How much of a hit did Clayton Kershaw’s legacy take on Sunday night?

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Nick Swisher talks Dodgers and Astros with Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd and Jason McIntyre.

- Cowherd, Did Kershaw's legacy take a big hit last night.?

- It took another hit. This is the worst part about sports. This is where I don't like being a sportscaster. When you talk about all time greats, it's like talking about supermodels. They're all amazing. But one has maybe a pimple and so she's not quite as super as the other supermodel. Clayton Kershaw is my Sandy Koufax. But the reality is, when you get into legend categories, Elway versus Brady, we have to nit pick. So yes, I mean if you look at the all time Dodger greats, he's got the most losses, the highest the ERA. And that stinks as a sportscaster.


COLIN COWHERD: Because we're comparing supermodels. I mean come on.

NICK SWISHER: All these guys are hall of fame guys. It's hard, you can't compare hall of fame guys to what we're talking about. It's tough, these guys are just better than most.

- But aren't those different era's, Nick? I mean you look at Sandy Koufax. How many teams were in the league? Like I mean how many great players were there back in the day? I just think if anything, this is a ding on Kershaw. You can't crush him for this. And remember he can still come back in game seven, if they get there, and redeem himself.


- Colin how much of this should we factor in the juiced ball era? I saw a stat. Three years ago, there were 2000 less home runs hit in the regular season.


- I'm not making that up.

NICK SWISHER: 6,105 hit on the season. That's crazy--

- I don't know how you memorize that, but that's incredible. And seriously--

- I've got my glasses on.

- Kershaw, at some point, we have to say like listen, this is a different era all of a sudden.


- And he's only 29 years old.

- And also think about this when we grew up baseball players didn't lift. Guys are jacked now.


- Like when you and I, in the 70s, baseball players were skinny.

- Oh, my dad was like don't lift weights. You won't be able to comb your hair and the whole nine.

COMMENTATOR: Everybody's jacked now.

- It's true, yeah.

- Clay Kershaw is One World Series ring away from making all of this moot.

COLIN COWHERD: I think you're right

- And again, yes it will be like he was a phenomenal regular season pitcher who struggled in the postseason but he won a World Series.


COMMENTATOR: We're going to let it slide.

- No one cares. His greatness is-- and again McIntyre I think makes the correct point. Game seven, it's too early to start talking about dings to legacy. Game seven, if it gets to a game seven, that will determine whether this is a small ding to his legacy.

- By the way LeBron, there was a little bit of a narrative. For all but seven, eight years. Eight, he's not clutch. And then he got to a final, then after Dallas. So I mean you can turn, you can turn a legacy.

- What do you think about Peyton Manning comparison? Awesome in the regular season, couldn't get --

COMMENTATOR: Looked like a Dan Marino.

- And then-- Dan Marino as well, but Peyton could never get over the hump and win that Super Bowl. Then he wins it, Peyton the all time great.

- And he's on all the commercials.

- Yes.

- It's coming, Clayton, it's coming. Yeah--

- You love Magic Johnson. He was tragic Johnson. Remember that early?

- With his first title though, but yes he did.

- But very, very early Magic was, "can't shoot," "clunky."

- John Elway lost his first two Super Bowls. Weren't his fault. He's the greatest.

- Got a running back.

- First three Super Bowls-- First three Super Bowls-- --Greatest quarterback to ever play.

- A little something to--

- But when you saw Clayton Kershaw sitting on the bench last night, when he was taken after the game. And he was down. It just looked like he was trying to figure some things out. I think for him, this is something that he definitely needs to come back on because obviously right now the Dodgers are in a tough position having to win two.

- To backup Colin, you think they pulled him a little early? I mean come on--

- We talked about analytics all the time. By the way I would much rather take a Clayton Kershaw out there on the mound at 80%--

COMMENTATOR: There you go.

- --than anybody else like that--


- But like you said, you want your stars in the game. By the way, if I'm going up, eh why did you keep him in? Because he's my best pitcher. He's the best player I have on my team. That's why I want him in there. Whether he's struggling or not. But to have a four run lead and to lose it as fast as he did.

- But if Verlander tomorrow-- you're the manager of Houston-- gives up seven hits and five runs through five. Would you pull him? I wouldn't. Bullpen shot.


- No, I mean seriously--


COMMENTATOR: Somebody needs a break.

- But those are gaudy numbers. Five runs, seven hits through five, I'd keep Verlander in. There's a reason he starts and the middle reliever doesn't.

- There used to be a reason.


- They're trying to eliminate that reason.