Jason Whitlock likes the way Richard Sherman is handling a potential exit from Seattle

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Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd talk Richard Sherman with DeAngelo Hall and Jason McIntyre. What is next for the Seattle Seahawks CB?

- All right, Cowherd, do you like how Sherman is handling this?

- This is how Sherman entered the league, how he played, how he taunted Brady. Richard Sherman doesn't have an agent, now he makes his own news, and I think he's a little bit of a personality, a little bit of a news maker. So should we expect him to go inauthentic and not go to Twitter? I think Richard's always been a volume guy, he's an authentic guy. This is who he is. I mean, you don't go from Compton to Stanford to this to the best corner for eight years in the league without a chip, without an edge, without a voice.

He is one of the most engaging, polarizing players in the league. What-- how else would he leave?

- My gut reaction this morning was, I don't like this. Then I thought about it. I go, actually, I do kind of like this. Look, he's acting as his own agent.


- He doesn't-- he wants to control where he plays next. If he's leaving Seattle, he wants to control it. So how do you control it? Take away all the trade value. Hey, they're cutting me. I'm out of here. Now, no team wants to give up anything for Richard Sherman. He's devalued his trade value. He wants to be cut so he can choose where he plays next--


- --rather than where Seattle chooses.

COLIN COWHERD: That's Interesting.

- I actually kind of like it.

- You know, I don't think anybody was going to trade for him at this point just because he can't pass a physical, and so he wouldn't be able to even be traded at this point because of the Achilles injury. But I don't mind it at all. I don't mind it at all. Like you said, he's a guy ever since he came into the league, very polarizing, loves social media. He's a star on social media and so-- and he's very smart. And so I don't mind him going out and saying hey, this is what's going to happen. And I don't even know if, you know, I think they might have asked him to take a pay cut. He might have been offended. Because I know how these means go, I've been in them.

And so, you know, you don't go in and have a guy like Richard Sherman and just say hey, we're going to cut you. You try to keep the guy there. Normally, you try to keep the guy there. And I'm thinking they probably came in there and said hey, Richard, we want to take your salary down. I don't think he thought he deserved that, especially with question marks around Cam and some of the other guys who were, you know-- you don't know if they're going to be there or not.

He probably felt like my value as a leader, as a player on his team, is here. And so I think he's kind of initiating the-- well, forcing their hand for them to cut him because I guarantee they as an organization said we want Richard Sherman here, but we can't have Richard Sherman here for $11 million. 5 million, we love you to death. And I think he came back and said, hey, guys, I don't think I'm going be here. You know, his teammates didn't tweet out the full story. I don't know, I haven't talked to him, but I'm pretty sure those guys came in there and said hey, Richard, we want you to take less, money we want you here.

And I think his pride just said, hey, I'm a better player than that, which I think he is. I don't if he's worth 11 million, but he's definitely, you know, a star corner.

- I like pay cut theory, but I just wonder, he had to know this was coming, right? They tried to trade him last June.


- When the big story came out about he was still angry with Russell Wilson and the Super Bowl interception. And you could just feel the cracks in Seattle all year. Remember the game Earl Thomas-- they played the Cowboys. Afterwards, he's caught on a mic talking to Jason Garrett, hey, come get me in the off season.

- We all do that, though.

- Of course, yeah.

- We're just joking.

- You could see, Michael Bennett this week. Oh, we're going to trade him, and then he's shipped out of town. You could see like the foundation of that dynasty, if you want to call it that, they went to two Super Bowls, should've won another one. But I don't think he's that surprised by this. Frankly, we've seen Darrelle Revis turn 30 and he kind of went downhill with the injuries. We saw Nnamdi Asomugha in Philly sign that huge contract, turned 30, kind of went downhill.

You're one of the few cornerbacks, DeAngelo, who have stayed well past 30 and done well. I just wonder, is this the end for Sherman? Coming off an Achilles.

- I'm going to push back against your theory that no one would trade for him, because if I had a six round pick or maybe even a fifth, I would rather take a flyer on him coming off an Achilles than some kid in college who has never played in the NFL.

- Well, you know what the difference is? That kid who's never played coming out of college is going to cost you about $300,000. He's going to cost you 11 million.

JASON WHITLOCK: No, no, no, no.

- That's the difference.


You know, if you trade for him, you have to take the contract because he's not-- they're not going to trade for him, and then expect him to renegotiate that contract back down.