What’s the bigger headline: LeBron James ejected for first time in career, or Cavs win 9th straight?

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What's the bigger headline?: LeBron's ejected for the first time in his career or the Cavs winning their 9th straight game.

- Cowherd, what's the bigger headline here, the ejection or the nine game winning streak?

- I got to tell you something. This winning streak is amazing. OK, do you know who the third leading scorer for the Cavs is right now? It's Kyle Korver who they wouldn't play in the finals because he was such a liability.


- I'm watching in the last two weeks. Jeff Green, no Isaiah, Kyle Korver--

WOMAN: Jeff Green is a good player.

- He's hit and-- he's bounced around the league. I think it's pretty amazing. You know what LeBron has become? He's the NBA's MacGyver. You throw a bunch of stuff at him--

JASON WHITLOCK: But Colin, that's what he's always been.

- --and he just kind of figures it out. And about a month later, you're like, wow, he turned a gum wrapper and an armoire into a jet. I mean, it's amazing what they're doing.

- It's-- I do think the bigger story-- everyone is talking about the ejection and the ref throw him-- they were up 23 late in the third quarter. Who cares if LeBron got tossed? This nine game winning streak without Tristan Thompson, without Isaiah Thomas, I think it's like, wow-- I'm starting to go, hold on man, they may be a problem for Golden State. There's rumors of them getting DeAndre Jordan--


- --or "Boogie" Cousins or someone. They may be-- no Tristan Thompson-- I'm looking-- they're winning nine games without Tristan Thompson.

- Kyle Korver is a go-to guy for them now.

- And without Isaiah, they may be a problem for Golden State.

- If they got DeAndre, that would be interesting. But they'd have to give up quite a bit to get Deandre back.


- So I would be interested to see who that is. But if the question here is, what's a bigger headline? The Cavs winning nine straight, well, that's happened plenty of times before-- maybe not this season, but plenty of times. LeBron has never been ejected in his entire career. So I'm going to take that as the headline. And I know that you give him a pass because you think that the whistles came so close together.

COLIN COWHERD: It's outrageous.

- But here's the thing, if you're yelling at a ref and he blows the whistle and gives you a tech, just stop. Don't wait 15 more seconds. And I understand the heat of the moment and maybe you want to get your point across and tell the ref-- and you don't care that you're going to get ejected from the game. That's fine. I support that.

But then own it after the game. And don't start complaining about oh, the refs never have my back or I never get the calls or, you know, the jump shooters are the ones that are getting the calls. You can't have it both ways.

- I agree with you on the fact that it's definitely the headline of him getting kicked out. I mean, everybody wants to know why he got kicked out. Well, I'll tell you why. The referee-- when games-- when teams are blowing out teams, the referees tend to overlook calls that they would call in the first quarter. So third quarter, you're winning by 23 points, you've got five, yeah, but I'm not calling. Let's get out of here.

LeBron wants you to call the game the same way the whole time. I understand that. And they should. So the referee was wrong. And he was a little sensitive.

LeBron talks like that to every referee. Look at the games. Look at his career. When he gets mad or don't get a call, he goes off on every referee the same way. So this referee last night got real sensitive. I think he just, he reacted too much. And you can't throw a guy out when it's not a meaningful game, especially--

JASON WHITLOCK: And so LeBron should just be allowed to talk to anybody any kind of way--

- No, no, no, no. What I'm saying is, if they're going to throw him out like that, throw him out the 10 other times he do it. Because he does it every night. He does it every night.

JASON WHITLOCK: Well, first of all, I will defend the refs for not tossing him out of the game. You see them people sitting in those seats, they paid a lot of money to see LeBron play.

MAN: But they shouldn't do it right there when they're up 23.

- Right. So, well, yeah, that's the time to do it, not in a competitive game.

- But here's the issue that I have with this. So this happened in the third quarter. They were up by more than 20 points. And that's when LeBron decides to do this? Like, you're winning. It's a blowout game.

- I liked the intensity.

- I like the intensity if it was about the team. But it wasn't about the team. It was about him. It's him being selfish all the time.

- So what if it's a no call and he goes up for that same move and gets hurt?

- Thank you. That is about the team.

- That's different.

- But that's why you got to make the call. You got to call the game the same way.

- My whole life, the biggest complainer in league history was Magic. Magic never, ever thought that he-- Michael was second. Isn't this just kind of the star of the league in his life gets preferential treatment and expects it from refs? I mean, the trainers, the GM--

- He does.

- He gets it from us.

- He gets calls.

- I mean, right, I mean, listen, Michael Jordan-- remember the Tim Donaghy stuff when Donaghy said I was told if Michael misses, call it. I think LeBron, like, expects that call, like you said, regardless of the score.

- Look, LeBron has a point about how often he drives and goes into the lane. And the refs a lot of times-- he's like a different version of Shaq. You could do a lot of things to Shaq. And they ah, Shaw can handle it.

You can do a lot of things to LeBron and LeBron can handle-- LeBron, to me, is saying, hey man, I'm in my mid-thirties. I could get hurt if we just keep allowing people to thump on me and thump on me when I go to the hole. Because this is my game. This is one of the reasons why I'm shooting 58% from the field is because I do go to the hole. It's why we're on this nine game winning streak.

I actually like the intensity and the competitiveness of drawing a line in the sand saying, hey, look, call it-- I want the calls for all four quarters to be the way-- because there's a way that I want to be refereed. I like it.

- By the way, Lebron's free throw shooting numbers career low this year. So to that point.