Kenny Florian: Conor McGregor will retire if he beats Floyd Mayweather

Kenny Florian joined Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and John Horne to discuss what Conor McGregor's future holds after the megafight with Floyd Mayweather.

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- Whitlock, do you think Conor's UFC days are behind him?

- Yeah, I do. I think that Conor, again, I've always believed he's going to fight this Malignaggi, I think they're already setting that up. I think there's more money for him in boxing, as John has explained to us over the past couple of weeks, that he can make more money in the boxing ring and in being his own promoter.

I think he's going to try to follow Floyd's footprint, Oscar de La Hoya's footprint, start McGregor Promotions. He'll be the face of it in the ring.

I think that's the direction. I think this will be the last time he and Dana White will be sitting comfortably beside each other. They may sit beside each other again, but it won't be comfortable.

- I think Dana White and McGregor will bolt. Dana White built this company. He cashed out for 300 large.

And I watch him comfortably wear those McGregor Boxing Club shirts. And I watch Jon Jones maybe get stripped. In the women's division there's a new champ. And the HGH test.

It's hard. I mean, Dana is literally duct-taping some of these things together. Will they make weight? Dana made his money. Why does he need the headaches?

- He can move on. That's a great point.

- Absolutely.

- I think Dana moves on. I really do. Dana made his money.

- As I said from the beginning, Floyd is fighting for the sport of boxing right now. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I said from the very beginning, if somehow Conor pulls this off and wins, there's no telling where the sport goes.

And it may go to some just like Conor just explained. And I said from the beginning. This fight-- we looking at it as a show, people laughing and grinning about it. But it Conor pulls this off somehow-- number one, if he's respectable, he's gonna have options no matter what.

But if he pulls this win off, it's going to create almost a new sport, because this is a new event right here for real. And I give it much more credence than most people do.

- And people laughed at MMA when it started. And it is now a real-- it's one of our leagues.

- Bob Rausch shout-out, John. Just remember I told you.

- I mean, I think if he wins, I don't think he fights again. I mean, you climb the Mount Everest in boxing. You climb the Mount Everest in the UFC. What else is there to accomplish?

You're at the pinnacle in both sports. I don't think there's a reason for him to fight anymore. If he loses--

- If he retires.

- Yeah. I think he retires if he beats Floyd. If he somehow pulls off the win against Floyd, I think he retires. If he loses, like many people expect him to do, I think he'll come back to the UFC, fight one or two big money fights. There's still the trilogy with Nate Diaz. There's the other fight maybe against George St. Pierre would be a huge fight, and then stop.

- Kenny, Kenny, let me ask you this. Have you ever seen a man or woman with a big pile of money that didn't want more to add more on the pile? Man or woman?

- Sure.

- Who have you seen?

- Yeah. And he's still young. I get that.

But I think at that point, what else-- he only can lose in that situation. What is going to be bigger than Floyd in boxing? What's going to be bigger than what he's accomplished?

- Don't rule out Hollywood. I mean, seriously. Don't rule out him becoming Vin Diesel.

- Doesn't have to get hit, make millions.

- In the fight-- in the fight game, any retirement and under 45 years old means nothing now, these days. You know, you said event by event. If somebody come up and offer Conor that kind of money, even if he retires, they can offer him that kind of money at 29 years old, not going anywhere yet.

- John, let me just say this. Colin seen some big checks. But they ain't never seen these big boxing checks. And I'm just saying, that's an addiction worse than heroin or crack, man.

Someone pays you $30, $100 million--

- It's tough to say no to that.

- --you just turn and go, oh my god. When can I get the next hit of that?

- Yeah. But normally, I don't-- all seriousness. These guys love what they do. Believe me, they do.

- Have to.

- They love it. Floyd would not be around this long if he didn't. And believe me, he's pushing towards retirement. But in the back of his mind somewhere, he wants to for real. But he loves the game.

He love the game-- not just fight night-- the atmosphere, the game. The game. It's what they do. It's what they are a part of.

- He's a performer.

- And that's like, it's their family business. And no matter what you say, 40 years old is old in that ring. But in his mind and his heart, he's a young man. So it's not that easy for him to let it go.

Conor's 29. That's his first big payday, no matter what. And he got a lot of things in Ireland he might want to do. So don't--

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