Deion Sanders or Rod Woodson — Who was the better DB?

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Rod Woodson and Jason Whitlock talk Deion Sanders. Who was the better DB - Woodson or Prime Time?

- Deion, was he a better cover guy than me? Yes. Then that's it. Was I a good cover guy? Yeah, I was. But--

- It's called tackle football, you have an argument.

- You played contact football. You do play with a helmet. You don't have flags on. But, you know, I think that when I stepped on the field, I was a pretty good player.

- And listen, I want to say this, I love Deion Sanders.

- That's my guy. Prime, love.

- You love Deion. You're from Indiana, and that's why I [INAUDIBLE]. I'm from Indiana as well. The other thing that I don't think you get nearly enough credit for is you put Eugene Parker, the black super agent, on the map. You-- basically what LeBron James has done for Maverick Carter and Rich Paul, you did for Eugene Parker. And who else signed with Eugene Parker after you?

- Prime signed after I did-- after I did. Eugene went to Purdue. My guy from Fort Wayne, Indiana. So I had to go with Eugene. I mean, once I got in the league, Gene took a couple years and went on his own. When he went on his own, I went with Gene.

- And became a super agent--

- Super.

- --because of you.

- That's my man.

- Better than Deion Sanders. I'm flipping. I'm switching.