Jason Whitlock explains why Josh Rosen is a better NFL prospect than Sam Darnold

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Jason Whitlock talks UCLA Bruins QB Josh Rosen with Colin Cowherd, Danny Kanell and Jason McIntyre.

- Whitlock, better pro prospect, guy on the left, guy on the right?

- One guy was the #1 overall prospect coming into college. He made a mistake in chosing to play at UCLA, in my opinion. He should have went and played at one of the more talented institutions. Josh Rosen is more ready for the NFL than Sam Darnold. I told you this at the beginning of the year, Colin. When you thought Sam Darnold was the second coming of Joe Montana, and John Elway wrapped into one.

USC's had a nice season. Sam Darnold's had a nice season. But Josh Rosen has the pedigree, he's the better pro prospect.

- I think today Josh Rosen is more NFL ready.

- Thank you.

- I think over time, Donald's playmaking ability and intangibles win the day. I think Darnold loves football. I think Rosen is really talented. And I think the NFL offers all sorts of obstacles, and beatings, and discomfort, and I think Donald is built to withstand 15 years of the tumultuous NFL ride.

- I love the love versus talent point.

- Yeah, that's a good one. That's the hardest-- that's the hardest thing to figure out in the process. Like even if-- they'll tell you I love the game, I'm a gym rat. I love to study film. But you never truly know, especially when you start getting paid, it becomes a different story. So coming into this season, I was Darnold.

Darnold, you know, fell in love with him at the Rose Bowl, the performance he put on there. You know, the off the cuff stuff. I mean, he's got mobility. That's what you have to have in the NFL. But watching this season unfold, I saw too much inconsistency, too many poor decisions. You know, too many interceptions.

He leads the country and turnovers, with 18, combining the fumbles in there as well. He's not hanging on the ball. I actually changed to Josh Rosen, where I think he is the more talented, more ready, pro passer. And I keep going back to guts. I think I'd rather see a quarterback deal with adversity, more adversity in college, that's what you're going to face in the NFL. If you don't--

- Every week.

- You're going to get pounded. And I go back to the tape against Texas A&M, the first game of the season, he got crushed first half. Did not faze him one bit, brought back, made one of the biggest comebacks.

- He also got lucky with two dropped interceptions by Texas A&M. Let me talk about the interceptions real quick. Guys, you saw Marcus Mariota last night, right? Four picks against Pittsburgh. His junior year at Oregon, he threw four interceptions. His senior year, only four interceptions. Again, Chip Kelly was his coach, I believe, at Oregon.

Now who's he coach-- Mularkey? Do you trust Mularkey? Do you trust Clay Helton at USC? Is he getting the coaching that he needs? They're down on the offensive line. The receivers aren't very good. I got to go to Sam Darnold. I love him as a prospect. I believe he's your guy. He's Carson Wentz.

Carson Wentz is a hunter, Sam Darnold is a surfer. I think they are, brawny, big dudes who are going to dominate the NFL.

- That's what I have on my notes, is that Donald has a Carson Wentz quality. Carson Wentz, off time, out hunting. Sam Darnold, off time, goes back, surfing with his high school buddies. At one point he was a linebacker in high school. I think there is real value. Toughness, we think linebackers. Toughness is quarterbacks, too.

- Again, you've watched, in my opinion, more USC football than UCLA. Josh Rosen has been incredibly tough. He has taken a beating. I do think the guy loves football, although I respect your point.

- We think They're both one, two. Right?

- No, no. I'm just saying that if I'm there, if I'm a GM-- I'm trading down, and I'm getting the steal of the draft. It's going to be Baker Mayfield.

- That's not bad.

- The guy is going to be value.