Jason Whitlock’s brutally honest take on the Rockets’ behavior after their game against the Clippers

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Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Jason McIntyre and Chris Broussard talk Houston Rockets after their game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

- Whitlock, did the Rockets look childish last night?

- They looked foolish, like spoiled brat losers. Chris Paul, what is he doing to his-- he's got a great reputation. He comes to LA, gets his butt spanked by a team that seems to be coming together a little bit, getting healthy. And so now he and James Harden after the game?

This is just crazy. And it's hard. This is why it's hard for a lot of people to take the Rockets seriously. They just don't carry themselves in a serious manner all the time.

- What about Blake Griffin bumping Mike D'Antoni? Isn't that an issue? Like--


- To me, that was a big takeaway I had in this game. What are you doing?

- He bumped Mike D'Antoni.

- That's not acceptable. Did you see D'Antoni's reaction?


- So I would argue that Blake Griffin started this. That's what Trevor Ariza--

JASON WHITLOCK: That's on the court, [INAUDIBLE].

- D'Antoni wasn't one of the people that went to the locker room.

- No. D'Antoni would not go. And I don't think Chris Paul, by the way--

JASON WHITLOCK: They're keeping him for D'Antoni. - No. Chris Paul didn't go over there to fight. Chris Paul went over and make sure Trevor Ariza didn't fight.

JASON WHITLOCK: You really--

MALE VOICE: I don't know about that.

- You guys think Chris Paul, the Players Association president, going to get into a fight?


MALE VOICE: This is a guy who feuded with DeAndre.

- Chris is as competitive as any player in the league. I believe he was frustrated. He was embarrassed that he came back here to LA, the team he demanded to be traded from, and lost. And it wasn't even a full LA team. DeAndre Jordan didn't even play, and you still lost.

So I think that's what fueled this. And Whitlock, you're right. It looked terrible. I mean, this is ridiculous. And to your point, we've talked about is James Harden clutch? Is Chris Paul clutch? What championship-caliber team do you see doing stuff like that?

- Hey, look, but Chris, listen, Chris Paul is definitely at fault here. This is a guy who in LA feuded with Blake Griffin. And did you hear what he said last night? He said the Clippers are Lou Williams' team. That's a direct shot at Blake Griffin. I mean, like, that's so petty. And Chris Paul, remember, he had problems with DeAndre Jordan, on the way out the door with Doc Rivers and Austin Rivers. And this Clippers team, I think we undersold, because we all killed Doc Rivers last year, remember?

We were like, this guy, you got to get rid of him. Doc Rivers has been incredible. They're a 500 team with with-- like basically MBDL players on their team. They've got guys off the street I've never heard of, CJ Williams. A bunch of guys coming out of nowhere, and they're fighting that they would never do.

Blake Griffin was known as a soft guy, remember? People would take shots at him. And he was like kind of a softy. He looked tough last night. I know it was against Trevor Ariza. But he wasn't backing down.

- Hey, they did call the police.

- They did call the police. He did need some backup.

- He stayed glued to his seat.

- What kind of suspension do you give him for, like you said, the president of the Players Association going to look for a fight, you know, after the game? That's classless. I think he's got to get at least two games.

- I think they all four Rockets players should get two games, in my opinion, because you have to send a message that's going to deter them from ever doing something like this.

- And this is a guy who's never gotten out of a second round of the playoffs. On video tribute night for Chris Paul at Staples last night, he gets all angry.

- I'm not 1,000% sure on the suspensions. I don't know if we're going to make too much of this. But I will say this. They're going to play again. Barkley and Shaq made fools of the Clippers last night, which will gas them up. Chris Paul's embarrassed, hypercompetitive. Harden is a bit of a lunatic.

So we could have a fight on the court. And so I kind of go back. I wouldn't want to see a suspension. But you probably have to, to try to prevent something from happening next time these two teams meet.