Jason Whitlock: LA Rams are a ‘legitimate Super Bowl contender’

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Greg Jennings and Tony Gonzalez join Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd to discuss the Rams' big win over the Saints and whether LA is a title contender.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, did yesterday say more about the Rams or the Saints?

JASON WHITLOCK: Wow, I think it said a lot about the Rams, to be quite honest with you. I was sitting there just really impressed with Jared Goff. I thought nothing of him a year ago. I think the world of him now this year. I thought that game said just a whole hell of a lot about the Los Angeles Rams, and how seriously we should take them.

I think they're a legitimate Super Bowl contender. I think they're the number one threat to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC. I'll just add this little bit though, something was up with Drew Brees yesterday. And that was a little concerning. He looked 38, 39 years old yesterday.

COLIN COWHERD: I'll tell you what blew me away. Remember before the game I said to Greg, I said-- no, I said to you both yesterday on the NFL Kickoff, I said a veteran quarterback, Matt Ryan, you take away Julio. He's got Mohamed Sanu in the back. Aaron Rodgers, you take-- they took away Robert Woods. That was Jared Goff's security blanket, and he had his best game as a pro.

Like I sat there, because I really was like, man, this could go sideways fast. He looked great. Maybe it's coaching. But that blew me away by Goff. You took away his security. If you take Zach Ertz away from Wentz, and he was better, had his best game, you'd be like, OK, that's special.

- It definitely says more about the Rams. The way they bounced back after a tough loss in Minnesota, against the Vikings, to come out on their home turf and beat a rolling New Orleans Saints team, impressively-- and one thing that impresses me most about the Rams, they start fast.


- And if you don't punch them back, they will keep punching you. And for a young quarterback to start fast, to get off to these fast starts, and to make throws, and have your receivers making plays for you, and know that you have this Todd Gurley kid in the backfield that you can hand it off to or throw out in the flats and in routes, these are huge momentum builders, going in deep into the season. I think this team is-- again, I'm high on the Minnesota Vikings, but this team is a force to be reckoned with in the NFC.

- Yeah, they proved something to me yesterday. I picked the Saints. I thought the Saints were the second best team next to Philly out of the NFC. They are loaded. And Jared Goff, I think that was probably the most impressive thing out of it. Because they took away Robert Woods. But Sammy Watkins, you got a number one guy right there. He got way more involved in this. And I think that's a good thing.

Robert Woods not being there is probably going to help his team even better as they go down the road, because now Sammy Watkins woke up, or they used him more, and now you can take that with you going forward. But the Saints, I'm still not going to count them out. I think they're a different team at home. They don't lose at home. Drew Brees plays a lot better in that dome.

They didn't have their two starting DBs. I'd like to see this game played with Lattimore, probably one of the best DBs. Definitely, to me, he's got my vote. Rookie defensive player of the year. That's a big deal, when you don't have your shut down corner in there. So I'd like to see this game played a little bit more even.

COLIN COWHERD: We talk about gambling from time to time. There's a stat that Vegas gamblers really lean on, yards per play. Give the Saints credit. They were outplayed. They didn't have their two corners. They were on the road. And they were better yards per play than the Rams.

That's impressive. Like let's just know, that game was 26-20. If you can go face Goff, face the Rams, on the road, no two corners, and you lose by six-- I went to the box score after the game, and I'm like, man, their yards per play were almost 7-1/2. This Saints team is-- listen, don't bury the Rams because they lost to the Vikings. Don't bury the Saints because they lost to the Rams. The Saints are a good team.

JASON WHITLOCK: Greg made an interesting point about them starting fast. Sean McVay, at the end of the game, was still trying to be hyper aggressive. He may be too aggressive.

COLIN COWHERD: A little bit.

JASON WHITLOCK: But it reminded me of like Mike Martz, when he had the Rams rolling in St. Louis, he wants that hyper-aggressive team that's trying to score all the time.