Is Geno Smith really a better option than Eli Manning for the Giants?

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Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Tony Gonzalez and Greg Jennings talk Eli Manning,Geno Smith and the New York Giants.

- Collin, was this the right move?

- Yeah, about a year too late. It feels like Cal Ripken, you're starting Eli now because of a streak. You're not starting him because you think he's viable. I mean, he was never a great athlete. Now he's worse, now he's a liability. 14 TD seven picks. He's always had a lower completion percentage.

Yes, he was great in the playoffs, but you have to get to the playoffs. You watch Carson Wentz-- This is what happens in sports. Carson Wentz moves into your neighborhood, and all the owners of the Giants are like, that's special, and they watch Goff and they go, that's special, and they watch David Carr and they go, that's special. And they watch Eli and they go, that's old. It's time. Easy. He's old.

- Are you having memory issues or anything?

- Why?

- You don't remember Geno Smith? You've never seen him play? When you're going to Geno Smith-- It's like, you don't dump your girlfriend until you have a new, better one lined up. Geno Smith is not a better option than Eli Manning. Geno Smith is no part of the Giants' future, in terms of winning regular season games, playoff games, or anything like that. If they were playing this rookie, Davis, that they drafted, if that was going to be their-- I would get it. But this Geno Smith? Really?

- I think they're sending a message. I said Eli, it's been great. To me, this is about a message.

- Then play the rookie.

- I think they plan on eventually playing him.

- Geno's-- I just don't know how you sell your locker room internally, Geno Smith's our guy moving forwards.

- I'm with you on that. Geno Smith, from what I've seen, he is not the answer. If you're talking about going to your young third round draft pick in Davis, absolutely. And here's another thing, when you look at this division, you got all three other teams with young quarterbacks, Kirk Cousins with Washington, you got obviously, Wentzilvania, and then you get Dak Prescott.

They all have played really well, --Dak Prescott, not so hot the last few weeks. And you're not going anywhere with where you currently sit at the quarterback position. So move on, but to Geno Smith, to your point, this is not what I would be looking forward to coming into this week, starting with Geno Smith. With his track record, with what he's done over the course of his career, it's not been great. So this is not a viable option in my opinion.

- Yeah, It makes no sense whatsoever. I'm actually shocked. Why would you do this at this point in the season? Just let him finish it out. You owe it to him. I don't care. If the third rounder is not good enough to play over Geno Smith, you don't put Geno Smith over Eli Manning, a potential Hall of Famer.

It makes no sense to me. I think the Giants and Coach McAdoo, or whoever is pulling the strings over there, this is something that's covering their own butts, or saying hey, the season's-- Oh, it was because of Eli Manning. I think it's disrespectful. I feel bad for Eli. Let him go at the end of the season. This is not what you do to a guy that brought you two Super Bowl rings.

- That's all from a modicum of defense, a fig leaf, they went to Eli, said, you can keep starting, and we're going to just play the other guys. Eli, to his credit, he must have-- No, no, no, I don't want any part of any sham starts or whatever. And so maybe in their mind, they feel like their hand has been forced. They didn't want to go to Geno Smith. They know that's a tough sell in their locker room. They wanted to go with Eli.

But I have a lot of respect for Eli and saying, hey man, either I'm good enough to be your quarterback, --I'm the guy that's won two Super Bowls with you, Manning family royalty, the quarterback position-- If I'm not good enough to start, let me pull the rug out from underneath you, throw Geno out there, maybe you'll appreciate me.

- Well, we don't know. Geno could be popular in the locker room among players. I mean, he could be. I don't know. I mean, Davis Webb played out west in Cal. Nobody--

- I could also be 200 pounds, Colin, at that.

- Do it.

- I think, to your point, they want to see what else is out there. I think they do. And I think they did go to Eli with this. It's been reported. So I think your point is a real one, but coming how many years now-- I saw a stat earlier this year that if you take Odell Beckham out of his career, is that Eli's completed 59% of his throws. We kill Cam for that, and Cam's an athlete. Cam can win games on his feet.

- Eli's won two Super Bowls.

- OK, great. He's done-- A lot of people have done a lot of things. In today's NFL, where offensive lines, because of the new CBA, are worse, where you've got to make some plays with your feet, Deshaun Watson comes into this league, pow. Like Carr, pow. Guys can run, Russell-- He just can't make plays. He's a complete liability back there.

- And listen, I think we all get it, but you've got to have a better option. I think we got Geno Smith-- Here's what, Nathan Peterman, hold my beer. Wait til you see what I do this weekend.

- Come on, look at the guys that they've lost too this year. You've lost Odell Beckham, you've lost Debrannin, you've lost all these guys. It makes no sense.

- He's not the only reason. This is what I want to be crystal clear about, Eli Manning is not the reason why the New York football Giants is as bad as they are. He's a part of the reason, but he is not the only reason why. To your point, they've lost a lot of key members of that offensive unit. Their offensive line has been atrocious all year long.

Eli Manning has not played nowhere near the type of game, type of football that we expected him to play this year. So he is to blame, but not totally.

- Let's not undersell the Wentz factor. Biggest rival, Eagles, have this superstar quarter--

- Geno Smith, Colin. Let me ask you another question. Let me give you a chance to get on stable ground here. Eli Manning, for a long time, we thought he was a Hall of Famer, or a lot of people thought he was a Hall of Famer. I was never really on board with that.