Eric Dickerson reacts to Pitino’s firing, says ‘all of them cheat’

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Eric Dickerson doesn't think Louisville basketball should get the death penalty because cheating is all over the NCAA.

- Some have suggested Louisville deserves the death penalty. Agree?

- Pat Forde, a friend of mine, a tremendous sports writer wrote a piece calling for the death penalty. This is so preposterous. If there's going to be a death penalty, it needs to be to amateurism. Give amateurism the death penalty, then you have a chance at creating a system free of a lot of this corruption.

As long as amateurism is in place, as long as this bogus NCAA enforces amateurism, you can give Louisville the death penalty and 10 years from now, you'll be giving someone else the death penalty. You can get rid of Art Briles and a few years later, it's going to be the next coach. And we can call out Rick Pitino and all these guys and they're the bad guys. It's the system that's bad, not the individuals.

All right, all right. Coach K never had an affair in a brothel.


- Serious, honest to goodness, you don't know a damn thing about Coach K's private life. I don't know anything about yours. I don't know anything about Eric Dickerson's. I don't know anything about Jim Jackson.


- We got some [INAUDIBLE], I know that.

- Brothel, there's no brothel at Duke.

- There's no brothel at Louisville. They had some strippers come to the dorm. And that happens at most college campuses.

- Look, first of all, the death penalty should have never happened. And my school got the death penalty, the only death penalty ever. If anybody should have got the death penalty, it should have been Penn State for what went on there. If you want to see a death penalty.

- To me, the NCAA are the biggest crooks of all. Because they say OK, we can sell your jersey, we can sell your name, we can sell your likeness, but you can't make any money. You have a scholarship. You get free boarding and that's it. But we can make tens of millions of dollars. I think it's wrong.

Do they deserve the death penalty? No, and I heard you say it this morning. Oh, they don't cheat. Alabama doesn't cheat. Duke doesn't cheat. Man look, all of them cheat. If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying. And trust me, you just don't see them cheat. They haven't got caught cheating, but all of them cheat.

- Back when newspaper--

- But it's not cheating.

- Back when newspapers actually did reporting, the newspaper, the Final Four was in New Orleans. The Times-Picayune did a long expose exposing all the corruption at Duke and the Duke basketball program. Look it up. It's on the internet. It was never objected to.

- What happened?

- Nothing.

- Nothing. That's a big school. The big schools, nothing happened.

- It's like being a little bit pregnant. You know, some people are just showing a little more.

- You know what's going to happen with this, because this is not about the NCAA per se. FBI investigated this. The FBI is involved. So the key component here is that we're scratching the surface in regards to the bigger schools. Also, the financial managers that are going to come out. Also the bigger shoe companies.

This thing right now is going to create a firestorm, I think that the NCAA now is going to have to recalibrate itself on how it operates. Once AAU kind of took off in regards to the influence they had on young people, that's when the shoe companies, that's when the agents really came in and took over where high school coaches used to be.

And college coaches, whether we believe it or not, the big programs, the small programs, the big boys try to keep themselves arm's distance away, but their assistant coaches are under a mandate. And they know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Even if the head coach is in the other room, they understand and they know what happening in their program.

- And the head coach knows. He might not want to know all of it, but he knows what's going on.

- Listen, the FBI, the reason why the FBI is involved is because the game has changed. The financial advisor is now more important than the agent. And because there's more money to be made on young players off the court, because the NBA contracts are set up and guaranteed for rookies.

- But Jay, also too, if the FBI was doing an internal investigation on another matter, they had an informant. This informant said, hey listen, I've got some other news about what's going on in college basketball. They inserted that informant into these meetings. Inserted their own informants in there and got all this data. So sometimes it's not what you do to get caught, it's somebody else that opens that door.

- Everybody always says everybody. Everybody cheats on their taxes. it's not true. Everybody cheats on their wife. It's not true. Not every, Gonzaga doesn't have a brothel on their campus and they never will.

- Louisville doesn't have a brothel on their campus.


- But Gonzaga's not going winning national championships either.

- Well, they're pretty darn good.

- We didn't have a brothel. We didn't have a brothel.

- I know we didn't.

- Just had, everybody had a Corvette.

- No one had a brothel. Listen, strippers and athletes and college campuses and fraternities and everybody else-- look, man, having participated at a small level, Eric at the highest level, Jim at the highest level of college athletics, Colin, these people, we're not speculating. You know, there's different ways to cheat. There's more ethical ways to cheat. Oh, I can get your mother a job at this school or that school.

- But that's what I'm saying.

- That's still cheating. And if Under Armor sets your mom up with an AAU team and all that other stuff to get you the one team, yeah--


- There's all different kinds of--

- If you are coaching college kids and you have an affair with a staff member's wife, buh-bye.

- I'm sure that's the only time that's ever happened.

- I'm shocked.

- Then you know what?

- Men don't have affairs ever.

- Again, but this is the classic, well everybody does it. Everybody doesn't.

- Well look at the divorce rate.

- By the way, do you guys think it was a coincidence that Pitino suddenly, when Calipari arrived, became the number two program in the state? USC basketball, number two program in town. Oklahoma State, Auburn number two. Isn't it funny that the four programs that were caught were all chasing in a competitive industry the better program in the state.

- Well, but Louisville always been number two to Kentucky.

- All four for four.

- They've always been number two in Kentucky.

- Yeah, but when Calipari got there and started getting all the headlines, Louisville radio was--

- You know if Rump was in Kentucky--

- No, I'm talking now.

- I know, I understand. Before that I can't recall the guy's name. Joe B.

- Joe B. Hall.

- Joe B. Hall, whatever.

- When Denny Crum was in Louisville.

- Denny Crum, Louisville, that's been going on--

- But in the world that we live in now, Calipari moved into that state, and since he has, Pitino's program has had all sorts of issues.

- And Calipari's played it all by the rules, too. He does it, I mean what-- he's a saint.

- I haven't seen any strippers on that campus.

- He got wings.

- Just wait.

- He got wings.

- Wow.