Kyrie Irving is his own man and he did not want to be ‘sonned’

Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason Mcintyre to talk about LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

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- Whitlock, do you believe LeBron was ready to give the keys to The Kid?

- The Kid. He couched his words, I think. I think he said about the appropriate time or, something along--

- That's critical. At some point.

- At some point. And so no, I don't buy it. You know, I think LeBron, at some point, may have been 2022, that might have been the point when he's ready to give the keys. But I don't buy it.

- You don't, if you think somebody is ready for the keys. Just about ready, you don't call him The Kid. Dad doesn't give The Kid the keys. I thought that was incredibly passive aggressive. Like, I literally listen to that like, like you called him kid four times. This is a 25-year-old to a 32-year-old. This isn't like 39 to 21. Like, for the first time ever, I'm like I get why Kyrie wanted out now.

- Kyrie is his own man. And he didn't want-- there was a report that came out. He didn't want to be sonned, being called The Kid is being sonned. But here's the deal. I do believe LeBron, because you said it. At some point, when he was ready to take the keys, I would give them t him. Now there's two components there. One, is Kyrie ready? And two, is LeBron declining?

See that's the thing. This could have been like Magic, Kareem. Eventually, Kareem gave the kid keys to Magic. Not only when Magic was ready, but when Kareem couldn't lead the team anymore. And so LeBron is still the best player in the world. So no, he's not ready to give him the keys now. Or maybe even next year, but eventually he saw it like, look. If I'm the driver, we can win championships.

When I'm declining, and Kyrie becomes our best player, he's got the keys and maybe we can still win championships then.

- Even with the kid thing?

- Guys.

- I mean.


- I just don't like this who's got the keys discussion. I just don't like that, because that's not how the modern NBA works. Look at the Golden State Warriors. The question is, whose team is this? That's now what people are asking. It's who's got the keys tonight? Klay, you're going to go for 40. Tonight, Draymond's night. Then it's going to be Durant, then Steph Curry.

The modern NBA should be unselfish basketball. Spread it around, look at the Golden State Warriors. You never know who's going to be--

- They're the only team in the league like that. That's why they're the best.

- Well, now the San Antonio Spurs in recent years. Tim Duncan was the guy. But Tony Parker was a Finals MVP. Kawhi Leonard, and also the Boston Celtics. They are shaping up as a system. Multiple good, multi-faceted team. You don't know who's going to beat you every night. When Lebron's like, they're my keys, I'm running the show, that is not the way he should be running the team.

- It's an interesting point that LeBron still grew up kind of in the Jordan worship world. And in Jordan's NBA, and Kobe's NBA, and Melo struggled out with this, and LeBron, there is a guy who leads the kingdom. It's not quite like that. It's much more Silicon Valley, where you need six engineers. And when I hear The Kid, I'm like, that's condescending.

Like, I don't want to be part of-- I don't want to be sonned either when I got a get $50 million net worth, and I'm an NBA All-Star.

- LeBron, though, showed evidence that he was going to give him the keys. Who was the closer on that team? Kyrie. LeBron would stand on the wing, and Kyrie would go to work iso. That's giving him the keys to some degree.