Should Russell Westbrook do more to keep Paul George in OKC?

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Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd, Danny Kanell and Jason McIntyre on Speak for Yourself to discuss whether Russell Westbrook should do more to keep Paul George in Oklahoma City.

- Danny, should Westbrook do more than, eh, we can win titles. Good luck.

- What more is he supposed to do? Is he going to sell them on the cost of real estate? Like hey, you can get some good value for your money out here. I love this sales pitch right here.

And it's one of the reasons Russell Westbrook is one of my favorite players in the NBA, because he's not into all the drama, and all the pettiness, and let me kiss your butt so you like me. The guy goes out there and he puts his body on the line every single night. He plays it full force. I love that about him.

But I love even more that he tells it like it is. And if you don't want to buy into what he's selling, which is win a championship, then don't play with me. This is the perfect sales pitch from Russ.


- You know what happens to a 40-year-old guy that tells it like it is? He's single. You want to get along with others, sometimes you have to be conciliatory, and giving, and sacrifice, and be a little inauthentic.

The basketball culture in America-- AAU, to Calipari, to Pat Riley, to now star players-- is recruiting. That is the new culture. The new culture of baseball, it's analytics. The new culture of football is no huddle.

The basketball culture is communal. It's no longer about Kobe dribbling the ball in the corner and getting his-- pass, space, communal, recruit, you, me, play together. Used to be embarrassing to-- like Michael Jordan's like I wouldn't have played with the Celtics. Now people look at you and go, you wouldn't play with the Warriors? Are you an idiot?

Russell Westbrook's personality is not built for today. He's a 1980 personality in a current NBA. He won't recruit guys.

- I could not disagree with you more. Look, it's one thing if you don't play with the guy. He doesn't know your personality. He doesn't know if want him or not.

But you're in the locker room with him for a full year. You praised him when he came. You said how much you want him here. You deferred for the first month and a half of the regular season, shooting less, passing to him. Even though it wasn't the best thing for the team, you did that.

The reports are that they hang out a little. They really meshed off the court. They play dominoes together.

He has to see how much Russ wants him. I mean, you see each other every day. We're friends. We're playing together. We're starting to win. We think we got a shot to win the West. What do you want?

- You NBA guys told me Russell and Kevin Durant were best friends.

- They played dominoes together, Colin. I mean, jeez, eight years of dominoes together.

- What should he have done, leave him love notes in his locker room?

- Yeah.

- What do you want him to do?

- That be a good start.

- Stop.

- Maybe you would have kept Kevin Durant. You a man, I'm a man, I want you, you're my teammate. Let's do this. Let's win the West. If that's not enough, go play with Lonzo Ball.

- Cowherd is 100,000% right. It's about inclusive. You want to be together, work as a team. Listen man, I know Russell Westbrook is not-- and I'm not trying to play amateur shrink here-- but he is so scorn from what Durant did. He's not going to recruit Paul George, and it's going to hurt him because he's not going to win anything without Paul George.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: What should he do?

- He should-- to go to the media and say, yeah man, we're not winning anything without Paul George. Until Paul George shooting 43%, a career high from three, leading the NBA in steals, that's why were turning things around. He should be talking up Paul George the way the Warriors talked up Kevin Durant and texted him endlessly.

CHRIS BROUSSARD: He's not talking him down.

DANNY KANELL: No, exactly.

- That's how you keep him. Yeah, but he's not say anything.

DANNY KANELL: But that wasn't the question. The question was about recruiting him.

- By the way--

- Yeah, you should be recruiting him.

- --when you were at Florida State University--

- Yes--

- --OK, and you are the star quarterback, and they would have these, what they call, "recruiting weekend--"

- Of course.

- --and you put your BS hat on--

- Yes.

- --and you told all these high schoolers, man, we need you. Now, you were at Florida State when you didn't meet anybody because you had 32 NFL guys. But you told them I needed you.

- No. Here's what-- you know what I told them? The truth. I let the coaches tell them all the BS, and how great it was, how great an experience it was. You know what I told the guys that were thinking about coming there? I said, and you better watch out for that coach because that's a mean SOB once you get on campus. He might be the nicest guy now.

That's why I love this about Russ. He's not giving him any BS. He's saying, this is how it's going to be. And instead of recruiting--

- Who want to play with that Danny?

- But if you don't want to play with him, then get out of there. Instead of recruiting, he should be planning. Let's find another assassin who has our mind set, who wants to win a championship.

- Did you see where Paul George's parents were last night?

DANNY KANELL: Yeah, at courtside and all that.

- Magics.

- I've also seen the Lakers' win-loss record. Was it 11-3?

- It doesn't matter. I guarantee you, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka are working back channels.

- But do you think they put them in the rafters when they're in Oklahoma City?

- No, but I guarantee it was, can we validate your parking? Can I get you another bottle with Pinot?

- They have to do that. Paul George is not a Laker yet. If he were a Laker, it would be different. And even your example with Danny, they were not at Florida State already. That's the difference. I'm with you every day. We're going out to dinner on the road. We're hanging out. We're joking around in the lockeroom, you know I want you.

- OK. We work together on the set. What if somebody else came after me hard? Would you not suck up a little?

- Yeah, I'd be like, man, yo, we need you.

- Yeah, you would go all out to keep a star.

- You don't keep their butt.

- I wouldn't want at least for dinners a night-- a week, minimum.

- Broussard, I don't-- I just don't understand. When you know he wants to go to the Lakers, and the Lakers want him, it's a perfect fit. He can be the alpha dog with the Lakers.

- It's a perfect fit on an 11-win team.

- It doesn't matter. He can be the number one option on the Lakers.

- So what? Look, Westbrook said it perfectly-- we can win a championship. Do you want to win a championship, or do you want to be the King of the lottery Lakers?

- Win a championship, OK.

- If that's what you want, then good riddance.

- Is he going to get out of the first round this year? Because Westbrook didn't get out of the first round last year.

- Yeah, he didn't have Paul George and Carmelo Anthony.

- We'll see how it plays out.