Danny Kanell: Reports on the culture in New England make Tom Brady ‘look awful’

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Danny Kanell, Colin Cowherd, Mark Schlereth and Eric Dickerson talk Tom Brady and the New England Patriots ahead of the 2018 NFL playoffs.

DANNY KANELL: Colin, who looks worse in this story-- which is really ugly-- Brady or Belichick?

COLIN COWHERD: Brady looks worse. Belichick comes off as almost sympathetic, that I just wanted to make a move that any coach would make, which is I've got a Aaron Rodgers. I've got a Steve Young. You know, I've got my Andrew Luck. I'm going to move off my 40-year-old guy. You know, Brady, I'm not going to go as far as petty. We'll talk about that later.

But I'll tell you, it makes Tom Brady 12, TB12, that brand, there's a Scientology feel to it. Which is really interesting. You're not just criticizing Brady, but you're criticizing this brand he's built and graduating to in a couple of years. I don't know how Brady reads this article and doesn't take it personally. Like, I don't know how he does.

DANNY KANELL: I don't know how he doesn't throw his phone through the window or whatever device he read it on, because he has got to be ticked off. Because I think this makes Brady look awful when you look at the pettiness that he had with Jimmy Garoppolo, backing him up. So much so that he kept him out of his TB 12 facility to keep him from getting training there. Going back to him being concerned over getting Patriot of the Week, are you serious? Like he's worried about that?

How about going another championship ring. And where I think Belichick gets some credit is that he's the one in this report that was looking out for the future of the franchise. He had a plan, a succession plan in place. And Brady's out there only looking for himself, for his personal interests and how can he set up his post career after the Patriots. And I think all of it makes Brady look really bad. And I love-- you said you had a man crush on him? I'm right behind you. I think he's incredible. But this one, not so impressive.

MARK SCHLERETH: Yeah. And you understand one of the things and one of the strengths of this organization has been always to get rid of a guy a year or two early, right? As opposed to keep him a year or two too long. And they have done that historically through every player. I mean, whether it's a Richard Seymour, whether it's a Vince Wilfork, some of the great Patriots of all time. Lawyer Millor, they'll just ship you out. They've been able to do that consistently and that's been part of that plan that you talked about that Bill Belichick has always had.

I think the one thing that surprised me and concerned me for the organization was this is the first time I can ever remember Bill Belichick being usurped from an authority standpoint by his owner. And that is, to me, is a big, big thing. And we talk about it all the time. Whether it's the Skins or whether it's the Cowboys, when your organizational structure is such that your coach is actually emasculated from time to time by the owner, that's a bad, bad look and it's a bad way to operate your franchise.

COLIN COWHERD: I mean, Dallas Cowboys, Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones. You know, they worked in their own worlds. But when Jerry thought he was a football guy, Jimmy's like, I'm outta here. And Jimmy to this day will tell you, Jerry is the smartest business man I've ever met. I'm the football guy and I think Kraft, for the only time said, I want to be on the football side. No trading Tommy. And Belichick's like, I'm out.

COLIN COWHERD: Well it's like anything. All dynasties come to an end. And you know, the Roman dynasty, the Patriot dynasty, all come to an end. It's like a story. They all come to an end. But I think where the problem is is that Tom Brady and Robert Kraft are very close. I saw that when we went to Israel. And Robert Kraft and Tom Brady were Facetiming. I'm like, you don't see that with owners. I mean, that's how tight they are, you know.

Hey Robert, how's it going? Hey Tom, what ya'll-- I mean, it was like, that's his boy. So in a sense, I agree with you. You have to side with the coach, because look, Tom's 40 years old. He may say he's going to play till he's 45, that ain't going to happen. That body ain't going to allow it, it's just not. So you have to stay with the coach. But when you're the owner, you own the football team. I have the last say. I can tell my coach, look. I'm going to side with the quarterback.

DANNY KANELL: While I think Brady looks worse. I put the blame on Belichick for giving this access, because he's a guy that's always prided himself in the Patriot way. We're going to keep all distractions out. We hunker down in our bunker and we don't let anybody in. For him to give access to Guerrero-- and I don't know when the moment was when he said, uh oh, what did I just do? That was the biggest mistake you had, because Guerrero came in there preaching this gospel message of the TB12, which was great for Tom Brady--

COLIN COWHERD: He's the fitness guru that's Tom's buddy.

DANNY KANELL: Yes, and he absolutely undermined the training staff, the medical staff, the people that really matter to an NFL team when you're thinking about the bodies that come into that training room after. And that was the biggest mistake in all of this was for him to let his trainer in there.

COLIN COWHERD: And it's really interesting. Some of the quotes in the article, at least-- again, clearly the Belichick side leaked a lot of this stuff, because Belichick becomes sympathetic. But there were a lot of, quote, "staffers and players" that weren't in on this Guerrero guy. I mean, that was my takeaway, that some of them were saying, Brady was bad mouthing the staff in New England and Guerrero was bad mouthing it. And it would say staffers and players thought it was unfair, because actually, New England really does care about diet and about some of the science of getting better. So I thought Tom not only looked bad, but man, that fitness guru guy and Tom's brand looked a little shaky to me.

DANNY KANELL: It looked like a cult.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, a little bit like a cult.

MARK SCHLERETH: I mean, there are some things out there like about-- like, I know drinking water is great for you, but drink so much water I don't need sunscreen? Like, that kind of thing? And I'm like, well, if you drink 14 gallons of water, you're in the bathroom all the time. Of course you're not going to get any sun, right? I mean, especially as you get to 40, right? I mean, you know that.


MARK SCHLERETH: It's your birthday.