Jimmy Johnson doesn’t think Jason Garrett is to blame for Dallas’ recent struggles

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Jimmy Johnson and Tony Gonzalez join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss whether Jason Garrett is to blame for Dallas' struggles.

- Is it time, possibly, for the Cowboys to move on from Jason Garrett?

- No, because I don't think you can hire a great coach. They had him, and they ran them both out. They had Jimmy and they had Bill. And so my question is, can you find somebody that's willing to deal with Jerry who wants to be in the war room, who wants to do the post-game interview? This is not a job that Harbaugh would work in. Short term, but Jason Garrett is dealing with the only owner in the league that holds a press conference after every game that wants to be in the scouting. And he wants to be-- and this isn't like when Jimmy took over and Jerry was out doing business and Jimmy was doing football.

Jerry now wants to be, you know, he's post 70 now. So again, what are the applicants? What are the options?

- You gotta go find your Sean McVay. You got to go find your young coach that can deal with that. And can-- look, Dallas has pretty good personnel. I know they've got some injury issues. But--

COLIN COWHERD: They do, their pass rush is suddenly good.

- Injuries are part of football. And I'm seeing other coaches, the Philadelphia Eagles, they don't have their left tackle. They didn't have their best linebacker. They have their running backs. But the Eagles, and you know, they've adjusted and continued to win. A lot of teams in the NFL, week 10, 11, 12 are dealing with injuries. I'm not sure Jason Garrett is the right guy.

COLIN COWHERD: What would you do?

- OK, I think Jason is going to be the right guy. I think he's going to be there. Because I don't see him making a change. Yeah, I think he's an outstanding football coach.


- I think the injuries have really hurt him. And they've ran into a better football team. Philadelphia is just better. Now Philadelphia did not play well the first half. You know, they let Dallas get the momentum right off the bat with the kickoff return. And everybody got all excited. They were able to hold them to a field goal. But you look at the game, the first half, Philadelphia's receivers dropped passes. They were not sharp. They were not into it. And Dallas was all gigged up. They were ready. Second half it came back to a true form. Philadelphia played better, and, of course, they had the better team.

- Yeah, well, I think it's-- when you look at injuries, and when I played on teams, when you lose your best player, Ezekiel Elliott, when he goes down and you lose your best offensive tackle, not just the best offensive tackle on your team. We're talking one of the best-- the best left tackle in all of football. I don't know, there's a psychology there. First of all, it does not help your team. And I think you're seeing the results of that. There is no way-- I know you're not saying, right now, in the middle of the season--


- Get rid of Jason Garrett. In future, I agree, if you think that you're going to find somebody better, then go get somebody. That's how business works. I don't care about just football. But right now, I think Jason Garrett, give him a chance. He still has a playoff football team as far as I'm concerned. They need to get some of those injured guys back. We still haven't seen them take the field wi-- I know Ezekiel is not going to be there. But get that left tackle back. Get Sean Lee back. Let's see how this team goes from there. I can't put judgment on it just quite yet.

- Look at this list of teams that have been beat by more than 20 three times this season. Three, that's the Dolphins, the Colts, the 49-- the Cowboys allegedly were a Super Bowl team this year.

COLIN COWHERD: Well, but did those teams lose the-- outside of Luke Kuechly, Sean Lee is the most valuable linebacker in the league, the best left tackle, the best running back. I mean, and I'll say this, the division, the NFC right now is stacked. I mean the AFC you got the Steelers, the Patriots. Boy, you're falling down like Titans. Now, you have a precipitous drop. NFC you got like eight. Who's bad in the AFC? San Francisco, Owen Garoppolo starts, they probably won't be terrible.

- Let's try this again. If you're a 38-year-old up and coming coach, why wouldn't you want to go work for the Cowboys and Jerry Jones? I saw Jon Gruden go work for Al Davis. And it worked. I've seen-- if-- why isn't the next Sean McVay or whomever--

COLIN COWHERD: It's hard to find those guys.

- That's, you know, a lot of people have been looking for Sean McVay. Hey, and you talk about the 38-year-old up and coming. Where are they? I don't know. I don't see all these guys out there. And it's not that easy to find one.

- Is Jerry as difficult to work with as Colin is alleging?

- You know what? I will say this. He's always been difficult. But I do think, initially, he was doing business for the first seven, eight years.

- Yeah.

- Now he thinks he's a football genius.

- And Jerry, it was-- you know, we really didn't have a problem working together. I mean, again, he was tied up trying to pay bills. He borrowed a lot of money to buy the Cowboys. But you know, Jerry is a very hardworking, passionate guy for what he's doing. And, I mean, that was a different world back then. That was a long time ago.

- All right, one other quick question, Jimmy. What's happened to Dak Prescott? Should we read anything into Dak Prescott or is it just the injuries?

- Well, you know, I think not having that left tackle, not having a running game, not having Ezekiel Elliott, when everybody is trying to defend the run and stop Ezekiel, it's a lot easier for Dak to run play action. No pressure on him, make a nice easy throw. He was under duress last night from the Philadelphia Eagles. It's tough on him.