Dak Prescott thinks the Cowboys offense will be fine without Ezekiel Elliott

Jason Whitlock, Greg Jennings and Seth Joyner join Colin Cowherd to discuss Dak Prescott's comment that the Cowboys offense will be fine during Ezekiel Elliott's suspension.

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- Yep, I tell my kids, the burden in the room is always on the more mature person. Always. Your life's only ruined if you get in the car of an immature high school boy. So you drive always. The burden's on you. The burden here is not on the less mature Zeke. It's on the more mature Dak to realize Zeke is immature and that's going to land poorly. And Zeke's going to take offense to it. And Zeke's going to be bothered by it. Dak has to take the responsibility in that moment-- OK, how is this going to land on my reportedly immature teammate? Even his father has called--

- Spare the rod, spoil the child. They're bringing out a little wood on Zeke, and he needs it. Seriously! Dak, I guarantee you, is working in concert with Jerry and that entire coaching stuff.

- Really?

- We were coddling Zeke too much. Dak is saying-- he's putting a little stiff arm. Remember, everybody was, it's Dak and Zeke, Dak and Zeke. No, no, no, it's Dak. Then, it's Dez. Then, Zeke, when you clean up your little potty mess and start behaving, we'll start talking about you again.

But this train moves on. It moved on without Tony Romo and it will move on without Ezekiel Elliott. And if that don't land well with Zeke, that's all Zeke. That's one of your things. That's a you problem.

- Listen, I think that how he meant to say it may have been a little misconstrued. As the quarterback, and the leader of the football team, you're supposed to exude confidence that you can still get it done. My problem with how he said it, and the timing of it all, has more to do with his development than anything else. Because yes, he was good last year. Some people would even say great last year.

- Are you talking Dak?

- Dak.

- Yeah.

- OK? But let's not forget 1,500 yards, double digit touchdowns. When you got that kind of production behind you, it's a lot easier to play the position of a quarterback, OK? And you can roll McFadden and you can roll Alfred Morris into one, and you ain't getting that kind of production out of those two, no matter what you said.

- The train don't stop, man.

- I get it. I get the train don't--

- The train don't stop. We ain't stopping for Zeke.

- I get the train don't stop. But we've been talking about his development, and can he take it to the next level? For the first six games this year, we about to find out, because he ain't going to have the production that he had last year out of Zeke. He's not going to be able to get five, six yards on first down, and stick that ball out on a second down and run play-action. He's going to have to stand in the pocket, and he's going to have to get it done by himself. He's going to have to carry his team. And we're going to figure out this year just how good Dak Prescott really is.

- Look, he's the quarterback. He's the alpha male on this team. I have no problem with what he said. And as a player, no, you don't like it. Any player who-- I don't care if it's injury, or what causes you to not be able to perform on Sundays, or Thursdays, or Monday nights, when you watch your team play, if they have success without you, it touches you a certain way. But if you know you have guys who need to step up, you can't tell me you don't want your quarterback showing the utmost confidence in those guys.

- Agreed.

- You got two veteran guys who have been proven that they can be successful and be productive in this league. Why am I going to disrespect them and act as though this is going to be a hard task for them to fill? We know what Zeke brings to the table.

- There's a fine line, though.

- Preach.

- No, no, no no. He-- no-- he--no--

- There's a fine line between--

- --hold on.

- --between giving those guys a thumbs up an alienating that 214 necklace that they both wear.

- You're not--

- Because Zeke might come back and just snap his when he come back off of suspension

- --you're not--

- --after hearing this.

- --you're not-- you're not-- you're not doing that. We don't know their relationship off the field. We don't know what's said prior to this press-- or this comment that he had made. My thing is, Zeke, we have to play without you. That's the fact.

- That's a reality.

- So you're out of the equation right now. So what I'm going to say is, it doesn't matter who we put back there, the train has to continue to go down the tracks.

- Choo-choo.

- The number one thing they're going to miss is his catching out of the backfield and his pass protection.

- So let me ask you a question-- if Aaron Rodgers, when you played in Green Bay, had have something like that about you, how would you internalize that?

- OK. Shannon asked me--

- Come on.

- Shannon asked me the same thing. I would-- I would feel disrespected.

- Thank you.

- Yeah.

- I would. But given the circumstances, number one, he's not going to be saying this about me, because I'm not going to have off the field issues like that.

- I get that.

- But it would have bothered you, and you're mature.

- It would bother me. Hands down, it would bother me. But I get it. As a player, you know, next man up.

- Yeah, but Zeke--

- Hold on, wait a minute. So if you get hurt, or if something prohibits you from getting on the football field, and one of your teammates say, I mean, the show don't stop, we gotta keep rolling?

- They fried bacon over here without a fire. They fried bacon without a fire.

- Man, listen--

- Let me tell you the truth--

- --there's a reason why my backup was a backup, OK?

- Absolutely.

- And there's a reason why those two-- those two guys are backups and Zeke--

- There's a reason why you was a 8th round pick. Look, let me tell you the truth--

- Yeah, because the evaluators messed up. Thank you.

- Let me tell you the truth, let me tell you the truth, Cowherd has a hundred vacation days in his contract. And you know what we do whenever he steps out? Next man up, keep it moving, we keep the pressure on him. It takes fire to cook bacon.

- First of all, I have-- I take about four days off a year. So I don't use my vacation.

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