Jason Whitlock thinks Floyd Mayweather would ‘absolutely’ fight in the UFC

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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock talk Floyd Mayweather. Will the boxing great find a way into the Octagon at some point in his career?

- Whitlock, you think Floyd would actually fight in the UFC?

- Absolutely. And I think that Floyd wears who he is on his sleeve-- it's the money team. He is all about money. People think he's all about the undefeated record. And again, he's not. He's about money. And he's a guy that lives a high, fast-paced life. He likes to gamble. He's based in Las Vegas. There are a trillion ways to blow money in Las Vegas. When you choose to live there, you're choosing to be in constant need of money. And so Floyd's lifestyle, where he lives, and the fact that he has not falsely advertised-- he is about the money. And if there's a check big enough, he'll get into the UFC ring. I think it's going to happen between him and McGregor.

- And I also-- you know, I initially was like nahh-- this is-- but Jon Jones is out. Brock Lesnar is now in wrestling. Ronda Rousey is now in wrestling. McGregor hasn't fought in a while. Could I argue there's a little bit of a star void in UFC? I mean, right now-- in this little moment in time-- they've had a few-- for different reasons-- move on, move out, segue out-- and they could use a pop.

- Again, but-- I don't think that has anything to do with Floyd's motivation. Floyd has gone--

- No, no, no-- that's the UFC saying, listen-- we'll just open up the checkbook for you.

- Floyd has his own promotion team. Floyd is about Floyd. Again, it's-- people act like he's difficult to understand-- he's not remotely. Again, when you have a team-- teams are expensive. You got one. You've got six kids. You know how expensive that is. Floyd has a team-- the money team. It ain't Floyd, money, Mayweather-- it's the team. And so all those extra people to support and he's got to drive commerce for all those people-- Floyd will get in the UFC. He won't care about winning or losing. He'll care about the paycheck at the end.

McGregor won't even really-- in my view-- get the chance to embarrass Floyd because it'll be a sham. People will buy it pay-per-view. Floyd will put up some little phony effort, kind of like he did the first two or three rounds of that boxing match with McGregor-- this won't last nearly as long-- and then Floyd will go down and collect his check.

- The one thing, I think-- oh God, he'd get humiliated. Right? Because you have to give him a decent opponent. You're not going to pay him a fortune if he's fighting some--

- No, he's gonna fight McGregor.

- But you know Floyd-- because Floyd is going to make the guidelines and the rules favor Floyd, no?

- He's going to make the money favor Floyd. That-- that's-- he's the money team. He's not the rules team. He's not the integrity team. He's the money team. The check will be bigger for Floyd because he's taking the bigger risks, and he's already dominated him in boxing, so he'll get the bigger piece of the pie, and make the rules whatever you want. If McGregor wants to bring a gun in, Floyd-- good, I'll just wear a bulletproof vest and we'll be fine! Just make sure when it's over the check favors me.

- Yeah, and I-- how about this theory? Tom Brady, 40-year-old athlete getting the headlines this week. Floyd's 40 years old. He just wants to throw it out there that I'm-- listen, man, I'm not-- there's never a 40-year-old athlete--

- Is there a check in that? Is there any money to be made in usurping Brady's moment? If there's not, Floyd doesn't care. Again-- I respect Floyd's transparency. And it's like everybody else looks for extra motivation, other things about Floyd-- he's made it clear. All he cares about is money. And he's not a deep person. He's-- you know, he's-- maybe the reason I can understand this because you know there's a little bit-- a tiny bit-- of Floyd in me. I like Vegas. I like to gamble. I like-- and I get the-- the-- again, the--

- The taste of it.

- When I think about it more-- I'm nothing like-- because money just doesn't move me nearly the way it does Floyd Mayweather. He'll throw away all integrity-- all anything-- for the check. That's not me.

- I don't think that's you.