If Michigan beats Wisconsin this week, will it validate the Jim Harbaugh hype?

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Jason Whitlock talks Jim Harbaugh and the University of Michigan with Colin Cowherd, Danny Kanell and Jason McIntyre.

- Cowherd, will a win Saturday finally validate your hype of Harbaugh?

- He doesn't need validating. Does the Eiffel Tower need validating? Does Secretariat need validating?

- They need rings is what they need. Coaches need rings, championships.

- You're so funny. So is the argument between you and me that he's just not that good of a coach?

- No, the argument is that you've overhyped him, and you've tried to compare him to Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, and guys that have actually won things. And I'm just saying hold off. I want to see it. I want to see him beat Wisconsin. I want to see him beat a great team. I want to see him beat Ohio State and Michigan State.

- I'm just-- I'll tell you right now, Michigan is going to win this game. Michigan is going to win this football game.

- So you'll be validated, right?

- No, no. He wouldn't be validated.

- The rings he doesn't need-- he needs to beat Ohio State. Because I think I'm with you. I think he does win this game against Wisconsin. I think they're the better team. I think their defense is going to shut down Jonathan Taylor. Alex Hornibrook for Wisconsin is not a threat in the pass game. Wisconsin lost their best receiver.

Michigan's defense, they're getting better play from Brandon Peters. Their quarterback is not turning the ball over. Michigan's going to go into Madison and win this game.

- When's the last time Michigan didn't have better players than Wisconsin? What era? Never Even during Brady Hoke, he couldn't coach. He had better players.

- So that's why he won't have an excuse when he gets beat by that Wisconsin defense that y'all think somehow is better, or worse, than Michigan's defense. Michigan's defense is good. Wisconsin's defense is great. It's historically great. It's like that 2011 Alabama--

- #1 in the country.


- Oh, timeout. You know the two best defenses in the Big 10? Penn State, Ohio State. Wisconsin hasn't played either one of them.

- Go look at Alabama in 2011, when they had a great defense. Go look who they played. Sometimes this kind of just breaks that way. It breaks a little easy. That's a great Wisconsin defense.

- But again, 7 and 1/2 point underdogs on the road against an unbeaten team? I don't understand how a win here would validate him, when Ohio State's a bigger rival. Michigan State is a bigger rival. Penn State's a bigger rival.

- Because he's got to-- he's not beating any ranked teams, Jason.

- I mean, again. I don't think he needs to.

- This is an opportunity.

- This is a guy who dominated at Stanford, when nobody could. This is a guy who took a 49ers team that was a disaster for a decade to the Super Bowl.

- So he's the great coach that doesn't need to win big game.

- No, he does need to win big games.

- Oh, do you think-- is Andy Reid a great coach? Seems like a great coach to me.

- He's a great coach.

- How many rings Brad Stevens? An hour ago you had Brad Stevens--

- Brad Stevens played in two straight national title games.

- Didn't win either.


Didn't win either.

- Oh my-- he won his conference.

- Oh, God.

- I think he does need to win. I think he does need to start winning, and winning championships.

- So what? He's not a great coach. I'm trying--

- I think a good coach. And there is a difference between a good and a great coach.

- Timeout, what-- I just, honestly. What conference did Brad Stevens win?

- The Horizon League.


- No, you know what he's great at? He's a great recruiter. He's great at creating buzz. He's got to win the big one. Absolutely.

- Was it?

- It's a conference championship, they got a ring for it, and there's a banner hanging up.

- Beat LeBron once a decade.

- He played in two straight national title games. You can't question him. When Harbaugh coaches in these college national championships, then I'll start comparing him to Brad Stevens.

- There's 120 Division I programs. He's got to get to the last--

- Oh, I'm sorry. That's why they're paying him $9 million.

- But Urban--

- That's what you're saying--

- But he's not with Urban, and he's not with Nick Saban. Say

- By the way--

- Not in those great coaches--

- I'll tell you something. Last 10 games, Urban's been blown out three times. College football has never had more depth of coaching and talent.

- Oh, you're right. I mean, because he's been blown out, now we throw away the national championships at Florida and at Ohio State. We just forget about them. And we won at Utah.

- You just told me the Horizon Conference matters.


- Everywhere he shows up, he wins-- Harbaugh's not on that level.

- He has a cable company. It's not even a conference.

- He has a chance to be there, Colin. But some people actually have to accomplish things before you crown them.

- You know what? They're going to beat Wisconsin by two touchdowns. And by the way--

- That won't validate him, though.

- That's right. It won't validate him. By the way, we never call him during a game he's losing. Funny, it's always busy.