Jets safety Jamal Adams celebrates his Week 5 win over the Broncos

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Jamal Adams reflects on the New York Jets' big Week 5 victory against the Denver Broncos.

- What's up, everybody? Man, it's Jamal Adams, a.k.a. "The President." Man, been a long day, man, but a great one, I can tell you that. Came out victorious versus the Broncos. They were a hell of a team, but we came out with so much fire and passion and we definitely wanted to get back on track, man. So it's good to get back on track, it's a great win for the team, and now we're on to the Colts.

Gonna to be a great match-up, looking forward to it, man. But at the same time we're just gonna keep our head down and keep working because the sky's the limit for this team as long as we stick together, man. One team, one heartbeat, one goal. Jet up, man.