Jason Whitlock shares his biggest complaint about Russell Westbrook

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Jason Whitlock talks Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook with Colin Cowherd, Stephen Jackson and Kristine Leahy.

- It's unfortunate that I have to admit that you were right, and I-- this morning, I actually was looking on the internet, and I was like, damn. Ibaka is in first place in the East. Durant, Harden, everybody's doing-- and I said there's some truth here to what Colin Cowherd has been saying. I gotta admit it-- it's a bad love. And I mean, he's got Paul George, he's got Carmelo Anthony.

Here's my biggest problem with Russell Westbrook, honest to goodness, at this point. I love Steven Adams. I think he has more potential than what he's being allowed to show and develop.

- You loved him two years ago.

- Yes, and I think his growth has been stunted--

- No question.

- --by Russell Westbrook.

- Listen. It's not just stars, it's marginal players, OK? Reggie Jackson in Detroit-- who struggled with Westbrook, they had words-- is a better player significantly. Oladipo's now an All-Star. Dion Waiters went from 10 points to 17. This is Enes Kanter, Sabonis. It's not just Durant and Harden that get all the attention.

Marginal players leave him 10 point-a-game guys, and they become 17 point-a-game guys. Sabonis has doubled his numbers. Give me the player who left him and got worse. Give me one. Give me one, I'm giving you nine.

Listen, if you're in a marriage and getting divorced, and she is way happier, and the marriage is way stronger, it's on you. You can't just keep telling me, and I show you examples, and you go, well, he's-- everybody's better without him.

- Reggie said-- Reggie Jackson-- Yeah, if you're coming off the bench and somebody's starting in front of you, yeah, I'm gon argue, cuz you want his spot. That don't count. Harden, Durant, they gon be good anywhere. Everybody else you name, how much of a factor are they all?

JASON WHITLOCK: Ibaka's a factor.

- How much, though?



- How much, though? How much though?

- He's an All-Star.

- OK, hold up. You talk about DeRozan. When you talk about the team, who you talk about? DeRozan-Lowry. You don't talk about Ibaka. He's a role player.


- Right, no, no. He's a big winner. He's a no hitter without resigning he is not the factor.

- When Indiana traded Paul George away, the narrative was-- Pacers got hosed. They are the fifth seed in the East. They're the surprise team in the league with two former Westbrook teammates.

- But that doesn't have anything to do with Russ. Steven Adams's having a great year.

JASON WHITLOCK: No, he's not.

- If he didn't have Russ, he would have get--

- Ceiling.

- So he's not a big man that you could drop the ball down to and get--

- Yes, he is, if they would let him develop.

- He loves Adams.

- I love him, too. I say he's MVP of the team, but he isn't-- you can't drop it down to him and say, get a bucket.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yes, you can.

- How many times a game?


- Once or twice?

- Again, if he were allowed to develop, he would be further along offensively.

- We're gonna say that-- we're going to get that James Harden's success is because he doesn't play with Russell Westbrook anymore? He was 22 years old the last time he played with Westbrook. I hope he's better.

- He was [INAUDIBLE].


- Yes.

- [INAUDIBLE] off this. So Chris Paul-- who everybody was like, this ain't going to work with Harden-- ball-centric, need the ball, D'Antoni's system. I mean, from [INAUDIBLE] people were like, Chris Paul, D'Antoni's system's not great. It's been amazing instantly. Paul George-Melo go to Westbrook, they're struggling to beat garbage in this league.

- That's a fair point but I put then-- good point. More of the blame goes on Billy Donovan, then, than Russell Westbrook.

- If making it to the Finals with Russ and not winning is bad, I'll take that. They went to the Finals. KD and Russ, they went to the Finals. And KD won the MVP when he was with Russ, didn't he? Yes, he won MVP when he was with Russ.

- Kevin Durant's numbers are--

STEPHEN JACKSON: You can't just blame it on Russ, though.

- No, we're not blaming everything on Russ. We're saying--

KRISTINE LEAHY: That's the question.

- --there's a history here, that every great basketball player-- at the end, Kobe wasn't elevating teammates. He wasn't. He was stifling teammates. Carmelo-- Carmelo's record shows you teammates don't play well with him.

JASON WHITLOCK: Let me ask you. What do you think of Paul George this year? You think he took a step back?

- I do. He had to.

COLIN COWHERD: Wha-- had to?

- He has to be on a new team. Nobody goes on--

COLIN COWHERD: KD's on a new team, he didn't take steps back.

KRISTINE LEAHY: Yes, he did.

- The first year, yes, he did.

JASON WHITLOCK: No, he didn't.

- The first year?

COLIN COWHERD: He was the MVP of the Finals.

STEPHEN JACKSON: Steph was the leader of the team.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, Steph has the ball in his hands. He's the quarterback of that team. He runs the culture of that team.

JASON WHITLOCK: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is Chris Paul on a new team?



- What has he won, though? What is he doing?

- No no, did he back up? Paul George has backed up. He does not look the same.

- He's not.

- I'm a Pacers fan.


- [INAUDIBLE] Chris Paul. They're in the same position.

- No, Chris Paul is having a tremendous--

- They're both Batman and Robin-- I mean, they're both Robin to Batman. They both playing the second fiddle. So it's the same thing in NBA.

- But he's now backing up. Paul George does not look the same. He's less valuable today than he was when he was in Indiana.

- In fact, I've had--

- He just got playing with better players.

- Listen. Russell Westbrook last month was dead last in the NBA. He shot 15% on 3s. He was 7 for 45. He's still shooting 5 a night. He lacks-- we all know--

- He had a triple-double, man. That's hard to do in NBA.

- Well, no, it's not, when you look at ball usage.

- That's hard.

- Westbrook has the ball constantly.

- Listen, I'mma give him the triple-double. That's great. What about everything-- the flowers can't grow around him? That's what my point is. I'mma get Paul George.

KRISTINE LEAHY: I think that's true and you know why-- so I went--

STEPHEN JACKSON: Did they say that about AI? Huh? Did they say that about AI?

- Yeah, they did. That's why he never won a title.

- At All-Stars Saturday, you know who I saw sitting right in front of me? Serge Ibaka, James Harden, Russell Westbrook. They're still--

- That's great.

- --great friends.

- That's awesome.

- And I understand that you can separate what happens on the court from your friendships. But I don't think they be that close if they really thought that Westbrook was that bad of a teammate and didn't share the ball.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way, I like my ex-wife better today than when I was married. Why?


- [INAUDIBLE] but I don't think that is.

- No. First of all, that doesn't-- you were the one that reported and I believe that you said--

- Durant.

- --Kevin Durant and him were buddies. Look, they hated each other on the court.

- I could give you a great example of this. Honestly, you can call any of my former college teammates. They love to kick it with me. They would not want to play football with me again.

KRISTINE LEAHY: So all of their success after you--

JASON WHITLOCK: No no, they love to kick it with me. But playing football with me, I was a headache.

COLIN COWHERD: You know, I mean, every-- listen, I would make the argument that some relationships are great having drinks after work. They're not great at work.

STEPHEN JACKSON: When they have success in the playoffs, I'm coming to both of y'all.

COLIN COWHERD: They're out.

- I'm coming to both of y'all.

- They're out in an hour.