Jason Whitlock reacts to Johnny Manziel and Saquon Barkley working out together

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Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd talk Saquon Barkley with DeAngelo Hall and Jason McIntyre. Should the former Penn State RB be working out with Johnny Manziel?

- Whitlock, should this hurt Barkley's draft stock?

- No. I don't think it's going to have any impact on his draft stock but it does raise an eyebrow for me. It does-- right, what's he on? I mean, in his life. Is it about the good time he's about to have, all this money he's about to fall into? And so it raises an eyebrow. And it's just like he went with ROC Nation as his agency, that raises an eyebrow. The kid's talent is unbelievable, what he did at Penn State, the way he performed at the Combine.

All of that is remarkable and off the chain. But I just wouldn't want my brand anywhere near Johnny Manziel before I get drafted, before I sign a contract. After I sign my contract, well, let's go kick it, Johnny. Before, I'm doing everything to sell myself as a model citizen.

- It doesn't bother me because Barkley's a star running back. But when Vince Young said his best friend as a rookie was Pac-Man, I remember it. And at that time-- now Pac-Man's now grown up. I mean, he's now-- but he was squirrely back then. And I remember thinking, that's not good. It's like that's not going to end well. He's a running back. I really I see the world differently.

I don't care about the Wonderlic but if you're a quarterback and you've got a 7 on it, I would think, that ain't good. I don't care if you're-- I don't care everywhere else. So I look at Barkley and I'm like, he needed somebody to throw to him. Who's a former NFL quarterback that always available? Johnny Manziel.

- Of all the former quarterbacks out there--

- I know, but it just doesn't bother me.


- Here's how I look at this, OK. What happened with Johnny Football in Cleveland? Unmitigated disaster. All the talk over the weekend, Cleveland Browns want Saquon Barkley. Saquon Barkley, ewe, Cleveland, I don't want to go there. How could I tick them off? Let me go hang out with Johnny Football.


- Let me go hang out with Jonny Football. And you know who else was there? Joe Haden, another guy who was a disaster in Cleveland. They shipped him out, he was on Pittsburgh this season. But D'Angelo, I just look at this as Saquon Barkley sending a message.

- He tried to get Khloe Kardashian--


- --that's hung out with Johnny Football is who, recently? Odell Beckham, who is already a colossal headache for the New York Giants. I want to be the highest paid player in the league.

- You don't think that--


- That is an interesting theory--


- That is an interesting theory but come on, man. These guys are at a place, at a facility, training. Johnny happens to be there. Hey, I don't think they called each other and said, hey, let's go work out together. I just think they just happened to be at the same training facility. Hey, let's snap a pic.

- Just a mere coincidence.

- Yeah.


- --same area.

- I mean, come on, now.

- You make a good point. Every president, every president ever at a fundraiser has had a picture taken with a criminal. It doesn't matter who it is. If you take 10 thousand pictures over the course of a presidency, there was somebody at a fundraiser that's shady.

- And I guarantee Saquon didn't say hey, let's take this picture.


- If a guy asks to take a picture with you, it's just courtesy. Like if a guy follows you, you follow him back.

- I followed you, you didn't follow me back.

- Well, I haven't been on the phone yet, but I'll follow you back. It's just common courtesy. If a guy posts a picture for you, if a guy posts a picture of you and gives you all that respect, you got to re-tweet the post. You got to re-post it. I mean, it's just common courtesy. And Saquon, come on, man--

JASON WHITLOCK: I like your theory.

- He's a heck of a player.

JASON WHITLOCK: He just pissed the Browns off.

- I'm sure Johnny Manziel's trying to hang with him, not the other way around.

- All right.