Yankees comeback or Indians collapse – What is the bigger story?

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Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock talk about the ALDS. Hear their thoughts on the Yankees and Indians.

- Cowherd, what's the bigger story here? The Yankees come back, or the Indians collapse?

- Listen, Duke basketball, Steelers football, Tiger Woods losing is bigger than somebody else winning. The Yankees drive this sport. Baseball's very unique. You and I know that there's maybe 15 college football teams that kind of move the needle. There's nothing like the Yankees in baseball. As popular as the Dodgers are, if you ask our people in research, they'll tell you the Dodgers are a regional team, not a national team.

So I mean-- and also, Jason, I think this is a more interesting Yankee team. They're underdogs. The Girardi crisis. We've got Paul Bunyan, Aaron Judge is this transformative player. Not all Yankee teams are fascinating. I kind of like the new, underdog Yankees.

JASON WHITLOCK: Look, I think there's two ways to look at it. You can look at it from a television perspective and who has the more national appeal-- of course it's the Yankees. But I do think, when we look back at the 2017 baseball season, we're going to talk about the Cleveland Indians. They won a record 22 straight games in the American League. They won 33 of 37. They were the best team in baseball. They couldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs. They collapsed after going up 2-0. The year before, they lost the World Series after being up 3-1.

COLIN COWHERD: Do you think anybody, in three weeks, if the Cubs and the Yankees meet in the World Series-- Cleveland will be irrelevant.

- Now, you want me to debate a hypothetical again. I want to deal with right now, because the Yankees haven't advanced to the World Series yet. They haven't done anything.

Right now, when we look back 10 years from now, I do think this inning, particularly if their streak of never winning a World Series continues, because now they're the new Cubs. They're the new team with the jinx. They're the new what the Red Sox used to be. People will be talking about, oh, remember 2017. They won 22 straight, 33 or 37. Clearly, the best team in baseball.

- I don't think they're as lovable as the Cubs. I just think they're a bad--

- Oh, no, no, they're not lovable.

- But I mean, we call the Cubs the lovable losers. Cleveland's just another team that doesn't win a World Series. So do my Mariners. Nobody cares. My Mariners never win. Nobody cares.

- Again, though, look--

COLIN COWHERD: Do you care?


- [INAUDIBLE], do you care about the Indians?

- No.

COLIN COWHERD: Nobody cares about my Mariners.


- I get it.

COLIN COWHERD: Nobody cared about your Royals until they-- seriously. You and I grew up in the same world.

- Until they won. But again, I'm just-- the Yankees. It's a nice little story. But if they flame out in the next round, no one cares about the Yankees and the thing that you'll remember and take from this series and from this season--

- Am I being a jerk? [INAUDIBLE]

- A little bit of a jerk. But the thing you'll take from this series and from this season is like, man, the Indians had it laid out on a platter. Terry Francona.

COLIN COWHERD: What do you think?

PANELIST: What do I think about what?

COLIN COWHERD: Do you care about the Indians?

- I don't care. I was just listening. I don't care.

- This Yankee team is interesting. They are. Joe Girardi, Paul Bunyan.