What do the Celtics and Cavaliers do now that Cleveland wants more for Kyrie Irving?

Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Eric Davis and Jason McIntyre discuss Isaiah Thomas' failed physical and the Cavs' new demands.

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COLIN COWHERD: Whitlock, who's more desperate to complete this trade, Boston or Cleveland?

JASON WHITLOCK: I would think that Cleveland should be more desperate, because they need to fix things for LeBron James. They need to secure their future if LeBron James is leaving, making sure they get that Brooklyn pick and maybe another draft pick. The pressure's on Cleveland. I think no one has championship expectations for the Boston Celtics.

Brad Stevens, his place is secure, Danny Ainge his place is secure. Cleveland's got a new GM. LeBron is threatening to leave. Kyrie Irving wants out. Cleveland's more desperate.

COLIN COWHERD: I think Boston is in big trouble. It's been advertised, Isaiah Thomas is damaged goods. So if it's next, and everybody goes back to their rightful place, what am I going to do with Isaiah Thomas? Cleveland's still got a superstar. I'll find somebody that wants a superstar. What do you do with Isaiah Thomas?

The word's out. He couldn't pass a physical. What do you do with him?

- I love how you think it's so easy to just get rid of Kyrie Irving, right? They had no takers, right? Minnesota, we're not giving you Andrew Wiggins. Phoenix was not parting with Josh Jackson. There was no offer. That's why they're willing to give him to Boston, their arrival, their competitor in the East but Colin, the other thing about the Celtics, like why on earth would you want to give more to the Cavs?

OK, you even said it yourself on your radio show. Boston is set up for the next five, six years in the East to dominate, right? They got the young stars, they got the draft picks, and now you're going to give up more to your rival, who may then keep LeBron?

COLIN COWHERD: You're only winning the East if you have Kyrie and Gordon Hayward and Al Horford. Like you take Kyrie out of this, and you give them Isaiah Thomas, did you see how uncompetitive they were against LeBron last year?

- Well, I don't have to take Kyrie out. You know what just happened? Danny Ainge has been talking to Belichick, and they just got Belichick. OK? OK? That's what he just did. Damaged goods, do your due diligence. We're doing this trade. You need to get Kyrie out of your locker room, OK? I'll give it his draft pick. I'm going to get Kyrie, because you know he can't come back.

So think about this trade. If it falls through, everyone can come back to Boston. You say what are you going to do with Isaiah? You let him heal. You still have him, you can still find a way to work without him. What do you do if Kyrie goes back to Cleveland? They can't play together.

That right there, you just stepped on a landmine. It's going to blow up everything. So if I'm Danny Ainge, I might be asking for something back. If you really want to redo the deal, I there is no way I'm giving you something else.

COLIN COWHERD: You think Jae Crowder is going to go back to Boston and be happy they just shipped him to Cleveland?

- Do you think-- really? Do you think Kyrie Irving is going to be happy to go back?

COLIN COWHERD: At least Kyrie is a superstar.

- Who doesn't want to play with LeBron.

COLIN COWHERD: In the end, who's going to have to give up the greatest asset? Kyrie Irving.

JASON WHITLOCK: Again, LeBron is talking about leaving.

- Yes

JASON WHITLOCK: You have a young GM trying to prove himself.

- No one else can give you the #1 pick.

JASON WHITLOCK: You've got Dan Gilbert, an honor that has a little bit of a cloud over his head. They've got to fix their LeBron situation and Kyrie situation. I think the desperation is on them. Again Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens, in good standing. And again, if I'm Boston, yeah I got the picks. And I just hope that come January, February Isaiah Thomas is healthy.

- Think about this, Colin. So Isaiah Thomas, oh I don't want to go back, they traded me. Dude, hey, be a professional. It's not personal, it's just business, OK? You want a big contract next summer from somebody, be it us, somewhere else around the league? Act like a professional. Come in the locker room, be a leader, score your 25 points a game, clean up. You know, get it right, and you're going to get paid. Isaiah can't pout or whine about this, that Boston traded me. That's how it works.

COLIN COWHERD: That's a pretty good point.


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