Vince Young is elated Texas is back after the big Red River Showdown

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Texas knocked off No. 5 Oklahoma in the Red River Showdown on Saturday, and Longhorns legend Vince Young could not be more ecstatic.

- What's going, baby? VY, baby. We in the house. You know what I'm saying? I told you OU sucks. Murray, Adrian Peterson, you know what I mean? Jason Wayne. I mean, Bosley, baby, what's going on? I told y'all I was going to win, baby. This is how we do it after the game, got to relax.

Sit back, got me a cup. Got the horn on there, you know? Doing our thing, man. That's how we do it. Shout out to the Longhorns. Hook 'em horns, man. Very proud of you guys. Y'all worked hard to the win those last three games, man. This was a big one right here. Tom Herman, yes sir UT fans, be loud.

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