Oklahoma and Baker Mayfield are going to have a problem with TCU – Jason Whitlock explains why

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Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Joel Klatt and Jason McIntyre talk Oklahoma Sooners ahead of their matchup with TCU on FOX.

- Whitlock, you trust Baker Mayfield, the Sooner quarterback, to get Oklahoma into the playoff?

- Look, I'm the idiot that last week said TCU's the most overvalued team in the country. And then their defense went out there and put a show on. Look, Oklahoma doesn't play much defense. TCU plays a lot of defense.

Defense wins championships. So I think Oklahoma is going to have a problem here with TCU, and Baker Mayfield's going to have a problem.

- Outside of Alabama, take them out. Last 10 years. If you have a talented NFL quarterback who can win you games that you get outplayed, and over 13 games, again take out Alabama, everybody gets outplayed. That's the advantage.

How many USC games has Darnold pulled out this year for the Tro--

- If you? Yeah.

- Yeah, and I think what Baker Mayfield has-- he's an NFL quarterback. How good, we don't know.

- TCU's defense is for real.

- I know.

- They are good. But they don't have-- listen, this sport. When you have a Baker Mayfield, there's about three of them in college football every couple of years. They can go this weekend and get outplayed, and he'll pull a rabbit out. So I think Oklahoma's got a real shot.

- Yeah I think he's one of the most exciting players that I've seen come around in quite some time. And the thing about it is, is he gets lumped into one of two categories pretty quickly. Whether it's an NFL evaluator saying oh, he's Russell Wilson. Or a college football fan saying, he kind of reminds me of Johnny Manziel.

He's a little bit of both. And the reason I say that is because Baker is as good as anybody, going back to maybe Vince Young, when the play breaks down. When he's outside of the structure of the offense, he's almost more dangerous. Which is a trait that Vince Young had back in 2005.

He's got immense arm talent. I think he's going to be a pro for a long time. I really do. And I think he is the most dangerous player in college football. Because of that, I think it's going to be tough for TCU to stop them. If you look at what TCU has done, their dominant performances have been against teams that struggle offensively.

When they've gone against Oklahoma State or West Virginia, they have given up a little bit of yards, they've given up some points. So this week, I think Saturday could be an epic showdown, strength against strength.

And offensively, they struggle. What'd they score one touchdown against Iowa State in that loss?

- Yeah.

- So TCU, I was on him last weekend. But I definitely like Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield, love the Russell Wilson comparison. I wrote about that on the Big Lead earlier this season. I believe he's a pro. They've got the easiest schedule. Two home games and then probably the playoff game against TCU again in the Big 12. I like their chances to get to the playoff.

- You know, it should be noted that, just, this is down the road. But if you look a lot of these Kirby Smart-Saban. What they struggle with is Baker Mayfield. They really do. I couldn't tell you the last time Alabama lost to a pocket quarterback.

That's why I don't like Georgia against Bama. I've got to tell you, if you ask Nick Saban, he wants no part of Baker Mayfield. That's what beats him.

- I don't know if Oklahoma gets to that point, but you're exactly right. The team that is most suited-- best suited to beat Alabama or Georgia, is Oklahoma. Because of Baker. No one else really matches up well, because when you get in a phone booth with one of those two teams, ask Notre Dame. It's very difficult to succeed.

And for that reason, those two individuals, Kirby Smart and Nick Saban, they're praying that they don't have to see Baker Mayfield late in the year.

- Dabo Swinney's head just rolled.

- Kelly Bryant. Let's not [INAUDIBLE] Kelly Bryant.

- I mean, let's bring facts to the table now. Clemson's defense is nowhere near what they were to begin the year. On September 23, they were third in the nation in scoring defense. Since that point, they're 24th in scoring defense, giving up 20 points a game. So Clemson's not nearly what they were to begin the year.