Michael Vick on Kirk Cousins’ next move: ‘I would pick the team that has the better defense’

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Michael Vick and Kristine Leahy join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to speculate on where Kirk Cousins should sign in the offseason.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, should he chase wins in Denver, or money in New York?

- Well you've framed the question, and we've framed the question I think in an unfair way. If I'm Todd Bowles, you can win here. We won. We overachieved this year when everybody had low expectations. Now you're adding Kirk Cousins, a viable quarterback. I think, I kind of go back and forth on this. I originally thought, well you got to go with Elway and that defense. But I like Todd Bowles more than I like Vance Joseph by a pretty wide margin. And so, if I were Kirk Cousins, I would go with the Colts that I think has a chance to survive. I think Vance Joseph this year is under a lot of pressure, and he could be dealing with an entire different culture .

COLIN COWHERD: My initial takeaway was yours. Oh, Denver is the easy one.

- Yeah.

COLIN COWHERD: But you're going to have to face Derek Carr twice a year, and Philip Rivers not going anywhere. With all these Veteran quarterbacks. And Andy Reid, and I'm sitting here thinking, the Jets for a New York team, they're the Mets. Not a lot of pressure. Not a lot of expectations. By the way, Brady ain't playing forever. If you sign a five year deal, last three you might not face Brady. We know the Dolphins can't figure out quarterback. Bills can't figure out quarterback. This is a rare situation where I think I would consider going to the less talented big city team. They are completely in the giant shadow. This is not-- this is not a pressurized team. They're really not. You know what they are? They're the Clippers in L.A. The ceilings really low. It's true. And I think Cousins could go to the Jets, and I kind of like you, I kinda like Bowles this year. You win eight, nine games. I think they'd be appreciative of him.

- Yeah. The one thing Todd Bowles will provide is some defense. So Kirk Cousins will get opportunities to put the team in a position to score points, which is going to be needed with such a young team. But you look at the flip side, he's making $45 million in Washington over the last two years. I would pick the team that has the better defense. That way if I do go out and make mistakes, which Kirk Cousins is prone to do.


- You know, at times hopefully he can get better with that. You know, go with the team that has the defense that can cover up for some of the mistakes.


COLIN COWHERD: Kirk makes mistakes. Kirk throws picks.

- He makes a ton of mistakes.

- And why can't the Jets be the team that's going to win? Like you said in the question, I think the Jets could be. And if you look at just the last two years, the Jets had three wins over playoff teams last year. The Broncos had none. The Jets had six losses by one possession, Broncos 8 of 11 of their losses were by 10 points or more. So I think that the Jets, kind of, skew more in that direction. And they have the cap space to address all the holes. They can build the team around him.

COLIN COWHERD: It's an interesting point.

- That's what it comes down to.

COLIN COWHERD: Denver has got a good defense, but don't they kind of feel like Seattle. They're getting old and expensive. Like how long is that Denver defense--

- They're talking about trading to Lee.

COLIN COWHERD: That's what I read yesterday. So I think Denver feels like that window, regardless of the quarterback. I think it's closed.

- And again, my point would be, you go to Denver and immediately the national expectations, and local, Super Bowl team. And it may not be a Super Bowl team based off of where the personal is age wise.

COLIN COWHERD: We think Denver is a smaller city, and the Jets are in New York. Listen, Denver is isolated. It's in the Rocky Mountains. It is the beginning end of that entire region. They are the most popular franchise in about a six state region. The Jets--

- Not hearing the Nuggets.

COLIN COWHERD: But I mean, New York's teams get a lot of talk. But man, the Mets and the Jets are not the Yankees and the Giants.

- Yeah. I think there's a lower bar to jump over and exceed expectations in New York. Again, if the Jets win eight games next year, you would be hero.

COLIN COWHERD: Absolutely.

- Be carried around on your shoulders. If the Broncos win eight games next year with Kirk Cousins--

COLIN COWHERD: You're just too expensive.

- It's a failure. And, you know, did we make another mistake here at quarterback.

COLIN COWHERD: I agree with you.