Jason Whitlock: McCourty defended benching of Malcolm Butler because he’s a ‘Bill Belichick Robot’

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Mark Schlereth and Mike Wise join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Devin McCourty defending Bill Belichick for benching Malcolm Butler.

- Whitlock, you buying McCourty's story?

- No, I'm not. Look, if Robert Kraft didn't know, why would I believe Devin McCourty?

- Because he plays.

- If the guy that started in Malcolm Butler's place, whose name I can't remember off-- Rowe-- off the top of my head, if he didn't know, and said he didn't find out until right before gametime, why would Devin McCourty know? Devin McCourty is-- and God bless him, it's not a criticism, it's just a fact-- he's a Bill Belichick robot. He's a captain of the team.


- He's got the five-year contract. Bill Belichick creates these robots in his image and in his likeness, and they go out and sell whatever he's got to-- Tedy Bruschi does it on ESPN.


MIKE WISE: Oh, not Tedy.

COLIN COWHERD: Oh, come on.

- Willie McGinest came on here--

COLIN COWHERD: Don't go off on Tedy.

- --last week and did it. It's--

- Spoken like a guy from Indianapolis, a rival of the Patriots. What sounds more reasonable, the most organized, organizationally excellent team letting guys know a few days out what's going on, or announcing right after the national anthem, we've got a massive personnel change here. Doesn't this story make more sense? Do the Patriots ever do anything rash that the team doesn't know about? Do they never call a play and Brady is like, god, we never practiced that?

JASON WHITLOCK: You ever watch "Forensic Files" on HLN?

- I love that show.

- Yeah, you go look for the DNA evidence and all that. Show the picture of Malcolm Butler crying during the national anthem with his teammate's arm around him, that's the "Forensic File" evidence that says the guy didn't know. He didn't know-- they weren't-- his teammates weren't told.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, but you know what?

MIKE WISE: You have to come up with a pretty good acting job to do that, Colin. Would you agree? You have to-- and why wasn't any of these Patriots, his teammates, saying that they knew this the night of the Super Bowl? They were asked by many people. They asked, well, what happened to Malcolm Butler? Nobody said--

COLIN COWHERD: You know why? Because Malcolm Butler missed a play and Malcolm Butler did bad things, and his teammates--

JASON WHITLOCK: Bad things? Who-- where's the proof? Where's the "Forensic Files" on that?

- Well, where's the--

- He's denied.

- --where's the proof that McCourty's lying?

- That right there.

- That's your proof.


That piece of grainy video.

- Right. I don't know-- like, I've been benched before, and being benched sucks. But I've been there before. It wasn't like they told the team, hey, by the way, we're benching Stink. He sucks, and we don't like him anymore. You know, they came to me and said, hey, we're gonna move somebody else in your spot.

Here's the deal. When other guys are taking reps in that dude's spot during the week at practice, pretty much everybody on the team knows, yeah, he's probably not gonna play a whole lot, right? It's not like the team announces, oh, hey, by the way, we decided to sit Malcolm Butler down because we don't like the guy anymore because he missed some plays or we don't know-- we don't like his excuse, or whatever the case may be.

When you're out practicing, you pretty much know. It's not like anybody announced it when I got benched with the Washington Redskins that, you know, hey, so-and-so is gonna take his spot. When he showed up and started practicing in the spot that I'd been practicing in for most of the season, then I knew.

- Let me ask you this, Mark.

- Yeah.

- Let's say you get benched in Denver. And you're in the Super Bowl. And you played 98% of the snaps. And then you get to the Super Bowl, and you get to halftime, and the team has negative 20 yards rushing. And people are like, damn, when Stink was in here, we could actually move the ball.

And so, again, he didn't play the entire game--

- Right. I understand that.

- --and they got lit up. And Nick Foles looked like Roger Staubach. And you're telling-- again, that's-- people were like, OK, maybe he'll get benched for a series.


- But he sat the entire game except for one special teams play.

MARK SCHLERETH: Right. Now, he played 98% of the snaps in the regular season. In the playoffs, he didn't play as many snaps.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yes, he did. Yes, he did. Yes, he did.

- We also have some crack researchers, as you guys know. You work with them. Butler was targeted 11 times in two playoff games, allowing eight completions for 116 yards, and two touchdowns. I mean, could this be as simple as he had a lousy playoffs and they didn't want him in there, and they just let him know late? Is that a crime?

- No, I mean--

- Yes.

- But why?

- --first of all--

- They won those games.

- OK, so what-- how about this--

- True.

- --OK, so what has Belichick always really liked? He's had Matt Slater for, like, 10 years has been--

MARK SCHLERETH: Mhm. Special teams guy.

- Matt Slater is really smart.

- Right.

- He loves Brady. Brady is really smart. McCourty, really smart. Is it possible that the really smart guy in the secondary figured out on Tuesday, oh, Malcolm ain't gonna play. The other players weren't as perceptive or intuitive as Malcolm Butler. So when Malcolm-- so not Malcolm Butler, but Devin McCourty. So when McCourty comes out and says, well, yeah, I knew he wasn't starting, he figured it out. That's why he is such--

JASON WHITLOCK: He's a genius, Colin. He's a genius. And Malcolm Butler's an idiot, and he knows nothing about football, and it was pure luck that he jumped in front and won a Super Bowl for them. And Devin McCourty, the genius, didn't make that play. Devin McCourty, like most Patriot players-- god bless them, it's not a criticism-- they're Belichick robots.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, that's a criticism.

- --that's more-- no, it's not, because it works. If being a robot for Belichick--

- If I called you--

COMMENTATOR: Colin could be--

JASON WHITLOCK: I'm not a robot.

COMMENTATOR: --Colin could be a Belichick robot.

JASON WHITLOCK: I'm not a robot.

- It's possible.

- I would be playing for Seattle. I need to be a locker room lawyer and free to say whatever the hell I want to say. Belichick robots work. And again, it's not a knock. It works. But again, why isn't it more believable that this guy's just being a loyal Belichick soldier and robot?

COLIN COWHERD: It's hard for me to believe the most organized team in the league made a massive personnel change and didn't tell anybody. That doesn't sound like New England. That sounds disorganized. That sounds like a Rex Ryan defense. He just makes stuff up.

- You know what it sounds like? It sounds sneaky. And what he's-- the Patriots are sneaky. Would you not agree?

- It sounds like Crygate.