Tony Gonzalez explains why Antonio Brown’s tantrum doesn’t concern him

Tony Gonzalez and Rob Ryan join Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd to discuss Antonio Brown's sideline tantrum after being left wide open on a passing play.

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- [INAUDIBLE] hurt. Should the Steelers be concerned about Antonio Brown channeling OBJ?

- No. I think what they should be concerned about, and this is something we've talked about for two years. I think Pittsburgh become increasingly a very emotional franchise. They're driven by emotion. And football is a coaching sport, where choreography on offense, adjustments on defense win games. I don't want an overly emotional locker room in crisis.

This is-- I've got to be honest with you, they're a little bit lucky in Pittsburgh. This division used to be great. In the last three years, it's caved. '65, '89, and '02, Ravens, Browns, Bengals. Cincinnati was hot. They no longer are. Baltimore was elite for years. They no longer are. And Cleveland's perpetually rebuilding.

I think that's masquerading some of their issues. I think Pittsburgh, in this weaker division, we still think of them as elite. And I don't. I think increasingly in big spots, they're too much emotion, not enough coaching, not enough efficiency. And this is something you and I have discussed multiple times in two years.

- It is. I'm not going to put Antonio Brown in and a diva wide receiver on Mike Tomlin. I'm going to-- look, man, when you're-- Mike Tomlin comes from the defensive side of football-- channeling emotion, and creating an eruption on the defensive side of the ball can work well for you. And that's why I thought they would be great in this spot, AFC North.

- Were they great?

- Yeah, look, any time-- any time you win 26 to 9 in your division, on the road, I got to-- I don't care how you slice it up, that was a great performance. And they feel good about themselves. Again, I'm not too concerned about this. I won't put it on Tomlin, because one, I think Big Ben can handle it. Big Ben went into the game saying, look, I've been feeding Antonio Brown too much. I've got to spread it around. AB threw a tantrum. I don't think Big Ben will care

- Yeah, I mean, big thing is you beat Baltimore in Baltimore. I mean, there's easier things to do than that. I mean, what's it been five times the last five years. So, I mean, look guys play with emotion. This game's played with the alpha males. They're always going to have emotion. And that's just what it is. Unfortunate, it gets caught on camera, a guy gets a little upset. But this is a premier receiver in football. And I don't think he's a diva at all, like you say. You know, he's--

- He's not a diva.

- No, I don't think so. I think the guy wants the football.

- Facebook live in the locker room last year. You remember that?

- Hey, people make-- hey, you know what, that's a great point.

- He can get paid for that.

- Yeah, he's getting paid. Well, maybe-- well, you know, hell, maybe he is. But I know one thing. The kid goes across the middle. He don't ever see him upset about things. Like he'll get the heck knocked out of him, gets knocked unconscious, wins that game, you know, by doing that. I just think the world of this kid is a player and as a competitor.

And, you know, so it's an unfortunate situation. Coach grabs him by the back of the collar, probably not the right time to do that. So I don't think it's ever the right time for a coach to put his hands on a player. And those players can retaliate too. So it made him look bad. And that's it, you just move on and keep winning.

- Shots fired at Todd Haley, man.

- I know this, if a coach did that to me, I would have done the same thing, I would have been like you better get your hands off me right now.

- No question.

- Not in front of my mom and everybody sitting up in the crowd watching me. But he is-- nah, I wouldn't be concerned about this at all. He's the best receiver in the league, along with Julio Jones. These two guys-- and I think, when you watch this play, you see that design. They've been working on this all week at practice. They probably walked through it the day before the game.

And it probably opened up at least three or four times in practice. So when you get to the game and it works exactly how you thought it was going to work, and you don't get it thrown you, that's why he was so excited about it. He's thinking what are you doing? We worked on this all week. And it worked. Why wouldn't he throw it to me. That's an easy touchdown for him right there. So you get a little frustrated.

Should he be throwing the ice? No. I don't agree with that. But sometimes, you get so emotional, you get so passionate, and you want to put up big numbers. And I know they won the game. And I've had games like that too, where we won the game, and I had two catches for 20 yards. I'm a little upset. I'm not going to lie.

- But he knew that in the media too.

- You couldn't tell. You couldn't tell.

- We talked about all the time.

- I answered all your questions-- I'm like I'm very happy we won that. I'm going to go now.

- I don't remember you only get two catches. I'd like to see that.

- It didn't happen often.

- He gets very pouty when that did happen.

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