Jason Whitlock on Bills benching Tyrod Taylor: ‘This is shocking to me’

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Greg Jennings and Jason McIntyre join Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd to discuss the Bills benching Tyrod Taylor for rookie Nathan Peterman.

- You surprised they're benching Tyrod Taylor?

- This is shocking to me. Look-- this is the team that moves Sammy Watkins to Los Angeles. And look how well the Rams are doing. They took some weapons away from Tyrod Taylor. 10 TDs, 3 interceptions, you're 5 and 4-- Nathan Peterman? A fifth round draft pick? At this time? This-- I think you're on the books for, like, $17 million to Tyrod this season? This is insanity.

COLIN COWHERD: You know what this is? This is an organization that looks up at the Patriots driving to work every day, and now smells a little success, and they don't know how to handle it. Sunday. That was one of the worst performances by a home team all year.

Little success-- here come the Saints. This is a classic example. This is what Saban's doing to that division, is-- he's a legend-- and they get close, and they smell it, and they-- and they discombobulate. They are-- is Tyrod Taylor the best quarterback in that camp? Uh, let's start with yeah, and finish with it.

There's nobody in that camp-- now again, I think he's a C plus, B minus guy, but they-- you know what they-- oh, we're close, we're close, New England's vulnerable-- oh, uh-- and they're freaking out. This is just dumb. This is an operational mistake to me.

GREG JENNINGS: I agree 100%. Tyrod Taylor definitely should be starting this week. He is their best option. He puts them in the best position to win. He had a bad game. When you-- you mentioned some stats. They're 5 and 4. If the season was to be over now, they're in. They're in.

JASON MCINTYRE: They're the six seed.

- And you're saying, wait a minute, let's-- we don't need this quarterback, let's go some-- you're changing the continuity of your team. You're completely shifting everything in mid-season-- a little bit beyond mid-season, at the midpoint-- and you're having success. It's not the success that you would say, this is our franchise, this is our future-- but you're having success.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way-- this is the NFL. New England's gotten blown out this year. Like you just have bad-- this is not college ball, where you can have four turnovers and win. Everybody in this league-- Philadelphia's got a loss, and almost two-- it's the way the league works!

- Greg, let's start here-- you said this week, you know who they're playing, right? The Chargers. Maybe the best defensive end combo in the league, in Ingram and Bosa. Peterman's a sitting duck. But I just want to talk. I'm an outsider. I never spent time in an NFL locker room.

But to me-- outside perspective-- this is what divides locker rooms, OK? All the old Rex Ryan guys in there-- you're on notice. He shipped Marcell Dareus out of town, right, Buffalo did. They also traded Watkins, as you said. Tyrod Taylor was a Rex Ryan guy. This is a signal, to me-- hey, it's my team. I'm taking control. But if you're the bills, you've given up 400 yards rushing, I believe, in the last two weeks. Right? We have that stat? And it's like-- that's why you're benching Tyrod Taylor at this stage?

COLIN COWHERD: If you watched the Saints game last week--

JASON MCINTYRE: Look at these numbers.

COLIN COWHERD: --three minutes into the game, you're like--

JASON MCINTYRE: Look at that.

COLIN COWHERD: --that's the story of--

JASON MCINTYRE: So Tyrod's benched because of that?

GREG JENNINGS: For me, when I listened to Coach Sean McDermott-- it doesn't really sound like this is the decision that it's his.

JASON WHITLOCK: No, it's not his decision.

- It so-- it sounds like this is coming from above his pay grade, saying, look-- this is what we need to do. Let's try this guy out. When you listen to him, he sounds like a guy who's believing in his young quarterback. We're in-- we're still in the hunt, we're in position, we're within striking distance. Let's just steadily run the race.

- This is the replacement for Doug Whaley, the general manager they ran off-- this is his quarterback that he drafted in the fifth round.


- I think Beane is the general manager's name. He wants him out on the field. That's what this is. It makes no sense.

The other thing, and this is a bit of a side issue, but I just want to bring it up. This to me is why Colin Kaepernick is not in the NFL. Because just imagine if this were Colin Kaepernick getting benched-- for some white fifth round draft pick. People's heads would explode. And so now, we can just say the Buffalo Bills are insane, they're stupid, it's a bad football decision. But if it was Kaepernick, we'd be calling them-- or people, we wouldn't, but people-- would be calling them racist for this decision.

COLIN COWHERD: No, it's just a bad decision.

- It's just a bad decision.

- It really is. Listen, if you look-- I think LeBron's done this to the Eastern Conference. Saban's done this to the SEC, and Belichick's done this to the AFC East-- when you're in a division with a legend, you fire guys like Mark Richt from a conference.

And then a year later you're like-- that was dumb. He was winning 10 games a year. The Dolphins, the Jets, and the Bills are running through quarterbacks and GMs. And coaches. And coordinators.

Acknowledge-- best quarterback, best coach, league history. If you can get in-- like you said-- if you go 9 and 7 and get in-- and by the way, this is the year in the AFC to do that. The AFC is a mess. Buffalo is-- it's the Belichick.

JASON MCINTYRE: You forgot a number-- 17. They have the longest playoff drought in the NFL. 17 seasons. And you like to say, Colin, on your radio show-- November is when the true colors come out. We're talking about Jason Garrett on the hot seat, Dallas historically struggles. And now the Bills are going to bench their starting quarterback.

This is what bad franchises do-- irrational moves. Like you're changing your socks, I'm going to dump my quarterback. I'm going to change my T-shirt. I'm out with my coach.

- Let me add one more thing to that. This is what a lot of new management does. Everything that was here before me is bad. and we got to get rid of it. And so-- and they all of a sudden-- the general manager may have been sitting there-- damn, we're 5 and 4 with Rex Ryan's personnel. And maybe my narrative has been wrong about how bad things were before me. And so again-- Watkins, Dareus, now Tyrod Taylor.

- By the way, Tyrod Taylor's never given more love in his life, than the last 10 minutes. Even in Buffalo. That's 10 minutes of Tyrod love.