Eli Manning should be doing everything in his power to get out of New York – Jason Whitlock explains why

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Jason Whitlock talks New York Giants and Eli Manning with Eric Davis, Eric Dickerson and Doug Gottlieb

- Listen, if Eli Manning can get himself out of New York he should be trying everything in his power to get to Denver, where his brother won a Super Bowl, to get-- hell, I would go to Jacksonville, where they have a pretty good defense. Get out of New York and that dumpster fire that Ben McAdoo and the Giants have going on.

Look, Joe Montana left San Francisco, Brett Favre left Green Bay. This whole scenario or this whole playing in one city, it just doesn't carry the weight that it used to have. Get out and get you a third Super Bowl if you can because that may be the only way he gets into the Hall of Fame.

- Plus he's got Coughlin, who believes in him in Jacksonville. And if they can win a couple of games of Blake Bortles as their quarterback, you know, they called 21 plays last week in the second half, 19 of them were runts. That's how much they believe in Blake Bortles as quarterback with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Anything but have him throw the football. So you have Leonard Fournette, you have at least a formidable defense, and there is no chance--

JASON WHITLOCK: He's got no wide receivers.

- There's no chance that they win this week in Denver. He has no healthy wide receivers. They had the worst run game, their 30th in rushing in the National Football league.

And I almost fear for his health. That offensive line is putrid. And they have nobody to throw to. Get the hell out of New York and go to Jacksonville, where, even if you just get into the playoffs you'll be a hero, let alone get to the Super Bowl.

- Eli, stay in New York, I'll say.

- Stay in New York, man. Why would he leave New York? First of all, he's 36-years-old. For some reason, everybody thinks that quarterbacks are going to start playing until they're 45 now, since Brady said it.

JASON WHITLOCK: What did his brother do?

- OK. His brother. You mentioned his brother. You mentioned Favre and Brady. Those guys are special. Eli is a good quarterback. He's not of those guys, OK.

- I know. But you have you have to have guys around you.

- He's at the end. He's had a good run. He's at the end. Finish up and be the king of New York. You brought them two Super Bowls. Do it.

MAN: But that's not how New York works. You can't be the when you're on your back.

- Stay in New York. I mean, look, they going to probably-- They could get the number one draft pick. They could possibly get Sam Darnold. He could learn from Eli. Who Knows

JASON WHITLOCK: Eric, you went 1 and 15. You know what that feels like.

- I know. But in Indianapolis not in New York.

- New York, New York. It's different.

- Eric, Eric, I just moved here from New York. You don't want to be 1 in 15 in New York.

ERIC: Oh, I know that.

- However miserable it might have been in Indianapolis to be 1 and 15, It is 15 times as miserable to be 1 and 15.

- Let's just say, hypothetically, Jim Harbaugh would go to New York.

- Who is the best quarterback in New York's history?

- Joe Namath.

- History of New York?

- Joe Namath.

- No, no, no. The Giants, that's what-- I'm sorry.

- Y.A. Tittle.

- OK. And that's where I would have gone. So how long do you have to go back? Who remembers Y.A. Tittle, other than the people that are football historians? The New York remembers him because, more so than Phil Simms.

- Nobody's going to forget him. Listen, they have--

JASON WHITLOCK: He won two Super Bowls.

- Hold on.

- That's what I'm saying. Stay there. Finish up there.

- They're not going to forget that. Look, they have Denver. They have Denver.

- It sounds like he never left San Francisco.

- They have Denver, the have LA, they have Seattle.

- Oh, back in the days.

- I wasn't a quarterback. That's the face of the franchise.

- They're going to be 0 and 8. They have Denver, they have Seattle, they have LA. Tell me where the wins are? They've no talent out for him to work with.

- You act like planes don't fly to New York. Y'all act like if he goes to Jacksonville for a year--

ERIC: Who want to go to Jacksonville?

- --he can't move back. To win games, it's only until January.

- This man done 36 years old.

- To go learn a new system.

- Getting out of you comfort zone at late in your career is a good thing. And remember, if this is his last rodeo, get to the playoffs.

The most likely avenue to the playoffs is Jacksonville. With Blake Bortles as their quarterback, they're in first place.

- Let me give you one more. Let me give you one. How important is it being in the Hall of Fame?

- It's important.

- Very important.

- Very important.

- His resume is shaky for the Hall of Fame. He goes someplace else and wins and gets steals the Super Bowl the way his brother did, he now is a guaranteed superstar Hall of Famer.

ANALYST: He's got two Super Bowls.

- If was a fifth--

ANALYST: Jim Plunkett has two. He's sitting at home.

- If was a fifth we'd all be drunk. That's the thing.


- If was a fifth we'd all be drunk. That's no guarantee it's going happen. Say he goes to Jacksonville. Let's say he goes up there and stinks it up up there. Now what? Now what?

- Hold on, wait. Where'd Johnny Unitas end his career? Wasn't it in San Francisco or San Diego? Like, they all end up one last-- one last outpost.

O.J. Simpson with San Francisco. Johnny Unitas was San Diego.

- They all try and win some place.

- They all try one last go. And it didn't hurt them.

- They were great in the beginning. I mean, I think that Eli, they were all like, eh, eh. I'm not sure. You won a Super Bowl? OK. But, eh, I don't know.

- I understand, but you just proposed to us, they could get the number one pick. Do you think Eli Manning wants to stay in New York on a bad team and then raise his heir apparent to take his job the way he did from Kurt Warner?

- Why wouldn't he? Why wouldn't he?

- Because that's not how the Mannings are wired.

- How do you know?

- Because I know everybody knows how the Mannings are.

- They want to want to win.

- They want to win.

- Everybody wants to win.

- But he wants to win in New York.

- York. Right.

- But it's not happening. They're not winning in New York. Tell me when they're winning in New York.

- We got to go. These guys are crazy.

- I should be [INAUDIBLE]

- If these guys moved every time there was a new check, and Eli can't move for a ring?