Seth Joyner on Jaguars calling out Tom Brady: ‘Why would you ever throw gasoline on a fire?’

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Seth Joyner and Mark Schlereth join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Jaguars players calling out Tom Brady ahead of the AFC Championship game.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock to the Jags, just shut up about Tom Brady already.

- Yeah I don't get it. Why are they engaging in-- and their children too. Engage with a grown 40-year-old man in a mind game with Tom Brady. It's a mismatch.

And they need to shut up and worry about the Jaguars and what they're going to do. And quit worrying about whether Tom Brady is giving them respect or whether it's false praise or any of that. I just wouldn't engage with Tom Brady in any way.

I would respect my elders. The guy is 40. He's a generation ahead of these guys.

I don't get it, but again I-- everybody wants to be Joe Namath, as I said yesterday. And they forget he won one Super Bowl. Tom Brady's won five. Be that guy.

- Well what happens when you don't have a go to leader in a locker room, it's a leader by committee. And Jacksonville is young. And so 23-year-old Jalen Ramsey is their best player, maybe, so he becomes the leader. And then the linebacker talks. And then the defensive end talks.

If you have a leader-- and this is what happened with--

JASON WHITLOCK: But not Calais Campbell.

- Well yeah, but if you go and look at the NFL, the locker rooms where there's a lot of chatter don't have a Drew Brees, don't have a Matt Ryan, don't have a Tom Brady, don't have an Aaron Rodgers.

JASON WHITLOCK: Are you saying Bortles isn't on that level?


COLIN COWHERD: No. And so what happens is the leader becomes-- most talented guy. Well the most talented guy's a 23-year-old. And so the players, they're feeding off Jalen Ramsey.

- You know I'm not a big proponent of this. I don't like this. Because sooner or later the roosters come home to roost. It's just a matter of time before things come crashing down.

And the problem is that defense-- the number two ranked defense in the NFL-- Jalen Ramsey is writing checks that the offense has to cash. Because you know the defense is going to do their job. They're going to do what they have to do.

But what is Bill Belichick going to do? Bill Belichick is going to take Fournette away.


- And he's going to put all the pressure in the world on this young quarterback to win the game at Blake Bortles. I mean they're basically-- I'm telling you right now. Jalen Ramsey is writing a check that the offense has to cash. And they're just not going to be able to cash that check at the end of the day when it's all said and done.

Listen, I know that they're 10 and 6. This is what they've been doing all year long. But when you're a great player you don't need to broadcast to the whole world that you're a great player.

You got great defense. You don't need to-- the work that you're doing on the field speaks for itself. The worst, the first in your division speaks for itself.

So why would you ever throw gasoline on a fire? Why would you ever try to motivate, arguably, the greatest quarterback in the game? And the greatest quarterback in the game to game plan and completely destroy you? And make you look like a fool? Why would you do that?

- And he'll come out there. He's used the Jedi mind trick. These are not the drones you're looking for. Right? And then he's just going to go ahead and absolutely-- what I would assume is he could go out there and wax him.

They take that stuff in New England. They say, oh, it's no big deal and it's not this, it's not that. The thing that-- with mature teams and really good teams, the thing that bulletin board material does for you? It just hones in during the week.

I never once, during a bulletin board material, thought that-- sat in the third quarter and said, hey, Seth said this about us. Right? No, you don't.

You prepare during the week. It focuses you in on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And you go out you play really well on Sunday. That's why they practice. And that's what these guys do, better than anybody else. They take that information and they say, OK, we'll digest that. We're fine. We don't need to talk about it in the media, but we're going to be honed in.

And that's what they do better than any other football team in the National Football League. I'm 100% with you, man. I would not try to rile up Tom Brady and the New England Patriots whatsoever.

- Here's the other thing. The Patriots for the last-- what five, six years-- have been living off of a lack of respect.


- Goodell doesn't respect us. Everybody thinks we're cheaters and the respect, respect-- why give them any disrespect? Why feed into that? That's what they've been feeding off of for, it seems, like a decade.

- Well this game is fairly predictable. To Seth's point, Leonard Fournette's three biggest college games against Alabama-- he didn't do anything. He averaged 45 yards.

Who's Belichick's best friend coaching? Saban. So they're going to take away Fournette.

There's a number in this game that's really glaring. New England leads at home in Brady's career, like 65% of the games. Bortles is a terrible trailing quarterback. He's two different quarterbacks. Leading with a running game, trailing without one.

So to Seth's point, this is not going to be about the defense. Because we know New England's going to score some points. This game is going to be about Bortles trailing at some point.

- The piece is, once New England gets the lead, now they've just flipped the Jaguars on their neck. OK? Because now if Blake Bortles has to be that guy, and the defense understands and knows that, they're going to put so much pressure on him he's going to throw up all over his shoes.

- It's what they did to Tennessee. They walked up linebackers. They mugged them up there. They kept their edge presence with their outside rushers. They bull-rushed the inside guys.

They locked everybody up, got them one on one, and said, the one thing you're going to have to do, Marcus Mariota, is beat us throwing the ball. Because we're not going to let you scramble to get out of here. Eight sacks later it's 35-14. Tip your caps. See you around sometime.

- I don't know if you know this, but you just put Saban on Belichick's level and I appreciate that.