Jason Whitlock is not concerned with Jon Gruden saying he won’t rely on analytics

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Jason Whitlock talks Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden with Colin Cowherd, Ray Lewis and Jason McIntyre.

- All right. Whitlock, does Gruden's old school approach concern you?

- No, because I like what he's saying. And if you listen to him during the broadcast in "Monday Night Football" games, you could tell he's like, man, I don't like what a lot of these coaches are doing. I don't like the way the game's being played.

And I think if I'm going to read all the way between the lines, he's like, man, Bill Belichick is killing these guys, because he's the only guy that has a philosophy that he sticks to. He hasn't let everybody come in with some new way or I've got this data that says you should do this or that. Bill Belichick has some core principles that he believes in and he sticks to.

Gruden is saying that's what I'm going to do as a head coach. We're going to take the information, but we're going to interpret it. And we're going to put our spin on it. We're the football people. I'm the football guy. We'll do it my way. I kind of like this attitude.

- Everybody always bangs on old school. Let me give you a couple of old schools, Harvard and Yale. How's that new internet school doing? Everybody is always banging on old school. They really are.

But if you go look at most sports, let's just take football, there are some old school principles that really work. You've got to win in the trenches. You've got to have a pass rusher. The quarterback has got to be a quick thinking, good on his feet, good judgment.

Listen, I like analytics. And in basketball with a three-point shot, they matter. But you know, Warriors before KD were great three-point shooters, and they couldn't stop LeBron, the freight train. A lot of old school things work because all they are is trusted, timeworn methods.

What's that book called? "Everything You Learned, You Learned in Kindergarten." Treat others like you'd like to be treated is old school. Let's not throw everything out that wasn't created on an internet university an hour ago.

- Wow, Colin. That was brilliant. I actually like what you said about three pointers. Let me take it a step further. Everybody in the NBA is copying three pointers, right? Every single team. The Rockets are shooting 50.

At what point does it tip the other way? Hey, let's go back to low post basketball. Let's go back to big guys and shift, because with analytics-- Whitlock, every team in the NFL is heavy analytics now.

It's time. You know me. I like to zig when everybody else is zagging. Everybody else is talking about, oh, I don't know about this internet. Let me start a blog. Let's see what happens. I go a different route.

I like this Gruden. I'm going to go old school. I'm going to change it up a little bit, throw a little wrinkle at everybody. Ray, you're looking at me like I'm crazy. This a good strategy by Gruden.

- I actually like-- I actually like what you're saying.

So I want you to go back. So think about the New England Patriots, right? Winningest franchise in the history of the game, right? Think about what you haven't seen. You haven't seen no outbursts from players. You haven't seen no selfies posted before games.

There is a method to old school football. The only way-- I truly believe this, and this is why what Jon Gruden was saying what he saw on Monday nights. He saw the out of control players. He saw the coaches letting these players run the sideline and run the teams, and watch how they come up the pre-- and watch how they come at the pre-game.

In the locker rooms, he's watching guys with phones three minutes before you walk out. In meetings, oh, it's important that my family get in touch. Well, everybody else has got a job. Phones ain't got to be in the meeting room.

Old school is the only thing. Go through the history of all sports, and I can guarantee you the old school methods are the teams that are winning.

COLIN: You know, here on the West Coast, the one Pac-12 school that goes old school, Stanford.

- Stanford!

- David Shaw, they are old school.

- Old school football. If I've got to get one yard, I'm going to run the pile. I'm going get to one yard.

- So do you want to send that to Mike Tomlin and the Steelers? Because it sounded very pointed, right? That was excellent. I was like, jeez, the Pittsburgh Steelers--

- Whether it's very pointed or not, the point is when you have that type of leadership from the top down, then these certain things ain't going on. Period. Because the standard is set.

JASON: I'll go back to Gruden and what I think he sees in the Patriots. And again, Tom Brady is really talented. But he's really old school.

And when you think about who Jon Gruden won with, Rich Gannon at quarterback and Brad Johnson. They weren't the most talented guys. But they had a big pair and played with some courage.

And again, you can trust the analytics. Oh, this guy runs fast, and he does this or that the right way. But does he have the heart for the game? And a lot of times when I would hear Jon Gruden commenting on "Monday Night Football," it's like, again, in these little details you're talking about, does the guy have a phone with him?

Because again, there's all kinds of ways to show a heart for the game. Are you disciplined enough with yourself? That will prove your heart. Not just, will you run in there and take on a blocker? Things like that. There's a lot of ways to show heart.

- Jon Gruden was excited to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and a lot of these, Tim, because you walk in there with men. And it's a purpose. You ain't worrying about how many selfies I've got or how many Twitter followers I've got.

You know what I'm saying? It's the culture, man. It's the culture. So if you bring that culture back to Oakland, I'll 100% tell you he'll turn that franchise around.

COLIN: The draft is coming up. The two things-- the one thing I hear about Baker Mayfield through all the criticisms is he loves football. The one thing you hear about Darnold, oh, yeah, football's number one. That is old school.

Politics, not talking about contracts.

- It's a potshot at Josh Rosen right there.

- Well, why?

- That's your guy!