Jason Whitlock tells you why he’s concerned the Vikings will have a let down this weekend against the Eagles

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Mark Schlereth and Tony Gonzalez join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to talk Minnesota Vikings after their win over the New Orleans Saints last weekend.

- Whitlock, you worried about a Vikings letdown after a miracle ending?

- Yeah, I really am. And I say that because I'm just a football fan, and I couldn't sleep Sunday night, replaying that game and that ending. It's Tuesday and I'm still thinking about it.

I couldn't imagine if I'm Stefon Diggs, anybody on the Vikings team. You're on such a high, there has to be a little bit of a letdown. And then to refocus on what's ahead, whenever the whole city of Minneapolis and the whole state of Minnesota is still celebrating what you're doing-- No one talks about it, but it's like the immaculate reception. The next week, Pittsburgh got beat by Miami.

- Yeah.

- That is almost always the truth. Like Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh. That's the biggest win for them in a decade. There's a real chance they'll be flat. There is a chance.

The only thing I would say why Minnesota wouldn't be flat is they really are the Eagles. They're defensive led, both backup quarterbacks, overcome big injuries. And by the way, Philadelphia won in the last couple of plays too. It's not like they didn't have a dramatic upset win.

So I kind of feel like both these teams-- Really, they're the same thing. We're looking at the same team, defense led, backup quarterback, dealt with injuries.

- Minnesota's the best team in football, in my opinion.

- I agree.

- I agree.

- And they're at home.

- No--

- No they're not, they're on the road. My bad.

- I look at it like 2012 playoffs and the Ravens. Remember the last minute play? I think it was 70 yards to Jacoby Jones, and Rahim Moore goes up and just completely miss-plays the ball, and the rest is history.

They go on to win, and it was like the catalytic event that pushed them towards a world championship. Remember, Flacco was great after that.

- Yes, yes.

- I almost feel the same way about the Minnesota Vikings. You almost feel like, man, we're the team of destiny now, because we made that play. And I almost feel like that can propel you into the Super Bowl. You're going to be able to play the Super Bowl at home in your home stadium.

I mean, think about it. I just think it's one of those situations that maybe it's the best thing that could have happened to you, because it's the one thing that you can lean back and go, we're meant for this this. This is our year.

- And I agree with you, Mark, there. I mean, because obviously, as we were all watching the game, we all thought that thing was over.

When you get that high, that's when you come in. I've never had a miraculous ending like this, but we've had come-from-behind type wins. And that's when you go into the locker room on that Monday and you're looking each other in the eye, and you're like, OK, we got one more game to go. We almost let it slip away.

Something-- we're a team of destiny right now. There's something on our side. But I love that stat that you brought up about them losing after the immaculate interception.

- I'm a Steeler fan, and I completely forgot they lost the AFC Championship to Miami.

- You think they won the Super Bowl and they didn't. But again, the reason why I-- Again, I'm a little bit concerned, and if they do lose, I think it will be because of an emotional letdown. But to me, they are the best team.

And I think of the two backup quarterbacks, Case Keenum is better than Nick Foles.

- Oh, clearly.

- And so unless there's something crazy with the weather in Philadelphia-- and I don't think there will be-- I think Minnesota's going to score enough points, and I think they're going to shut down that Philadelphia offense, as long as there's not some crazy emotional letdown.

- And also, Mike Zimmer now has been in 11 games, either head coach or coordinator, these playoff games. And you look at this Minnesota team, I believe it's the best roster. When I look at Philadelphia, I'm still not absolutely sure Doug Pederson is the right guy. I'm still--

- Oh, I liked him this weekend.

- No, I liked his-- I thought their defense of Jim Schwartz-- I thought the defensive play calling was great late.

- Look at how they got Foles playing.

- --managed Foles.

- Yes!

- I mean, Foles in the first quarter was like-- I was watching it like this, oh no. And--

- They started doing that run pass thing and it worked for him. But I just don't know if the Minnesota defense is going to allow it.

- Well, usually when I look at teams that have those letdowns the next week, usually, usually, it's on the offensive side of the ball. And they're a defensive lead team, talking about the Minnesota Vikings, so I would look for them.

You could always lean on defense. Just be physical and go out there and hit them in the mouth, and they can do that. You can take that anywhere you want. That travels. Defensives travel. Offenses kind of-- that's a little bit tougher, because of weather and all that stuff.