Jason Whitlock explains why he does not trust Dak Prescott to lead the Cowboys without Ezekiel Elliott

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Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Eric Davis and Eric Dickerson talk Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys.

- Here we go, Whitlock. Do you trust Dak Prescott, the young Cowboy quarterback, to lead the Cowboys through this possible long Ezekiel Elliott suspension?

- No, he's too young. He's in a chaotic storm of the Cowboys second season-- a team that's at the forefront of this national anthem controversy-- too much on his plate. I don't want to step on Eric Davis's toes. I don't know if he's got the right help on the headsets on the sideline as well. So no, I don't expect Dak Prescott to be able to right this ship.

- Yeah, I mean, listen, I said this a couple of weeks ago. I don't like their perimeter people. Their tight end's 35. The o-lines not as good. Their secondary is weak.

They did find a pass rusher, but I think this is-- and by the way, Philadelphia now, it looks like they are pretty good. And Washington is really, really dangerous. I don't know how you feel, Eric, but this just doesn't feel like to me--

JASON WHITLOCK: Thank God, they got a bye.

- --in the better NFC than the AFC, it doesn't feel like this is good.

- Things are going to be difficult, but it's not just about Dak doing it. I think if any young quarterback can weather the storm, he's the guy that I believe could do it. I think he's made of the right stuff to where he can control the huddle, where he can command the respect from the guys in the huddle and get guys to play. But you're going to need-- just like in years when they didn't have a defense, and things weren't working there in Dallas, there were times where Dez led the league in touchdowns.

And Dez has to step up. Witten has to step up. When you have back ups playing in the offensive line, that's going to slow some of the things down. But you're going to need McFadden and Alfred Morris is step up, so that's the one thing about it. I think he will stop things from completely falling apart, because I think he is that type of leader at the quarterback position.

- I believe that Dak is that guy. Do they have the weapons for it? No, right now. I have to say no. With Zeke out, definitely not. Alfred Morris is a good fill-in, but he's not Ezekiel Elliot.

Two offensive linemen gone, I keep telling that's a big factor, especially when you're running back. As you see, you don't have those big holes there anymore. Because I would be like, wow, look at that hole. Look, I can run through that hole-- and also the schedule. I mean, they've got to play the 49ers this week. I've got to go with you. That's going to be an off week for them.


- They've got a bye. They've got a bye. And that's good they got the bye, so that'll give them time to think. I think one thing is is when you start winning football-- if things start winning, let's say when they come after the bye. They can beat the 49ers.

Let's say they beat the 49ers. All right, we feeling good about ourselves. Let's see we go down, and we beat the Redskins. All right, now we-- if we get on--

- How does that happen?

- It's about getting on a roll. It's about getting on a roll.

- I agree, but look--

- It's about getting on a roll.

- --but look at the division that they're in. I mean, because the Giants aren't doing anything right now. Carson Wentz is still a young quarterback himself.

- Here's what I think though, Eric, and particularly with Eric Dickerson sitting here. In order to right this ship, you have to be supremely talented. If this dude was Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton or an Eric Dickerson back-- it's that supremely talented person that can fix a situation, in my view, when things have gone completely off the rails, when people aren't performing.

Aaron Rodgers fixes a lot of problems. Cam Newton would run the ball and do things that would cover up for-- I just-- Dak is a guy that has a lot of good skills. He's not great at anything. So again, I'm not trying to take a pot-shot at him.

- By the way, Terrance Williams, inconsistent catcher of the ball. OK, Ezekiel Elliot, runner and receiver out.

ERIC DAVIS: Receiver. Runner and receiver yeah.

- Dez can't separate. You are down to Cole Beasley and a 35-year-old Jason Witten.

JASON WHITLOCK: You need Aaron Rodgers.

- Huh?

- You need Aaron Rodgers. Seriously.

- Well you know what, Witten seems to get open some kind of way. I don't know how he gets open.

- Dak can make plays with his arm. He can also make plays with his legs. I think it's not as disastrous as it seems. It's going to be tough for them. Well, that championship run, I don't see that happening. No way, but because of the division, I think they still have a chance to keep it competitive.

- Can they go 3 and 3 in six weeks?

- Hell no.