What will it take for the Dallas offense to get back on track against Green Bay?

Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Kristine Leahy and Eric Davis discuss whether or not the Dallas Cowboys offense will perform well against the Green Bay Packers.

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- I feel really strongly about this. I've talked about this with Kristine on our show. I'm a believer in ingredients. If the ingredients for a--



- If the ingredients are good, you can overcook the cake. But eventually, you'll get it right if you have the right ingredients. If I said to you, there's a team. They have a terrific offensive line. They have maybe the best young running back in the game. I think they have a very good offensive-leaning staff. They have a franchise quarterback. They've got a pass rush. You'd be like, eh, that is pretty good ingredients. That's what Dallas has. Now, they're not as good at receiver as I think we think they are. I think Dez is the issue, not Dak. But there's a lot of ingredients here to like. I think it's a smart staff. Maybe not Belichick-y and Andy Reid. But it's a smart staff. And I get a lot of good ingredients. They now have a pass rush. I like that, too.

JASON WHITLOCK: Look, the Packers and Aaron Rodgers are pretty good in Dallas, pretty good in this spot. I think there's a belief that the Packers' defense is actually worse than what the numbers show. We think of the Packers having this terrible defense. The numbers, actually, their pass defense has been pretty good this year. And they played a pretty decent schedule. So I'm not expecting-- and I was the guy that started the season, Dak and Dez are going to go to the next level. I'm not a guy that's buying that. You know, Eric, you weren't here earlier in the week. I was saying your name a couple of days ago. Jason Garrett, I think, is an issue, and so I'm not expecting some miraculous recovery from this offense. Because I don't know if-- that Dez, Zeke, are they getting a lot of help from the sidelines.

- Yeah, it's a front running offense. And by that I mean, if they can control the scoreboard, can control the pace of the game, then you're right. Jason Garrett looks like a really good coach. When you can hand the ball to Zeke, you've got the play action going, everything works out perfectly. That's the meal that they want to make with those ingredients. When that doesn't happen like, playing this team, Green Bay, which scores quickly. Now you have to take away-- you take away the running game. You got to throw the ball. You just said they don't have the passing game. They don't necessarily have the receivers. You still have a young quarterback trying to figure it out. And you don't have a coach that's really moving the chess pieces around, and that causes a problem.

- You know what I would say, Jason Garrett never had to eat a sugar sandwich.


KRISTINE LEAHY: A sugar sandwich?

- When you pour-- Put a little butter on some bread, that's a sugar sandwich.

- Oh.

JASON WHITLOCK: He ain't never had to do that. He ain't never fried baloney. He ain't done that.

- With sugar on a sandwich?


- You have to make one of those.

- No you don't want one.

- OK, don't make me one of those. I got to go with the Packers, too. They're 3 and 0 at Jerry's World. I think it's a great opportunity. If you're hungry, you can go in, and you're just seeing the Cowboys deficiencies, and you want to eat, right? And also, like you mentioned, the Packers defense hasn't been very great in the last few years, but now they're sixth in the league. Also, when you look at Zeke, the last year, his on first down average, 5 and 1/2 yards per rush. This year, 2 and 1/2 yards per rush. So I think there are going to be hungry. I choose the Packers.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, I will say this. Daniels-- Mike Daniels, their best defensive guy from Green Bay up front-- is he going to play. I think that's an issue. I think the way to beat Dallas, to your point, Eric. The way to beat Dallas is essentially control them early in the downs, and force Dak in to third and longs. And that's what teams are doing. It should also be noted, Dallas played some pretty good defenses. They've played the Giants defensive front. They've played Denver. Over the next month, they play a lot of San Francisco and Green Bays. I think they're going to rebound.

- I'm really surprised that you're there, though, Cowherd. Aaron Rodgers versus Dak Prescott right now?

- OK, but if Aaron doesn't get the ball, because Dallas controls it and picks up six yards on a first down. Aaron doesn't have the football. I like Dallas.

- Then we'll like Dallas' formula. That's how they won.

- That's what they won last year. That's how they did it. And I think they'll rebound against them.

- Well-rested, does that help them?

- Being well--

- Or does it matter?

- Being well-rested--

KRISTINE LEAHY: They had extra days.

- It really doesn't matter. I don't think that's going to make that much of a deal, because it's not going to change the game plan that much. It's not going to change what either of these offenses really want to do, and how they're going to attack one another.

- Look, Eric's point which I would really agree with, if the Packers get any kind of lead--

- It completely changes it.

- And and then, all of a sudden, Mike McCarthy's a much better coach than Jason Garrett, and the Cowboys can't catch up.

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