Jason Whitlock explains why Jim Harbaugh hasn’t lived up to the hype at Michigan

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Kristine Leahy and Bucky Brooks join Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock to discuss Jim Harbaugh's high expectations at Michigan and whether he can live up to them.

- Whitlock, fair to say your favorite coach hasn't lived up to the hype.

- Yeah, and if we want to talk about someone who needs to be disciplined in college football and needs some repercussions for all that LaVar Ball antics that he does that drives me crazy, listen, everybody thinks I have to defend him. I don't hate Jim Harbaugh. He used to come to the Ball State campus and party with us when we were kids. I like Jim Harbaugh.

I just want him just to be the guy that's not the attention-seeking glory hound, all his off season antics. I think he put a target on his own back, and that chip. Just coach and win games. And everybody needs to quit comparing him to Urban Meyer and Nick Saban until he actually wins something. And then put him on that pedestal. And so mostly, I need to shut up though. I want to hear you defend your favorite coach.

- I'm not going to defend him. He has not lived up to the hype.

- Thank you.

- OK, I'm wrong on that. But when they asked me, when I first came to this network, my first day on this network was the Michigan-Utah game. And they asked me on the air, they said is he going to be a top 10 program in three years? And I said--

- Unless I see the tape, I don't believe you.

- Well, it's true. My hair was a different color.

- We wouldn't recognize you.

- But my point was, they're going to be good. Who's leaving the top 10? Is Dabo Swinney retiring? Is Jimbo Fisher? This is, he's done a really good job. But in fairness, he hasn't won the big game. And what I keep saying is, because the Big 10 five, six years ago, was a mess.

The big 10 coaching now is out of this world. This is a real conference now. It's hard to win these games. Chris Petersen at Washington, He's not winning those games either. It's hard.

- But at the same time, part of the hype, it wasn't for him, it was for the school. Right? His job was to put Michigan on the map, make them more relevant. And I would argue that he absolutely has.


- Well, he has. And also, we haven't seen all of his recruits become upperclassmen yet. That hasn't happened yet.

- I think the big thing, he hasn't had a marquee quarterback. And that is obviously on him, because he's beaten the bushes in recruiting. I think the thing that was set Michigan and push them over the top is when he gets a marquee quarterback.

- Oh, you mean like Wisconsin. Wisconsin's quarterbacks going at the top of the draft.

- It's a different deal.

- No, no, no, no.

- But Wisconsin, when we talk about Wisconsin, they're winning this schedule. They haven't had a tough slate.

- They just beat up Michigan.

- They beat 'em. They haven't had a tough slate. We'll see if they win the Big 10 championship game. To Michigan and their side, Michigan State, Ohio State. They have to deal with Pitt. Like he has to deal with more than what Wisconsin have if you compare their--. I think when he gets a marquee quarterback, in time they will go.

- I will say this. A fair criticism. I'm Jim Harbaugh, I'm an NFL quarterback. OK, the one position I should be able to clean up on is quarterback. By the way, Tom Brady went to Michigan. The one criticism of Harbaugh that's completely fair is, outside of Russell Wilson, who was at Wisconsin for an hour, they don't do quarterbacks.

They do offensive linemen. Harbaugh has failed at quarterback. I think that's a, come on, he been there three years.

- I think that is a fair assessment. He has not found the right quarterback to play in there. And I will say this. The quarterback is changing. The quarterbacks that dominate in high school are not the classic throwers. You talk about Tom Brady, the way Harbaugh played. Does he have an eye for the athletic quarterback that is really the rage in the national--

- Oh, you mean the way Nick Saban wins with whoever they throw at quarterback. Jalen Hurts, AJ McCarron, whomever plays quarterback at Alabama, they find a way to win. I'm watching Wisconsin win. Who the hell is their quarterback?

- They win in spite of their quarterback.

Yeah, and so why can't Jim Harbaugh do the same and earn the hype that Colin and all, and you keep talking, who's leaving? That's like when Michael Jackson showed up. You think he's worried about Prince? Do you think he's worried about Jim Morrison?

Do you think he's worried about Elvis Presley? I'm Michael Jackson. That's how y'all hyped him up. Harbaugh's supposed to moonwalk and make everybody make room for him.

- I thought that game was a thriller.



- I enjoyed it, I did enjoy it.