Jason Whitlock reacts to Sean Payton ‘reaching his boiling point’ on Thursday night

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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock are joined by Ray Lewis and Eric Davis to talk about Sean Payton's actions on Thursday night.

- All right, Cowherd. Did Sean Payton embarrass himself last night?

- Got to say yeah. If I hold quarterbacks like Cam Newton to a standard-- and what have I always said? Quarterbacks need to be quarterbackial, presidential. Well, then, head coaches need to be stately. You're a head of state, and you can't do that. Not everybody is going to be John Wooden or Belichick.

But-- it's, it's-- when Mike Tomlin was trying to trip a guy, what did I say? Come on. You can't go there. Sean Payton can't be getting penalties. What's the message? I mean, even though it's pro and not college, you know what the NFL is now more than ever? It's young and inexpensive. There are a lot of 23-year-old guys there. What's the message? You've got to do better as the head of state of your football organization.

- I'm not going to-- I agree with you, but I'm not going to waste my time criticizing Sean Payton when the officials needed to be embarrassed. Someone needed to call them out. That game was a tragedy of officiating malfeasance. I don't blame Sean Payton for being upset after sitting through that for three hours.

It started with the three points they took off the board right before halftime because the guy that tackled was allegedly in the backfield when clearly that's either overlooked a lot of times or given a warning. They took three points away from them. Then, they get off the field on a third and 11, and because Rankins put-- put a hand on Matt Ryan and he fell to the ground.

They had eight first downs via penalty, and many of the calls were suspect. Sean Payton just reached his boiling point and exploded. That game last night was officiated tragically.

- Did he embarrass himself? Listen, this is one of the most emotional games that you will ever play. What was on the line last night meant a lot for Atlanta and the Saints. And he understood losing that game, maybe home-field advantage does not come through New Orleans.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah. Probably not.

- Yeah. And so now, you have to-- so for me, like, and I say that sometimes with players, too, man. Like, sometimes we look at guys and we want to make them be so perfect. But that's a human being in an emotional environment on the road. And just like you said, he did not agree with a lot of those calls, which I did not. So if I'm losing my mind sitting at home, I can only-- only understand the way Sean Payton loses his mind. Look, man, I think it's a part of the game. It is what it is. I think he's a heck of a coach. And he-- he made a mistake. He cost his team 15. Most of us have.

- No, it's not embarrassing. It's illuminating. It really is. So many times, when a player in those-- in between those lines, they get caught up in the emotion of the game. That's what you saw a coach do right there. Players get caught up in the emotion of the game, and people like, how could that possibly happen? How could you lose your mind like that? How could you cost your team like that? The same way Sean Payton did because it's so emotional. And in that moment, when something doesn't go right and you feel like someone should have done something differently that was in position to do so, it didn't happen, you can lose your mind in that moment. You can lose it for just a split second, and that's the game. And it's always been that way.

They happened to have a camera on it. I can remember things that Parcells used to say on the sideline. There are things that coaches say on the sidelines all the time-- at players at the opposing-- at the opposing team, but it's just not captured. Most of the things that players do is captured because they are out there exposed.

And that's all. It's just illuminating. It's a part of the game, and it's an emotional sport.

- You said Monday that the JuJu Schuster hit was applauded among players.

- Yeah.

- You could make the argument that the Sean Payton outburst was appreciated by the Saints who thought they were getting hosed by officials.

- I think anybody-- I think coaches-- I think, again, if we go all way back to Monday night, I think what's really the burr in Jon Gruden's saddle was like, man, what is going on with officiating this year? Why is the game so sloppy and hard to watch? And a lot of it has to do with officiating. And Sean Payton got fed three hours where he felt like, man, they just took this game from us. They just-- What we want to let the players settle this game, and he exploded.

- Now, well, the only thing I can-- I got to disagree with you on that one, Colin. That, as far as a player, if I was in there, that I would be applauding my coach doing that. No, because you've been on me too many times about keeping my composure. Don't cost my team.

- He don't--

- Don't get that flag. And if he ran out there on the field and did that, I'd be sitting in the front seat in the meeting room with my arms crossed like, what's up man?

- What's up?

- What's that all about? No, you can't do that.