Nick Diaz weighs in on UFC 229, and thinks he and his brother can both beat Khabib

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Nick Diaz thinks both he and his brother Nate could beat Khabib, and shares his thoughts on the UFC 229 melee.

INTERVIEWER: Talk to me about last night's fight. Conor McGregor, Khabib, and the whole melee, what do you think?

- I don't think Conor looked himself in that fight. He was walking like right-- first, first time I saw him on the screen. Yeah, I don't-- I don't think he looked all, you know, 100% Conor McGregor in that fight.

You know, I wanted him to win because, I just, I'm tired of seeing that type of style win. You know, to me, it's just a, it's a dirty fighting style.

INTERVIEWER: Do you think you and your brother could beat Khabib?

- Yeah, because you have to have a certain style to beat that type of wrestler on the ground. You know, McGregor is like brand new on, you know, on bottom. I think my brother can beat him. I think-- I definitely know I could beat him. [INAUDIBLE] fight him, [INAUDIBLE] try to get to down to 155 pounds. You've got to be someone, you've got to be like McGregor, but you've got to be able to survive that bottom game, like, you know? You know, he didn't have a good defense on the bottom. He didn't have the right formula on the bottom.

Two things people want out of mixed martial arts right now. It's more me and less you, you know what I mean? Less of the wrestler, defensive boxer and wrestlers. Puts on a boring fight. You know, it's just a dirty way of fighting, holding somebody, giving them little hits. So, yeah, I've got to take McGregor's side on that one, but--