Jason Whitlock on Paul George’s future: ‘The flip-flop has already begun’

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Jason Whitlock is joined by Doug Gottlieb, Chris Broussard and Jason McIntyre to talk about Paul George and the Los Angeles Lakers.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yeah, the flip-flop has already begun.


And I don't blame him. It was, what, 75 degrees out here yesterday. The sun was shining. He's a California kid. And you get in that Staples Center. And you look like, man, Shaq played here. Kobe played here.

- Chanting for you.

JASON WHITLOCK: - Everybody-- they're chanting your name. And he's already back pedaling. And Russell Westbrook-- and that marriage could end very quickly.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: He's coming dude. I'm just-- I'm, I'm-- I'm still fairly confident he's coming. Because , remember when he grew up in Los Angeles, and he wasn't heavily recruited. And now all of a sudden, he is being-- When you're in Dallas, you've never been recruited in your life. And the Lakers and Magic and I'm sure, you know, Kobe Bryant is heavily recruiting you. And you look up and you're in Staples. And they have those illuminated jerseys. And you're like, damn, that could be me. And you look at all those titles, right? And when you go to Oklahoma City, they don't have-- they don't have all those things. They just don't.

- They got a nice ponderosa.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: Look, look, I love Oklahoma. OK.

- That's almost literally.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: That's my-- that's my second home. I do. But you can't compare the two. And the idea that Magic, and Kobe, and Shaq, and Paul George. That's a powerful, powerful statement. Right now, yeah, maybe you make the decision. But at the end of the season, unless they win a championship, I can't see him staying.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: The thing that's most telling to me is, as you said, he's backtracking already. Because I've said it. I don't know if he's seen this or what. But he was saying, it'd be stupid to leave if we're headed in the right direction. Russ has made this just that much easier to come out and stay. Now, I don't want people to read into this, look-- And as good as they could be in OKC, which is what, maybe Western Conference finals next year. Probably at best. I don't think they can win the West. If LeBron and Paul go to LA, they can be better than this OKC team. So I think he's the key to LeBron, whether LeBron goes there.

JASON MCINTYRE: I've never wavered. I've all along thought Paul George was going to the Lakers. I went to the game last night. And I was excited, no Westbrook, no Bello--

- Did you wear that-- Did you wear your jersey again?

JASON MCINTYRE: I did not wear the jersey again.

- Did you take your kids?

JASON MCINTYRE: Yes I did. No, no, just family outing with another couple. And I'm telling you, Paul George getting every shot. There was an electric vibe in the arena there. People were chanting for Paul George. Like were nobody cared.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: It was a recruiting trip.

JASON MCINTYRE: It basically was.

DOUG GOTTLIEB: It was a recruiting trip.

JASON MCINTYRE: And I wouldn't have been surprised--

DOUG GOTTLIEB: It was, we want you. We--


JASON MCINTYRE: Listen, if they get Paul George and don't get LeBron, I don't think Lakers fans are going to be crestfallen. Because of what you keep talking about, LeBron the drama king. Hey, Paul George wants to be here. He's not going to like, ruffle feathers in a year. He wants to be here. I think Paul George is coming to LA.