Jason Whitlock: ‘LaVar Ball is a hot mess’

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Chris Broussard and Jason McIntyre join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss LaVar Ball's latest comment about Lonzo's future.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock said the Lakers already consider moving on from Lonzo Ball.

JASON WHITLOCK: Well, let's remember, this is his newest plan. He was first going to take out Nike and Adidas and Under Armor with his t-shirt company, Big Baller Brand. And that hasn't come to fruition.

He's now announced another plan that-- he doesn't even understand the NBA system. I don't think his son will be available to leave the Lakers until 2022. So LaVar Ball is a hot mess. And he may create such a mess that it's hard to recruit free agents here, and the Lakers may have to consider moving on.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, I think they have to be prepared to move on. It's almost like, you know, you and I get on a plane-- I don't think it's going to crash, nor do they --but I know where the exits are. I'm aware of where the exits are. And they remind me where the exits are.

I'm not here to trade Lonzo, but I've got phone numbers of every GM. Because this morning, I wake up and I think, this is the All-Star Weekend. This was my beauty pageant. I was going to show all these stars this is what LA is like in February. It's 22 degrees in Cleveland today, it's 38 in Oklahoma City, it's 74 in LA. And now my beauty pageant, look at it, it's a mess. I'm talking LaVar Ball.

I think it was the first time this morning when Magic wakes up and looks at that and thinks, we have to at least sit down-- Rob, you and I --and have discussions about moving on. Is that fair? That's how I-

CHRIS BROUSSARD: Yeah, I don't think you have to say, right now, we got to trade him. But right now, we need to start considering it. First of all, LaVar's timing was horrible. The Lakers are playing the best ball of the season. They are eight and five in their last 13 games, without Lonzo.

Oh, and guess what, the guy that's replaced him at point guard, Brandon Ingram, is playing the best ball of his career. 20 points, six assists, 56% shooting, 40-something from three. I mean, he's killing it. So Lonzo is looking expendable.

OK, secondly, Lonzo is now-- not, not Lonzo, but LaVar --and Lonzo because of LaVar, is a deterrent to free agents. We know they want two big name free agents, one of them being LeBron James. This is a huge deterrent to LeBron James, who does not want to join this type of circus. And you know LeBron would tell the front office what they should do.

And so they need to consider-- now, I've said a long time, Lonzo should be the one to go to his dad and say, look, dad, leave the Lakers out-- please, just leave them alone. Don't, it's hurting me.

But now, Magic, I think for the first time since they drafted him, really has the leverage to go to LaVar and say, look, if you make one more comment about the Lakers, we are trading Lonzo. Period. And if he does it, then you ship him out. Because look, you know I like him. But-- and I think he's going to be a pretty good player. I'm not convinced he's going to be super-special. You know, so I don't need to put up with your mess.

COLIN COWHERD: The Brandon Ingram point is right on.

JASON MCINTYRE: As much as I like Lonzo, I got to say I agree with you, Broussard. I think-- I think it's time you seriously think about trading him. We have a lot of players, and coaches, and former GMs come through this building here at Fox. And I try to pick their brains and learn stuff. And, unfailingly, all of them say, we don't like distractions, anything that gets us off our game.

We saw Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl. Big distraction for Bill Belichick and that defense. This is a distraction-- yet another one --from LaVar Ball. And if I'm Magic Johnson, I step it up, I call up the Phoenix Suns, a team we know was desperate in the draft for Lonzo.

They were tanking. It was the worst-kept secret in the league. Phoenix needs a star to fill the stands. They're 23rd in attendance. I say, hey, can we get Devin Booker for Lonzo. But I would start-- I would start negotiations.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, would you be surprised tomorrow if you opened the LA Times and there was a source story that maybe Magic or Rob planted Lonzo on the trading block? Would you be surprised?

JASON WHITLOCK: No, not at all.

COLIN COWHERD: I wouldn't either.

JASON WHITLOCK: Well, I think the first story that will be leaked is the Lakers concerned they got D'Angelo Russell 2.0. Again, this guy had some issues snitching on teammates, whatever, and that was the first thing that got the ball rolling on moving on from him. And again, I think most people believe now, at this point, he's not a transcendent talent. And so if he's not a transcendent talent.

COLIN COWHERD: What's-- what's the point?

JASON WHITLOCK: What's the point? If-- if LaVar is going to be this kind of a headache. But-- but I'm just trying to think of what organization would take this on.

JASON MCINTYRE: There's a lot of a debt. Orlando, Phoenix--

COLIN COWHERD: Sacramento.

JASON MCINTYRE: Atlanta. These-- these stadiums cannot be filled. They have no draw whatsoever. They're desperate.

JASON WHITLOCK: I get it. But imagine what LaVar is doing to the Lakers. If he's in Orlando, what does he do to that organization.

JASON MCINTYRE: They'd like the publicity. Whitlock, let me mention this. When the Lakers got Lonzo, they all of a sudden got 35 national TV games-- 35, fifth in the league, more than the Celtics and Spurs. That instantly--

Well, and also, is LaVar Ball going to be thrilled? Maybe this is the wake-up call he needs. A leaked story. Is LaVar going to be thrilled? Is TMZ following him in Orlando? OK. Are the blogs all writing about everything LaVar Ball says in Milwaukee?

CHRIS BROUSSARD: That's why these teams might not go for him. At some point, this is going to get old. I mean, if Lonzo gets traded to Basketball Siberia, and LaVar's still running his mouth, it's not going to be as much of a draw now if he's not with the Lakers.

Because the thing about Lonzo, too, as good as he is, or can be, he's not an exciting player. You know, he's not great handle, finishing with dunks. I mean he's-- he's just not going to be a draw. The draw is his dad. But, at some point, that's going to get old, when the kids not living up to the--

JASON WHITLOCK: The final thing here, because, again, I just don't think this will play well in the locker room, because-- in any locker room --because what he talked about was two jobs: Gelo and Melo. And so there's two guys in that locker room, someone gets pushed out of the island. Someone gets voted off the island. And so, again, I don't think this plays well in any locker room. Oh, we've got to give Gelo a spot. That means--

CHRIS BROUSSARD: But no-- there is not, and I'm telling LaVar this right now. There is not a team in the NBA that will take all three of these guys, period. Like, no. If he wants the three of them to play together, they better be in Bosnia, or Lithuania, or Serbia-- somewhere like that.

COLIN COWHERD: I'm not sure.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: There's no way.

COLIN COWHERD: I don't know if Duke would take all three. I think--