Kevin Durant admitted to calling out the Thunder on Twitter and it was kind of refreshing

Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Seth Joyner and Jason McIntyre discuss Kevin Durant's use of social media.

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Colin, are you surprised that Durant admitted this?

COLIN COWHERD: I am kind of. It's kind of refreshing.

- Yeah

COLIN COWHERD: He's got kind of rabbit ears, and then he just owns stuff. Kevin's a really interesting guy. He really is. He's not as angry or defiant as a Koby or an MJ. He's not as cryptic as LeBron. He makes mistakes, he owns up to them. He's a very likable guy.

JASON WHITLOCK: I like the fact that he owned this. But to me what it just proves, it proves the inauthenticity of Twitter because in order to say what he really thinks, he had to create a fake account, to say what he really thinks.

COLIN COWHERD: It's a good point.

JASON WHITLOCK: He has to be fake in his real account, and there's this kind of fake account and it's widespread throughout Twitter. No one says what they really think other than a few foolish people like myself, and you get in trouble for it.

- You don't get in trouble on social media do you?

JASON WHITLOCK: For saying what I really think, yeah.

- I'm disappointed you guys love this because I do as well. Like we forget Kevin Durant's 28. He basically grew up in his whole adulthood with social media, and you know these guys that have their phone attached to their hand everywhere they go, it's impossible for them not to comment. I loved the fact that he owned it. LeBron James, we love LeBron. He's gotten coaches fired. He's had players moved around on off the roster, never owned anything.

JASON WHITLOCK: Probably has a fake Twitter account too

- He might have a fake. I love this so much. People just bashing Durant online, I don't get it.

- I don't care whether he admitted or not, I just like the fact that honesty came out. That he said what he really felt and what he really thought. Cuz when he exited OKC last year, everyone was wondering why, OK. Now we know why. He's made it clear. I mean he might have mistepped.

JASON WHITLOCK: Coaches and the yeah--

- I mean he's made it very clear. It's very evident why he left. Because the apology is about being politically correct. What he thought, and what he tweeted and what he said, he meant that.

COLIN COWHERD: By the way do you think he maybe wanted to get caught?


COLIN COWHERD: That he wanted to actually finally support Russ. He was tired of the Russ--

JASON WHITLOCK: No. I think having sent tweets to the wrong person, not tweet text. Like oh I'm thinking about one person, and then you end up--

COLIN COWHERD: I've done that.

JASON WHITLOCK: I think he made that mistake. Thought he was sending a DM, thought he was on one phone or whatever. I don't think he wanted to get caught, but again--

COLIN COWHERD: He's the only American superstar I would argue. He's the only one in any sport that plays this game.

- Nobody else engages. Tom Brady doesn't engage with anyone online right? LeBron does not engage.

JASON WHITLOCK: He really is.

- Kyrie Irving doesn't. And I respect that. I mean you kind of have to.

- As a current player there's something for him to lose to engage in that way. I'm a retired player. I engage my Twitter followers all the time. And I put a tweet a couple of weeks ago. Look if you come sideways at me, I will crush you. There's no if ands, and I enjoy. I enjoy the back and forth. And I respect other people's opinions, but there's a right way and a wrong way to come at me. And if you come at me the wrong way, I got some words, and they don't have to necessarily be bad words. I can crush you with words in a 140 characters.

- All right, I'll lay off. KD, I've called you hug life forever, I respect you today.

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