Jason Whitlock on Eli Manning: ‘I’ve never seen him as a Hall of Fame quarterback’

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Greg Jennings and Tony Gonzalez join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Eli Manning's legacy and whether he should be in the Hall of Fame.

- Do you think getting benched here, at the end of his career-- will that diminish his Hall of Fame--

- No. No, Michael Jordan played for the Wizards. Nobody cares. His--

- When did Michael Jordan get benched other than Junior Varsity?

- It's been established what Eli was. Good post-season, marginal, good clutch. Not great regular season. Almost better in crisis than at home as a favorite. He's not a Hall of Fame quarterback.

- Well he's not, oh. He's not a Hall of Famer.

- No, no. I mean it's been established what he is. The benching's not going to help or hurt. I mean, we kind of know what he is.

- Yeah. I don't see him as a Hall of-- I've never seen him as a Hall of Fame quarterback. I'm in total agreement with you. But again, we have this standard, and Tony you know. You'll be in the Hall of Fame, it won't be a problem. But they have this foolish standard with the Hall of Fame committee. If you can't tell the story of the NFL without mentioning this guy, this guy is a Hall of Famer. And I can see that nutty explana-- well the Giants won two Super Bowls with Eli.

- They beat Brady.

- And they had the kid. They beat Brady. They had the incredible throw and scramble with David Tyree. Oh my god, of course you have to have him in the Hall of Fame, because he's part of the overall NFL narrative. And I just think that's bull. I think that's a bogus standard. The guy wasn't dominant enough at his position for a sustained period of time.

I don't even know if he was ever super dominant.

- Do you think he's a Hall of Famer?

- I think if you look at the numbers, it's kind of like Philip Rivers, down there, too.

- No, another non Hall of Famer.

- Well, if you look at the numbers, from a numbers standpoint to the guys that have already gotten into the Hall of Fame, guys without Super Bowl rings, I think Dan Fouts probably rings true. That these numbers are just, they're better than it was in Don Coryell, Air Coryell, where they air the ball out every two, three plays. They're throwing the football.

- There was a league that used to allow defense. I don't know if you ever heard. The NFL used to allow guys to play a defense. It was an incredible league. What they've done now-- anyway, Eli Hall of Fame?

- No I mean, the fact that we have to debate whether he's a Hall of Famer, or not. No he's not. When you look at what he's done, it doesn't totally supersede what his lack of performances has been.

And when you look at a Hall of Famer, a Hall of Famer, you tend to look at the-- Tony did you make your teams better?

- Yes.

- OK. Has Eli made the New York football Giants better?

- Those Super Bowls he came up and clutched. I'm not going to say he's not a Hall of Famer, I'm not going to say he is. Your last-- your last few seasons with Atlanta, did you make that team a better football team?

- Yes. Yes.

- Has Eli Manning made the New York football Giants a better football team the last two years he's been there?

- Listen, I think we can sit here and debate it all you want. Like the players being hurt, and offensive line woes. I like Eli.

- Didn't you say yesterday, injuries are part of the game?

- Yeah.

- Yes. If everything's perfect for Eli. He's got the Hall of Fame coach, and the great, and the Plaxico, on the ri-- Yes, if everything is perfect. That's not the way the league works.

Hall of Famers-- when is Aaron Rodgers going to defense? When does Russell Wilson get an online? Hall of Famers overcome.

- Absolutely.

- You had a horrible quarterback play until Atlanta. You were still a Hall of Famer on your way. Hall of Famer's don't need bunch of stuff to be Hall of Famer's.

Cal Ripken, for a big chunk of his career, had nobody around him.

Hall of Famers don't need ideal situations.

- I would say this, I don't know if he's a first ballot Hall of Famer, but he's definitely somebody you would consider down the line. Down the road a little bit.