Olden Polynice thinks Kawhi Leonard is done in San Antonio after next season

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Olden Polynice and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Kawhi Leonard's future in San Antonio.

- Whitlock, could Kawhi possibly salvage this season?

- This season is a little tough. Because he's, look, the Jordan brand and him have split up.

- Yes.

- His brand has been damaged a bit. Pop has had to crack the whip, for lack of a better term, to get, to prod him back into playing this year. Having said all that, I fully expect next season Kawhi Leonard will be back as one of the two or three best two-way players in the league, one of the five best players in the league, and will be seen as a key figure in pushing San Antonio back into the championship hunt or second place to Golden State or whatever. But this season salvage, he's had a rough year.

- An NBA season is a little like a movie. You can't be a great movie with a bad finish. You can't be a great team with a lousy playoff finish. But majority of the movie is laid out in the regular season.

- Oh, definitely.

- I don't think he can salvage it, and I'll tell you why. I think what this year's done for Kawhi, it has validated his reputation as odd. He was always a incredibly reluctant star. Every other star's got a brand. They talk, they're verbal. He's the reluctant star. This year validated that.

- You know what else happened? The chink in the armor appeared in San Antonio for the first time. We've never seen that before. They've always been able to keep everything in-house. And I think really what it comes down to with Kawhi is as simple as this. They are questioning my heart and I'm upset about it.

Because Tony Parker had the same injury. And so now here you go, the trainers and the coach, everybody saying we've never seen anything like this before. We've never seen this injury take this long before. And so now I think that really affected Kawhi.

- Is it irreparable? Could they, could it ever--

- I believe it is.

- So they'll never get, he'll never--

- I don't think he's going to, he's going to probably do his contract and then I think he's leaving.

- Wow.

- He said he wants to retire a Spur.

- He did say at practice today, he wants to retire a Spur. But I just want to add this. He's up for the super max extension this off-season, $270 million, OK? This is a guy, and I'm going to preface this, we bag on LeBron if he sits out a couple of games. Kawhi Leonard has never played more than 75 games in a season. This is his seventh year in the league.

There is some question, and I have talked with Broussard about this at length, around the league. Is Kawhi Leonard a little soft? He's never played 75 games in a season. And now you want to give him the super max? I think there is something up here that--

- No, I think you're, that's a very interesting point. Here's the other thing. Because he's not a passer, he doesn't elevate teammates. That supermax can't just be about you dropping 24. He doesn't--

- I disagree with that. Passing, he's not good. But playing defense on the other end does elevate your other teammates. Not being a high maintenance guy that has to have the ball in your hands all the time, does elevate your other teammates.

- That's Tony Parker's job. That's the point guard's job. Dejounte Murray, those guys. It's their job to pass the ball.

- Would you pay him max money?

- I wouldn't pay anybody max money.

- Kevin Durant.

- I've always been under that, you know, we all overpaid. OK? That's always been my philosophy. We're all, I don't care, athletes, we're all overpaid. But take the money if you can get it. But I just don't feel that he's a max, I mean he's a superstar, but the money is, it's ridiculous right now. But I do believe that he is a great player and I think the defense, as Jason said, that's what elevates him more than anything else. He is uber defense.

- At the same time, let me ask, he's been out, played only nine games this year. Has James Harden passed him as one of the better players in the league? I would say so. Has Anthony Davis passed? I mean, Anthony Davis right now is carrying a bad Pelican team to the playoffs.

- I don't agree with that.

- Damian Lillard is--

- Harden was ready above him.

- I think it was close.

- He rose up to that level.

- Where is Kawhi?

Kawhi rose up to the level of [INTERPOSING VOICES].

- That's the question.

- No, no no. I think Jason's made extra points about his durability, never playing more than 75 games. Again, right now he's out of the top 10. I expect him back next year, motivated and back in that conversation as a top five guy.