After winning 7 of their last 9 games, can we ‘Trust’ the Sixers are here to stay?

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Philadelphia has won 7 out of their last 9 games, can we trust that 'The Process' is paying off?

- Do you trust the Sixers are here to stay?

- No, Joel Embiid's health is a concern. 43 games in 43 years, never played back to back. Minutes previsions last year, when young guys, big guys get hurt, they don't get healthier over time. I hope, he's an engaging kid and he's talented, but do I think he's going to play 80 games this year, 70 games? I don't.

- All right, let's reconfigure the question then, because I hate to talk about guys getting injured.

- Right.

- If he's able to stay healthy, I say, hell yeah, they're here to stay. This kid is the truth.

- Yeah, Saric can play, Covington, Simmons, yeah, it's a nice--

- I mean, I think this is like, I think Joel Embiid is a transcendent player.

- Yeah.

- You know, the 46 he just dropped on the Lakers is the real deal. And so I hate to burn bread on guys and talk about injuries and things like that. If the Sixers stay healthy, this process has worked.

- Yeah. Listen, Simmons, I just saw this today. He's the only player in the NBA this year averaging 17, 9 and 7. So he's really good. Last year he was supposed to play, got hurt. A little stronger, you know. A little more mature, he's been great--