Jason Whitlock: The Eagles should let Nick Foles determine his own future

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Jason Whitlock talks Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles. Find out why he thinks the Super Bowl champs owe their QB the chance to be a starter if he wants to be.

- Whitlock, should the Eagles let him decide his own future?

- Absolutely. And I know this makes no business sense, but I think it's the right thing to do. The guy just won the city its first championship. Just delivered the Eagles a Super Bowl championship. I don't think-- if Nick Foles comes in and says, I want to be a starter quarterback somewhere, I think they owe it to him to make that happen.

They should obviously do this behind the scenes. You don't want to diminish his trade value. But if I'm Nick Foles, I don't report to camp anywhere that I'm not the starter and being paid starter's money. I'm not-- again, that Super Bowl changed everything. If I'm Nick Foles, I think they owe it to him to make that happen.

- I would say Philadelphia resurrected his career. He's not winning without Fletcher Cox. He's not winning without Alshon Jeffrey. He's not running without that coaching staff. He's not winning without that offensive line. I don't think they owe him anything.

This isn't the NBA where marginal players hold the team hostage. This is the NFL where about four guys have leverage in the whole league and they're all quarterbacks. I mean, the Eagles resurrected Nick Foles.

- There will be dozens of free agents from last year's free agent class that signed five year contracts that get cut this year. There is no altruism when it comes to play in the National Football League. You got a guy under contract. He won a Super Bowl. You need that guy because you don't know how Carson Wentz is going to come back from that injury. Yeah, you want to--

They don't-- they don't owe him anything. He's under contract right now. He did a unbelievable job, but the bottom line is I'm with Bill Bowlen. Hold everybody hostage in a quarterback-deprived league. If you want our quarterback or backup you're going to have to give us so much for that guy because he has great value to us right now. Because he proved that he had a great value.

This is a guy, lest we forget, that was walking away from football and his career was resurrected.

- Was. Was.

- Right.

- Was is the key word.

- He's got one year. He's on a one year deal right now.

- I don't show up and play for $5 or $6 million. I don't show up.

- You wouldn't show up?

- No. Not after I just won a Super Bowl.

- You got all kinds of money. You don't need any.

- I think if you want to play the loyalty card that gets thrown at the players all the time, then Philly owes it to him in some form to either be the backup, allow himself to say I'm comfortable in my position, or to seek somewhere else to go. But two first rounders? No.

- Would you-- if you were in a locker room with Nick Foles, what would you think would be the right thing to do? If you were at a locker right next to Nick Foles and you were talking, what would you tell him?

- He has to do his best for him and his family. And if that's staying in Philadelphia fine, but that window, that small window that he once jumped through before, is going to close again. So either you strike now or, you know-- you bet on yourself now or risk losing it all.

- Let me just say this real quick. On the first two rounders-- I know it was first two-- two first rounders and two second rounders. Just remember, two years ago broken down Sam Bradford demanded a first in a fourth rounder. So it might not be as crazy as you think to sit there and say, two first rounders.

- I wouldn't give up all of that, but I want to ask [INAUDIBLE] serious. Honestly, if it were you and you had just won a Super Bowl, would you come back and play for $5 million dollars?

- No, sir. I got to go somewhere where I can be the starter and--

- Make starter money.

- --and make starter money. Yes, sir.

- And you've done-- you've delivered Philadelphia a Super Bowl. You've been the greatest backup quarterback in the franchise's history.

- OK, let me ask you this then. Are you willing to sit? Because--

- Yeah, I'd sit.

- OK. You can sit and forego this $5 to $7 million dollars you're going to make as the backup and say, I'm not going to make anything this year. I'm going to sit--

- Mark, the Eagles will fold. They will move him and trade him. Their fan base would eventually demand it. They would be on Nick Foles' side. Anybody can understand-- Nick Foles has one last shot to get a huge contract pretty much. He's in his 30s, I think, or close to.

- 29.

- This is his time right now to strike. Brock Osweiler got $18 million and didn't do a damn thing to really earn it. In comparison, if I'm Nick Foles, you can't get me to training camp unless I'm the starter somewhere with a starter contract. Now, if Philadelphia wants to make me the starter and pay me like a starter I'm good. But if they don't, I need to-- I'm not showing up.

- Maybe I'm just a more loyal employee than you.