then if we were to look at the options that he had. If he were to test the free agency market he wants to be with a team that wins.

So you want to be the Kevin Durant of the NFL and go to the Vikings? Because that's the only real option that he would have really, probably, considered.

- It says here, should he have tested free agency? I'm not saying he should have left. My overall theme is these quarterbacks don't understand their value.

- Oh, they do.

- Colin, when you're in a committed relationship--

- Yes, excellent. Love it.

- You don't test. Once you commit, you don't test. Testing is over.

- Yeah, single guys like--


- I love the test. Once-- he's in a committed relationship, no reason to test.

- Man, he's with Sean Payton. Perfect match. I mean, when you go back and look at the year they won the Super Bowl, what made that team different? They could run the football. He has a real running game now with Kamara and Ingram. This is a good football team.


- Test it for what? I'm making $20 million, I'm living in New Orleans, New Orleans love me. You know, it's cheap to live in New Orleans. Why leave?

- This is the perfect example of when a player is in a great situation. No player wants to walk away from it. No player really wants to walk away from the perfect situation and scenario. So why? They were loyal to him and honored his contract up until the year it was over. And now they are honoring him because he's not willing to test the free agency market. He's saying, look, this is where I want to in my career. You guys embrace me I embrace you. And did we not see the retirement from his offensive lineman yesterday, Zach Strief?


- Like that in and of itself alone, that was moving. A guy saying you are the reason I came to work and had passion and drove me every single day talking about his quarterback, Drew Brees. Man, you don't walk away from that. That's what he is--

- You ever had crawfish etouffee?

- Yes, I have.

- In the french Quarter?

- I have.

- Once you have that-- what? I'm being serious. They got liquor, they got good food, they got parties in New Orleans, they got gambling in New Orleans. And a team and a city that loves him. I mean--

- Have you ever been on a lake in December in Minnesota?

- Actually, I have. Cheeves used to do training there.

- They have a mall in that city that nobody can touch.

- Yeah.