Kevin Durant has had an ‘oddball’ offseason – should the Warriors be worried?

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Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Jason McIntyre and Seth Joyner weigh in on the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant.

COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, should the Warriors be concerned about Durant's off-season behavior?

JASON WHITLOCK: No, I mean, it should maybe cross their radar. But worried? No, the guy was just the MVP of the Finals. He's the second most talented player in the league. He's a different kind of dude, and I'm starting to warm to him after ridiculing him.

I thought you made a great point, or it was McIntyre made a great point yesterday. That he thought winning a championship was going to, be like, fix everything. Everybody loves me now. I just won a championship. I'm the finals MVP. And it didn't. That's just the beginning of the journey.

I think he'll be OK. I really do. He's just a very transparent person. He's a mama's boy, and there's a lot of mama's boys in the NBA.

COLIN COWHERD: Yeah, I thought a lot about this last night. And I kind of pivoted to, I'm surprised the Warriors don't get it. I mean listen. Michael Jordan. 6 MVPs, greatest player ever. Does his Hall of Fame speech, and he takes a shot at his high school coach.

We all have a first love. And we're 50 and we remember our first love at 12. We're asking Kevin Durant, a 28-year-old, to have the world's most public divorce. Then be America's villain, and 15 months later, just be all over it. Of course he's not all over it, man. It's his life. He's a kid, man. It's hard for him.

And, to your point yesterday, I just kind of whiffed on this, and I thought about it. Like, he's human. I saw a quote today. He's like, man, I had acne. I was tall and gawky. He goes, I'm a lot closer to you people than you think I am.

JASON MCINTYRE: And he's dealing with this stuff every single day, guys. Every day on social media. LeBron, when he went through the decision, social media wasn't what it is today. It would have been much more difficult.

But I want to look big picture here. This kind of stuff should not concern the Warriors, and the NBA should love it. This is great drama to have. LeBron trolling people with cryptic stuff. Russ with the cupcakes on Instagram. These are great dramas to have. Halloween parties where they Cavs take shots.

Look at the NFL right now. They would kill for this drama. They're dealing with the political business. They're dealing with the off the field issues, the head trauma. I'm sure you guys saw the CTE news today. These are like real problems. The NBA problems are like fun, like drama. Like, I can dig this problem.

SETH JOYNER: You know, I don't think it will be issue. Listen, these are Kevin Durant issues. And this is why, the other day when we talked about it, I said he should of came out when he first made a decision to leave, and addressed these issues. He criticized Billy Donovan. He criticized his teammates, his guys that he couldn't win with. The exception of the one guy that could help him, was Russ.

Now he's dealing with this now, and he did it through Twitter, of all places. OK, if he would have done it a long time ago, when he left, the landscape would be different. But these are issues on the inside of him that he's now releasing. And that's getting out to other people, that I feel like he has to deal with, and get it out of his system.

OK, he's apologized. He's moved on. I think he's going to be fine, but these are issues. You know, you talk about him being a mama's boy. You know, this era that we live in of soft millennials. A lot of that has a lot to do with it. He's a lot more sensitive to things that people say to him, and how he reacts to people that troll him on Twitter.

COLIN COWHERD: You just said, get it out of your system. We used to work at a company. You leave that company. It's not like the next day, even though your check is signed by a new company, that's not part of your life. That's chapter three, this is chapter four, and then there's chapter 5. Like this is the way the world works. You don't get over your girlfriend in a day. You don't get over your ex company in a day.

Listen, man, we ask these pro-athletes. There are 28. I mean, you go on social media. 48-year-olds can't be grownups.

JASON WHITLOCK: Yeah, no. It's very difficult. I just hope that, and I think he will, because he went through a lot. But he's going to get-- guys in the NBA are going to push him about this. When the trash talk starts, some of this is going to play out. I think he'll be tough enough to handle it. I think it's going to be different though, because I do think guys are going to go at it.

JASON MCINTYRE: Let's keep it real, though, guys. We sat up here when he made the move, and what did we say about Billy Donovan? He can't lead them to a title. Russell Westbrook? Who's going to lead that guy? So he's saying what everybody else said. And Whitlock, I know, you and I, maybe Cowherd, a little bit. We demand candor from athletes. We want them to keep it real, keep it 100. Kevin Durant just did that. He told the truth. I couldn't win with Donovan. I couldn't win with Russ.

COLIN COWHERD: To your point--

JASON MCINTYRE: And he's out.

COLIN COWHERD: That was the criticism. He said what we all thought. And I remember talking to--

JASON WHITLOCK: He didn't say Westbrook, though. He said Donovan, and the rest of those guys.

JASON MCINTYRE: Him and Westbrook had beef because Westbrook was a ball hog and wanted the ball at the end.

SETH JOYNER: Let me touche this. I didn't like the move. Because I felt like, listen, they're up 3-1 against the Warriors. OK, you've got to close that out. Because what Kevin Durant put on display last year, if he were to put that on display at OKC, they would have beat Golden State.

JASON MCINTYRE: He would have got the help from Curry, Seth.

SETH JOYNER: And he would have never had to leave.

JASON WHITLOCK: Tomorrow we're going to discuss how Reggie White had to pamper this guy. Embarrassing.

JASON MCINTYRE: No man is an island, Seth. You need help.

SETH JOYNER: I've been on my own since I was six months.