Is Urban Meyer burned out at Ohio State?

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Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Joel Klatt and Jason McIntyre talk Ohio State Buckeyes and head coach Urban Meyer.

- Cowherd. Urban Meyer, season six in Ohio State. Season six in Florida, he left. Two years at Bowling Green, two years at Utah. Urban Meyer, a little burnout?

- From those reporters.


- I'd be--

- From those questions?

- God. I will say, Belichick's his best friend. Belichick, a couple years from retirement. I've always wondered when I talk to NFL people, they always say Urban could be an NFL coach. He doesn't want to go through-- they really do. I don't think Urban is, but there is part of me that thinks when I see Urban get burned out--

- Oh, so you do think he's getting burned out?

- Well, I think it's hard to coach at Ohio State and Michigan and Bama and LSU. It robs you of your life. Saban's got a factory going, because he's got about 400 coaches.

- I was going to say, if we asked the question is Saban burned out every time he had a crabby answer on a Tuesday press conference, it would be like every single week of his career.

- Hold it Joe, hold it Joe. It wasn't about a crabby answer, it was about getting blown out twice. When Nick Saban gets blown out twice, we'll ask the question.

- With all due respect, Oklahoma did not blow Ohio State out. They had a couple of late touchdowns, that was a Ohio State lead with 2 minutes to go in the third quarter. You know, I mean, that's a ballgame late, that's not necessarily a blowout. Listen, this is a team that lost to Oklahoma. They go to Iowa, which is a tough place to play, and played their worst game that they've ever played for Urban Meyer. I think this is Urban Meyer's last stop.

I think that he wants desperately to win another championship. He thinks that this is where his legacy is going to be set in stone. It's not necessarily what he did at Florida. I don't think he wants to go to Notre Dame now. This is where he wants to be to set his legacy for the rest of his-- I don't think he wants to go to the NFL. I think he's in a perfect spot, guys. Urban is a grinder. He is a grinder. And that's what you saw in that press conference. And I think he's going to get them back to where their competing again.

- Cowherd makes an interesting point, that he left Florida when it was challenging. I looked deeper. The SEC was in the midst of seven straight titles, eight in 10 years. As the conference got harder, Urban Meyer, man, I'm tired. I'm out of here. Know what's happening in the Big 10 right now, Joel, right?

JASON WHITLOCK: That's actually my point, but go ahead.

- The Big 10, all of a sudden, Michigan State's loaded--

- But hold on.

- Joel, let me finish. Penn State is loaded, Wisconsin's undefeated. Northwestern and Purdue no longer doormats, they're on the rise. Is the Big 10 getting so challenging that Urban, kind of struggling, is going to say, you know what? It's time maybe I move on somewhere else. I'm not bashing him. He's a Hall of Fame coach, Joel. I know you're upset.

- You're saying that he's basically running from a challenge.

- Well, again, it's been six years.

- If this is struggle, sign me up for what they're-- I mean, Ohio State is the standard. I would make the argument to your point about oh, when the going gets tough, he's the one that made the going gets tough. He's the one that built the SEC into what it is now. That's why they had to chase all those coaches, is to compete with Urban Meyer. Same now in the Big 10. Why are they paying all their coaches all this money? Because of Urban Meyer. They're having to chase him because he is one of the greatest in college football.

- Let me go a different route. Let me go a different route, then, because it's not about him getting chased out. He's not afraid of competition. And probably loves competition. But maybe there are certain coaches whose voice at a program loses its value a little bit after x number of years. And then Urban Meyer is a guy that's better suited to move every four or five, six years?

COLIN COWHERD: Bill Parcells.

- Yeah.

- I think you have to take under consideration the fact that college football is so much quicker in its cycle than the NFL. So you can bring up Bill Parcells, but it's not necessarily the same case, because your players turn over much more frequently than they do in the National Football League.

And a place like Ohio State, it's three and four years they're cycling in and out. That's why a guy like Saban can stay for a long time. That's why guys that are hard grinders can stay for a long time in college football. I just, I think this is his last stop. I think he's a great coach. Listen, they're not struggling. They had one really bad hit.

- It was one of the worst losses.

- They are not struggling.

- They've been kind of thrown around three times in 10 games.

- We're gonna throw some games.

- They got planked in the playoff [INAUDIBLE].

- We got to go.