Should Nick Foles leave Philly for a starting job somewhere else? Greg Jennings doesn’t think so

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Greg Jennings and Tony Gonzalez join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Foles should leave the Eagles to start for another team.

- --Whitlock after this incredible run. Should Foles want out of Philly and have his own team?

- Well, look, I think if he goes on and completes this deal, or even-- regardless, as long as he doesn't blow up in the Super Bowl, he's going to have some trade value. And so he could potentially force the Eagles to trade him and get his own team. But the thing we have to be careful here-- because if I were him, I would want out and want my own team.


- But his personality may not fit that. You give him a team and a big contract, we've seen him kind of melt under that scenario. He may be better off as a backup quarterback. Again, that would cost him a lot of money, I get it. If I won them the Super Bowl, or even take them Super Bowl, I want a bump in pay to stay in Philadelphia. But I'm not sure if he's built to be a franchise starting quarterback.

- No kid, when he plays quarterback at about eight, nine years old, and they give you the ball at recess-- none of those kids think, what I really want to be is a backup on a good team. Like, if you're good enough to get a division I scholarship as an athlete, you see yourself as a starter, especially at quarterback.

You can have four receivers on a team. You can argue who's better, Nelson Agholor or this guy. No, there's a starting quarterback, and everybody else is a clipboard guy. You can be very happy as a second receiver in the NFL. I can't even tell what the Patriot's first, second, and third is.

Quarterback-- starter, backup. I'm out of there. There's eight teams in the league this morning that need a quarterback. I got news for you. He's better than at least a couple. He's not a--

- Starter on a bad team versus backup on a great team?

- You know what? It's your team. It's your billboard. I wouldn't want-- quarterbacks, there's some ego in this stuff. You've got to be a--

TONY GONZALEZ: Not for all of them.

- There is ego, but should he want out? He should. But if I'm him, no, you stay right there.


- Yes, you stay right there. Some guys are just not built to do it by themselves. He's been a starter before. He started 39 games in this league.

COLIN COWHERD: Winning record.

- Yeah, he's 22 and 17. But he hasn't been proven to be durable, number one. He hasn't played a full season in his entire six year career. What does that say? I mean, he's getting x-rays for his ribs right now. So when you look at the scope of everything that he's done, is he a good quarterback? Absolutely. Could he go start somewhere else? Yes. But I feel like he's grateful for being where he is.

- Grateful?

He was almost out of the league, contemplating retirement. His career get revived because of the situation in the system that he's in. You go somewhere else, you may get another Jeff Fisher situation, where it's not a great fit, not a great offensive coordinator, no guys around you to help your growth. I'm just saying--

- That feels like playing it safe. Did you play it safe to get to the NFL? You weren't a play-it-safe guy.

- No, I understand that. I'm not. But when I look at Nick Foles, he doesn't jump off the screen and say, oh, yes, give me my own team. No, he doesn't.

COLIN COWHERD: Let's look at him at the press conference. Does he look like a jump through the-- I mean, that's what you're saying is, listen, be happy in life.

- He might be.

- You know what? You'd make a horrible motivational speaker. Tony Robbins and you got nothing in common. You can't say that. Come on, Greg. You got to go for-- swing for the fences. Go for it. I would tell him right now, look, now we see what you can do when you put your mind to it.

COLIN COWHERD: And get right coaches.

- And you get the right coaches. If you can go to the right system-- I'd rather fail going after what I want than be successful at what I don't want to do.

- I hear you, totally. But what I'm saying is, all these ducks have to align themselves. He has to be in the right system.

- But what if? What if it could happen?

- But what if he's not?

- I don't care. I'm going after him.

- And then he gets $15 million and he chased his dream.

- Who's the guy that went to-- Matt Flynn.


- And went to Seattle or whatever. And then got laughed out of the league, basically. He got his big paycheck.

- Who's Rich Gannon? When I was there, Elvis Grbac, he said, I'm out of here.

COLIN COWHERD: What about Brad Johnson?

- Listen, if that's your mentality, great. I'm just not sure he has that mentality. And, as Greg talks about, six seasons-- can't get through any of them healthy. You can go to a team that doesn't have a Pederson and a Frank Reich, doesn't have an offensive line, and get beat up. You collected a nice check. But you're getting the ridicule or you're getting beat up.

TONY GONZALEZ: But he can't play.

- He might.

- His head coach Doug Pederson, using your belief, Doug Pederson would still be calling plays in Kansas City. He went for it. And people said, Doug Pederson--

- You know what Doug Pederson was? He was a backup quarterback in the NFL.

- And when Doug Pederson was at Kansas City is, under-- he didn't even call the plays.

- He wanted to be the guy. Does Nick Foles?

- He got a gig down in Miami.

- If you were an Olympic coach, you know what his motto would be? Go for bronze.

- No.

- Yeah. There it is.

- No. Not at all. I said he should. But personally, after watching his career unfold, I'm saying what's best for Nick Foles-- man, you stay right behind Carson Wentz. And if he goes down you step in and you your thing.

- Ugh.

- That's an awful life.

- It was awful. Winning that NFC championship, that was awful. Played in the Super Bowl, that was awful Again, Carson Wentz is early in his career. Stick it out. You might end up being the guy.

- Let's pretend I'm Nick. I kind of look like Foles. I'm gangley. So I'm Foles and you're my agent. Call me.

- Oh, if I'm the agent--

- Yeah, hi. Hey agent--

- --then I'm about the money. Show me the money, if I'm the agent.

- OK. So there you go.

- But Nick Foles might not be on that other line saying show me the money. He might-- show me the security. If I can sit here in Philadelphia, get a better contract, and be the toast of Philly for taking them to their first Super Bowl, all right.

- Who wants to watch football when you can play it?

- By the way, you look like Mel Kiper.

Be quiet.