Jason Whitlock thinks it’s time to admit Jim Harbaugh has been overhyped

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Joel Klatt joins the show to talk Michigan Wolverines and Jim Harbaugh with Jason Whitlock.

- Do you really think Harbaugh's overrated?

- I don't understand why I wasn't reading this intro, so I could ask both of you. Put you two on the defensive. It's time to admit the man has been over-hyped. He's a tremendous coach, but at some point you have to win your conference. You have to win these games that matter the most.

- Time out.

- Before you start comparing him to Urban Meyer and these other guys.

- Have I ever said he's anything but a really great coach? A tremendous coach? Have I ever said he's the best coach in college football?

- I just don't hear the passion, I just hear him being put in the same lane as Urban Meyer and Nick Saban and he doesn't deserve it.

- They're in their own lane, they're in their own lane. They're in like, they're in like that special electric car HOV, like no one gets into that lane.

- So we agree now.

That's good, that's good.

- Well, of course, but he's certainly in the next lane.

- You know make--

- Next lane over, you make him out to a Brady Hoke.

- I don't make him out to be Brady Hoke.

- Yes, you do. You constantly compare him to Brady Hoke. It's not even a comparison.

- I just put those numbers up--

- To compare him to Brady Hoke.

- Just to add some context, Joel. It's is called context. Put the main in proper context. What it is--

- That's awful context, Jason.

- He has something to prove. He has something to prove.

- That is awful context and let me tell you why. Because through the first 35 games of any great coach, whether it's Urban Meyer at Ohio State or Nick Saban at Alabama or Dabo Swinney at Clemson or Jimbo Fisher of Florida State, what you're going to see is that Jim Harbaugh's record is as good or better than any of those guys in their first 35 games at those stops.

The fact of the matter is, is that people don't like Jim Harbaugh. That's fine, that's fine. But just admit it for what it is.

- The bar ball.

- Hold on. There is a deep disdain for Jim Harbaugh.

- For bar ball.

- His salary.

- For Jim Harbaugh.

- His salary, the way that he behaves in the off season.

- His antics.

- His antics, right, exactly. And the AP has incorrectly punished the team.

- They should be in the top 25.

- They should be the top 25. If you're going to tell me that Memphis is better than Michigan, that's a sword that you can jump on, because I'm certainly not going to jump on that one.

- I would agree with that, that he should be in, that they should be in the top 25.

- Joel, let me ask you, how is Whitlock going to handle it when Michigan loses to Wisconsin? They haven't won there since 2001. And Ohio State. And then Michigan has four losses. Are we going to go next level Whitlock? Are you going to then say, he's not even a good coach. Because they're going to lose four games this year.

- Maybe.

- They lost 11 guys to the draft. They get three freshmen starting in the secondary. They're going to get lit up.

- Why would I go to he's not a good coach? Because that's never been my contention.

- Well, because they're going to lose four games. They could lose a bowl, five.

- That's has never been my contention.

- OK. So it's just, he's overrated.

- You're putting words in [INAUDIBLE].

- But when he came there, I was on the set with my different color hair. And you guys asked me, would he make the top 10? And I said to you, I said who's leaving the top 10? I don't see TCU getting bad. Now Oregon has left it, but I also said, the Big 10 is loaded.

- Yeah, they're good.

- Is Lovie Smith, who got to a Super Bowl, the eighth best coach?

- I got this violin playing. It's so tough for Jim. You're right. We've got to grade them on a curve, because Urban Meyer and James Franklin showed up. If I could just get people celebrating I wouldn't be so upset if people celebrated James Franklin, who's actually won the Big 10, the way we celebrate Harbaugh. I would then back off a little bit.

- But if you want to put up graphics about coaching record, don't start with James Franklin and Jim Harbaugh, because it's not close.

- Where did I say anything about coaching record?

- I'm just saying, you're the one that's comparing the graphic--

- You make it sound like I said something about coaching record. I said something about winning the conference.

- Stick with one argument, that's all I'm saying. Because you're comparing them to Brady Hoke with winning and losing and then you're saying James Franklin needs to be celebrated. But if you compared Franklin's record to Brady Hoke or Jim Harbaugh, it would fall woefully short. James Franklin has been brilliant. And I'll be the first to say it.

His last 17 games, they've been 16-1. Their only loss in the Rose Bowl. This guy has done great things. He's hired a great staff, namely offensive coordinator, Joe Morehead. He gets them motivated to play in big games. You would never hear me say that James Franklin's not this or that, like everyone tries to do with Jim Harbaugh.

Jim Harbaugh is a phenomenal football coach who's got a less than experienced team. They're losing some games. That got blown out due to a bad offensive line this last week. And good on Penn State for doing it. But this whole narrative that Jim Harbaugh is overrated is just the most wild, false narrative that we have in college football right now.

- If I, you know that Harbaugh is better than Brady Hoke.

- I've never argued anything else.

- OK.

- I've never argued anything else.

- But that stuff you put on Twitter--

- No, no.


- It's called context. He's got the, at the same school, he's got the same record through 33 games as the guy that everybody thinks is a clown.

- I tell you what--

- Your context needs context.

- Let's bet 20 grand.

- 20 grand.

- Next three years.

- $20,000.

- Brady's next three, Brady's last three years versus Harbaugh's next three.

- I was just going to buy you dinner at a steak house.

- I don't think Brady lasted three years.

- Would you want to do that?

- 20 grand.

- It's your sword, it's your comparison. Let's go.

- You know what I'd like to do, Joel? Compare their first 33 games to each other. Because that's the information we have.

- We'll put up--

- I don't have to go out hypotheticals.

- Then put up Saban's 33 at Alabama. It's virtually the same.

- Different schools.

- They were 2-6 first year.

- How is it different?

- And Saban, you could criticize Saban. Ya'll have put Jim Harbaugh on his pedestal where no one can say; everything he did. Oh, he goes out the room. He's sleeping at a kid's house. Oh, he climbed a tree. All of it's great. He's going to reinvent college football.

And there were people like me and Nick Saban and Urban Meyer and James Franklin, was like, man, this dude's a clown.

- Just coach your football team.

- He's a hell of a coach.

- Just coach your football team and concentrate on, because he is great, he is a hell of a coach, if he would just focus on that rather than the clown stuff. I don't need the clown stuff.