Did the Cavaliers get better this offseason?

Did the Cavs get better this offseason, or did they just get older and more injury prone?

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JASON WHITLOCK: As you see there, the Cavs have had a lot of turnover after falling short in last year's finals. Cowherd, did the Cavaliers get better this off-season?

- Yep, smarter, veterans, tougher, deeper. Boston's had all these changes. I think chemistry matters. LeBron and D-Wade are close friends. Kyrie and LeBron didn't get along. Isaiah Thomas, I think's, excited to play with this team. I think, I really like the Cavs--

- I think they got older and more injury-prone.

- You don't have to play these guys 40 minutes a night. You can play D-Wade 12 minutes a night.

- I think they got older and more injury-prone.

- I think you're right. You know, they did get a little better. Jae Crowder, I think, is the biggest off-season piece. Because he's the guy, if they get to the finals like you think, he's going to guard Kevin Durant. And then LeBron can kind of freelance on defense and take some of the pressure off.

But Colin, I got to say, I don't think they got better than Boston did. Boston added Gordon Hayward, top 30 player in the league. Kyrie Irving, top 25 player in the league. The Cavs got older, like you said. I don't believe this veteran stuff.

- They did lose Avery and Jae.

- Dwyane Wade.


- Boston lost a lot of points and rebounds. Kelly Olynyk's gone, Avery Bradley's gone, Jae Crowder's gone. It's a lot of points and rebounds.

- That's fair, fair point.

- On paper would you rather have Kyrie Irving or Dwyane Wade? I'd rather have Kyrie Irving. And it sounds like LeBron is really excited about having his best friend back. And he's talking about the example of, hey, when you go to class, it's really exciting to see your friend there, because you're going to have a great year.

But I would argue, when you go into your classroom and you see that your best friend's there, you know you're going to goof off for the year. And it's more about fun. Unless maybe you didn't have that friend there and you had a bunch of really smart people around you who wanted to work really hard. And then you learn more and you are in that kind of environment. And I think that would probably be better.

- You got to put the ball in the basket. I get LeBron can do. Love can do it. Isaiah Thomas can do it. Three elite guys that can put the ball in the basket. I'm not even talking about core version Three, they got two. They got Gordon Hayward, who's a B-plus, A-minus. And Kyrie. I have three, they have two.

- I know, but we're talking about Boston when we should be talking about Golden State.

- Golden State's better than both these teams. You're asking me here, did the Cavs get better.

- No, no, no, I get it. Did they get better in a way that will make them more competitive against Golden State?

- By the way, the gap between Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving--

- Is this a dodge?

- No, no, no.

- Yep.

- I asked you a direct question. Did they get better in a way that will make them more competitive against Golden State?

- Yes, they'll lose but it's more competitive.

- But Colin, you're missing also, one kind of important point. The LeBron cloud hovering over the franchise all season. That is still unanswered.

- Everybody basically on a one-year contract.

- Yeah, it's like Dwyane Wade's all excited. Kevin Love's going to be shooting from the corner and every shot he's going to be thinking, damn, where am I going to be next year? Sitting here in Cleveland with no LeBron.

- Isaiah's looking for a new contract.

- We need to factor that in.

- Everybody, this is going to--

- Derrick Rose.

- This is the most combustible team in the NBA.

- Can we acknowledge the fact that this is a reboot of Miami? This is what they're trying to do. "Coming to America," it just announced today, it's going to be rebooted. It's not going to be as good as the original.

- Is Eddie Murphy in it?

- A reboot.

- Is Chris Bosh on his way?